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Welcome to the NintendoRadar.com Raceway!!!


With so many requests for Mario Kart Tournaments, I've opened a room for weekly races! Every Saturday join the room to race the night away with all your fellow Radarians! Every Saturday, beginning at 6 PM Mountain (5pm Pacific) the Tournament will open and will run for 3 hours! 150cc, any cart, any level!! 

All you gotta do is... Launch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch, choose online play, choose tournaments, choose Search by Code, and then enter the super secret code! 




Share the room code with any of your friends to let them join in! And be sure to tell them to join NintendoRadar.com for more fun tournaments! 
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During its Sega Fes 2018, Sega announced it is bringing Sega Ages to the Nintendo Switch.

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Are you a fan of YoKai Watch?

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During the SNK panel at PAX East today, a new 40th Anniversary Collection, featuring games from SNK’s long history, is coming to the Nintendo Switch.
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Is Spyro coming to the Switch?
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We've overhauled and added a few new EMOJI reactions so you can react to posts how you like! And yup, we've done it; the thumbs down reaction is here. Use it wisely folks 

Emoji emoticons coming soon....
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Long time no see all having talked to Mr Mischief on the Nintendo Radar Discord It was brought to my attention that Firewatch is being brought to The Nintendo Switch as seen by the link below:




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Gamefly is an incredible service.  It sends you 1 or 2 games or movies out at a time.  When you’re done with them, you simply ship them back in the included mailers.
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Rocket League on Switch has some new bells and whistles!
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Hope everyone's having a happy easter holiday! And you are all eating well and spending time with family and friends
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Potatogun reviews Detective Pikachu!
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This weeks MK8D tournament is up! Get your engines ready!
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Has anyone bought Worms WMD on Switch!
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I'm so looking forward to this game!

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Will you be picking this up?
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Kudos to https://www.dualshockers.com/3rd-party-digital-sales-nintendo-switch-exceed-physical-goods-first-time-united-states/

What does everyone make of this, are you staring to buy more digital content?

I find myself always sticking to physical for games that get a physical release purely because more often than not the game is the same price or more expensive digitally and plus the added bonus of being able to sell it if I need the money! 
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DKC Tropical Freeze and Captain Toad will run in sweet 1080p natively! Beautiful :) Check out the gallery!
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Jonny reviews the Lost Sphear!
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Welcome to the NintendoRadar.com Raceway!!!

I've reset the room for the Saturday race, it is live!! We're still at the same time, 6 PM - 9 PM MDT (5 PM - 8 PM PDT) , this time we've limited the number of races per user to 16 and we will be using Frantic Items! The new tournament code is below! Don't forget to share it, and NintendoRadar, with all of your friends! We will see you on the track! 


Tournament Code:



To join the Tournament:

Launch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch

Choose online play

Choose tournaments

Choose Search by Code

Enter the super secret code 1029-6832-7723
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The Switch has obviously been a success, selling 3,407,158 consoles at the end of 2017, while the Wii U has sold 3,301,555 in its lifetime. The Nintendo switch will cost you $300 dollars while the 3ds XL costs $200. Or, if you want a cheaper option, you can get the 2ds XL, which costs $150 While this hot console can be handheld, can you really say that it can replace the 3ds? Nintendo claims that the Nintendo Switch will be alongside the 3ds family, but will people stop buying from the 3ds family because the Switch has more processing power and better graphics? Only time can answer these questions, but which handheld console would YOU buy if you didn't have any of them? I'm eager to hear your opinions!
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It's official folks, Diablo 3 is coming to the Switch!
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Another Nintendo direct is on the way. It seems, however, that they are tempering expectations by highlighting Mario Tennis. What are your expectations/thoughts?

  • 15 replies

A variety of Switch games are on sale at Best Buy, including Super Mario Odyssey, TLoZ: Breath of the Wild, and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.  You can save 20% more if you're a part of their "Gamer's Club Unlocked" (which costs $30 for 2 years)!
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Just a heads up to anyone wanting to buy Spirit of Justice, that game has what many argue is the best case in the series (the last one), but the game is just so dark and doesn't strike the balance that Dual Destinies did.  I still had a bitter taste in my mouth at the end of Spirit of Justice; the end of Dual Destinies left me hopeful.  I'm sometimes very worried about the future of Ace Attorney.

As for its past; well, that's still high quality.  But if you have to choose between Dual Destinies and the Trilogy, I might recommend Dual Destinies.  It's my favorite of the series by far, and it has my favorite case (the second, or 5-2).  Athena is a great character and fantastic addition to the cast.  And the primary prosecutor, Blackquill, is fantastic, as well, and he and Athena have the best story arc of the entire series.  I admit I cried a few times, and laughed a lot. 

Apollo Justice is argued by many to be the weakest in the series.  Considering my experience with Spirit of Justice, I'd put SoJ on the bottom and that right above it.  The trilogy are on top in order: 3, 1, 2 (with possible AJ above that), but 2 has great standalone cases (although its overarching plot leaves much to be desired).  And Dual Destinies is above them all.

The DLC is also great, but it's extra.  The Android version doesn't charge extra, so it might be cheaper on there in a sale or even on iOS (although if you have the latest iOS, the game will not work properly or perhaps even run).
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