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About This Club

For all those who loved and still love the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, GBA and GBA SP!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Anyone who knows me knows my two favourite things. 1. I love retro games 2. I can't stop eating Altoids. Specifically the wintergreen ones. So when my friend texted me this random link, I was PUMPED. I still am. The MintyPi is a GameBoy emulator loaded with absolutely all the games you would ever possibly want... and it all fits in an Altoids can. It has a backlit screen, DS Lite buttons and a D-Pad, a pretty powerful speaker, a working hinge, the works. It hooks up to a micro USB cable if you need a charge, and it works off your standard Razzberry Pi. It's got pretty much everything you would need in a GameBoy, minus an audio jack. The link is up there if anyone wants to check it out. 'Twas all.
  3. Who misses the gameboy?

    My first Gameboy was also a GB Pocket. I had a number of games for it, including some I wasn't very good at. Tetris Attack was sooooo good. I love the feel of the buttons, too. It's not the same on 3DS. While those buttons may overall be more responsive, they don't have that thick feel that was so welcome.
  4. The first gameboy I had was a gameboy pocket, I then went onto the gameboy color followed by the original GBA!

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