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About This Club

This is a club devoted to sharing experiences with others online. It's a place to share friend codes and names and connect with others.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. @StormyHall1955 Do you know about the Pokemon game(s) coming out in October? They're called Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu edition and Eevee edition. They're sort of reimagined versions of Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (the original Pokemon games) with Pokemon GO support (you can transfer certain Pokemon from GO into the game). Considering that you're new to console video games and how much you love Pokemon GO, I imagine you'd have a blast with the game (whichever version you chose).
  3. Welcome! I sincerely hope that the wonderful world of Nintendo can help, even in the smallest way, to ease the recovery process. It is great way to relax and have some quiet time to yourself, but don't forget it's also an amazing way to connect with others! There are lots of two player games that your husband could fit with you and you will have a blast. Specifically, the game Snipperclips is weird, wild, and fun. My friend code: SW-8353-4263-8230 Sent from my Pixel 2 using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  4. StormyHall1955 New Nintendo Switch owner that knows absolutely nothing about anything related to game consoles. Only game I play and when I mean play I mean it comes before any other night out activities or hobbies with both my husband and myself. We play Pokémon Go 24/7 I’m 41 years young and my husband is 42. We absolutely love Pokémon Go but recently I have had some medical issues and have had three major surgeries since March 2018 which came with three really long miserable and very painful recovery time!! So my wonderful husband bought me a new Nintendo Switch and here I am!!
  5. Post Friend Codes/Names Here!

    3DS: 0791-5326-6047
  6. BOB SW: 2010-9784-7234 nba2k18, splatoon, arms.
  7. Switch: SW-8353-4263-8230 PSN: TUBE_neck89 Get at me!
  8. My Switch friend code is SW-4080-2275-5829! I like to play Splatoon 2, Arms, MarioKart or Rocket League.
  9. This is the official thread to post your deets for others to see. Please feel free to mention what you like to play and do along with your details. Thanks!

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