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About This Club

This is a club devoted to sharing experiences with others online. It's a place to share friend codes and names and connect with others.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Post Friend Codes/Names Here!

    3DS: 0791-5326-6047
  3. BOB SW: 2010-9784-7234 nba2k18, splatoon, arms.
  4. Switch: SW-8353-4263-8230 PSN: TUBE_neck89 Get at me!
  5. My Switch friend code is SW-4080-2275-5829! I like to play Splatoon 2, Arms, MarioKart or Rocket League.
  6. This is the official thread to post your deets for others to see. Please feel free to mention what you like to play and do along with your details. Thanks!

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