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About This Club

Discuss strategy, techniques and of course have tournaments in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch

  1. What's new in this club
  2. We Got a Weekly Race!

    I LOVE that gif. Props to whomever made it!
  3. We Got a Weekly Race!

    Thanks everyone for taking part! Same time next week, stay tuned! Kampfer claimed their 10bucks, next week it could be you!
  4. We Got a Weekly Race!

    Okay, the winner of the tournament is Kampfer! If you are reading this, i'll treat you to a $10 eshop voucher! Message me here on the site with proof it's you and the code is as good as yours!
  5. We Got a Weekly Race!

    I only had time for two races, got 20 points though so better than nothing. Good times. Next week I should be able to take this seriously then you’re all in trouble!
  6. We Got a Weekly Race!

    Alright I'm on early get ready to lose LMAO
  7. We Got a Weekly Race!

    I'll be on starting a little after 8:30. I hope to see you all there!
  8. We Got a Weekly Race!

    I'm so down for this! See you guys on there!
  9. We Got a Weekly Race!

    I shared it on /r/NintendoSwitch Mischief, great community over there with a lot of MK8D players who'd love to join in. This should be a fun tourney!
  10. We Got a Weekly Race!

    Sweet! The more the merrier!
  11. We Got a Weekly Race!

    I'm a little rusty at Mario Kart, but I might just have to join it!
  12. We Got a Weekly Race!

    Cool, Might Join. I got the message from Reddit.
  13. We Got a Weekly Race!

    exciting, I may have to join this one! Will set an alarm!
  14. If I'm on a rainbow road stage, I just drop and let Lakitu carry me to safety.
  15. We Got a Weekly Race!

    Yep it's here! I've even pinned it to the events forum under the club so we shouldn't lose it! I'm thinking we'll need to coordinate on here a bit for when people will be on. If Saturdays just won't work for people (I just randomly picked it) we could move it to another day... maybe tighten up the time to like a 2 hour window? Not sure how that'd impact people worldwide... and of course! post standings and talk smack!
  16. We Got a Weekly Race!

    Sweet! Can we add this to the mariokart club now? I'd like to have a tournament chatroom thing over there.
  17. Welcome to the NintendoRadar.com Raceway!!! With so many requests for Mario Kart Tournaments, I've opened a room for weekly races! Every Saturday join the room to race the night away with all your fellow Radarians! Every Saturday, beginning at 6 PM Mountain (5pm Pacific) the Tournament will open and will run for 3 hours! 150cc, any cart, any level!! All you gotta do is... Launch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch, choose online play, choose tournaments, choose Search by Code, and then enter the super secret code! ROOM CODE 5122-4733-2395 Share the room code with any of your friends to let them join in! And be sure to tell them to join NintendoRadar.com for more fun tournaments!
  18. It's Time to Race!!!!1! It's Friday night so lets race the night away! Beginning at Noon Mountain (11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern) the Tournament will open and will run until midnight! 150cc, any cart, any level!! All you gotta do is... Launch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch, choose online play, choose tournaments, choose Search by Code, and then enter the super secret code! ROOM CODE THIS TOURNAMENT HAS ENDED Want to say something more than "I'm using Title Controls!" just leave here in the thread! Good luck!
  19. I also will sometimes fall back into 2nd place and let the blue-boy take out whoever is now in first and then skate by as they struggle to gain speed again. Be careful to put some distance between you and them because that blue shell has a large radius!
  20. Coins are important for unlocking kart parts, but they're also great for racing! Having 10 grants you a very small top speed boost that can make a big difference.
  21. When you get a Mushroom, save it until you reach a shortcut to make the most of it. The added speed from the Mushroom will help you make it over grass or other weird, off-road surfaces that usually stand between you and a great shortcut. Let us know your favorite shortcuts below!
  22. If you're in first place and you get a Super Horn, hold onto it for dear life. It can knock away items and other racers, but it's best used to protect you from the infamous Blue Shell, the nearly invincible item that targets the racer in first place. Use the Super Horn while the Blue Shell is hovering over you to destroy it.
  23. Rather than using an item immediately, you can carry certain items (like Bananas and Shells) behind you by holding L. When you're targeted by a Red or Green Shell, they'll protect you from getting hit--just don't try it with a Bob-omb, because it'll explode.
  24. Drifting is imperative for success in Mario Kart 8, since it'll help you turn as tightly and quickly as possible, lower your race times, and prevent you from flying off the track. Hold R during a turn to drift through it--the longer you hold R, the better your speed boost will be when you let go. You'll see sparks flying off your kart that change from blue to yellow to pink. Pink sparks are new in Deluxe and give the best boost, but it's hard to drift long enough to reach that level except on very long turns. When and where you should begin drifting depends on your kart configuration. But as a general rule of thumb (for karts at least), start drifting right before the curved part of the track starts. Bikes have much better handling than karts and require a lighter touch, so if you're new to drifting, start out on karts first to get a feel for it.
  25. If you're going into a turn too quickly, it's usually better to slow down than to fly off the track. Don't be shy about braking, especially in the faster engine classes (it's pretty much mandatory in 200cc).
  26. Press R when you're going off a jump or ramp to get a speed boost. Boost-able areas include regular ramps, logs, and wave-like rolling portions of the track. Boosting throughout a race can shave seconds off your time, which can mean the difference between first and second place.