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  2. Is anyone out there shunning travel and enjoying their holiday weekend with a bit of gaming? In which systems/games will you be indulging? I will be continuing my progress through Hyrule Warriors. In addition, I’m going to give Doom a second chance. Finally, I’m going to try Skyrim for the first time.
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  5. Who wouldn't want a switch. The ability to play anywhere. Incredible games. I'd love to get one.
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  7. Labo Review

    Now I’m doubtful
  8. Labo Review

    Thanks @Potatogun @FamiTom and @NintendoFanJosh7000 I may have gotten in a bit over my head on this one. Any subsequent reviews will not be as ambitious. As a bonus, here is my Hyrule Warriors review: It is quite good; I’m having a lot of fun. Score: 4/5
  9. Labo Review

    Wooooooo!!!! Completed review!!!!
  10. I took a second look an the frankenstein on is so far the only one (that i know of) i can play with. I'll check just to be sure though.
  11. I am confused. Can you not play the game at all? When I downloaded it, it came with free tables. I know there were some licensing issues and it was relaunched, however. What do you get for free?
  12. Should We Board The Atari Hype Train?

    You mean Tempest 4000 is not a console mover for you?
  13. Should We Board The Atari Hype Train?

    Agreed. The UI looks great, the way each icon has a pixel drop shadow of varying colors. But, I also agree with @MrMischief. This console is just too ambitious and will most likely fail. Personally, I have no interest in this product as of now. Maybe once we learn more about it something will pique my interest, but for now I'm gettin off this train.
  14. Should We Board The Atari Hype Train?

    It doesn't matter if the system is the most impressive thing to ever be called a console. If developers don't embrace the new VCS (seems like everyone forgot that the 2600 was called the VCS before 1982) this will be another failure for the Atari name. I think we need Atari to be successful. We need more competition in the console space to drive innovation. But I really just don't see a reason for developers to jump on board with the VCS and I don't think Atari has the resources to float it on their own like Nintendo can do. Atari also doesn't have the resources to entice developers to bring out games for this system. I may still buy a VCS, but I expect it to fail.
  15. Should We Board The Atari Hype Train?

    That UI is awesome looking. But I'm not very impressed by the system yet.
  16. A discussion

    School comes first, definitely. Good to see you here, though. And if you need any school help, just let me know. I might could help you figure out some Math principles or something you're stuck on. I am a Math major, after all. Not a very great one, but I am!
  17. I still need to buy the pinball packs before i can play any of them
  18. What I really need is something that can hold the system vertically. I suppose it would be easy to construct a simple stand, but I’m far too lazy for that.
  19. How do you like Stern’s? I downloaded it as well, but I only played it once. The controls just felt off for me, and I much prefer Pinball FX3. It’s also a free download.
  20. I am playing through Ultra Moon on my 3DS right now, so I don’t plan on using my Switch much at all for the next week(s). This made me wonder: What is the ideal way to store an unused Switch? Should I dock it or let the battery run down? Should I just keep it in sleep mode or is it better to turn it off completely? Does it matter either way? Does storing it one way or the other affect the battery’s performance in the long run? submitted by /u/NEW---wind_fish [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  21. For the past 2 weeks or so my left joycon has been acting up. In every game I’ve played, my character randomly moves up without me touching the controller. I’ve tried calibrating with no success; are there any other solutions to the problem aside from buying new ones? submitted by /u/kwj17411 [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  22. Hello, I'm asking this question because I've heard that zelda has different icons for US/JP and EU/AUS but if I have a european cartridge and set my switch to the US it will show the US icon is it true ? I know it's stupid but I haven't got my switch yet (it's a month away) and I can't test it for myself and I'm really curious, thanks in advance submitted by /u/Daggron [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  23. I'm getting worried first of all no new mainline animal crossing game has been announced for over 6 years in Japan and it's concerning with all the E3 "Leaks" and "Rumours" not one mention animal crossing and those that do are fake. It's just a game I love and I think it needs an announcement I am so excited for E3 but don't want to tune in for disappointment then have to wait another year of getting disappointed. Just to clarify there have been trademarks this year and the website has been acting very weird, also both amiibo festival and pocket camp were developed by NDCube not Nintendo themselves so they have had a chance of working on this game. What do you guys think? submitted by /u/ANCLover12 [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  24. Many people reported the switch was bad at launch with things like the switch bending left joycon problems dead pixels and much more has anyone encountered these problems after 1 year of its launch id like to know. submitted by /u/majinkazekage [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  25. I've had this problem since I got my Nintendo Switch. Whenever it's docked it will cut to black for seconds at random intervals. This happens with every game and gets more frequent the longer it's docked. I've tried unplugging and plugging it back in and also redocking but the problem persists. Can anyone help this problem? Someone suggested that it's the TV that I'm trying to play on but it happens with other TV's as well. Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you. submitted by /u/Waffle_Piggy [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  26. As title says, looking for hack n slash type games or RPGs for the switch. My primary system is ps4, but purchased a Switch today and loving it so far. Currently playing Mario Odyssey. submitted by /u/fight0fffyourdemons [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  27. so, im excited to be finally playing my first mario tennis game, and i thought to myself, if this does incredibly well, there could be a possibility for dlc! im mainly thinking that of something of mario galaxy and starbits randomly hit the ball, or the court is low gravity, resulting in slow ball speeds and tougher times on reaching some far balls. Tell me what you think dlc would look like for a tennis game of this caliber submitted by /u/awakenedusopp [link] [comments]Continue Reading
  28. I stopped by my parents house while they're out of town to do some laundry and brought my switch and dock to set up and play while I was there. My pro controller was nearly dead, so I plugged it in and was playing for a while. When I came back later, I noticed the controller wasn't fully charged but it also wasn't charging any longer. I realized that it charges when plugged into the AC adapter, but absolutely will not charge when plugged into the dock regardless of the USB port used. Unless this brand-new USB cable that was working fine somehow died, I don't know what the hell is going on. Edit: I tested the USB cable and it's working fine. The controller will charge when this USB cable is plugged into a wall charger. Did all the USB ports on my switch's dock suddenly die even though everything else still functions? Edit 2: I just undocked my switch to pack everything up to go home, and noticed itbegan charging as soon as I did that. I keep my switch on little stand with an extension cable that connects it to the dock so it remains cooler. In testing, I found the controller will charge when the switch is directly in the dock, but will no longer charge when it's connected to the dock with the extension.This doesn't make any sense to me as I know that it was working before. submitted by /u/dano8801 [link] [comments]Continue Reading
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