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New Profile Posts

  1. AkiWar
    Currently in the US. Oregon to be exact. Love the US so far. I mean they have MK8D Target
  2. Nelly_exe
    All of the consoles I own atm are zelda themed, they Hyrule edition 3ds, and the windwaker wiiU with the cool hyrulian print. Zelda Switch?!
  3. Nelly_exe
    Im ready to join the conversation yall :)
  4. simonh2000
    Got BoTW! Love the water temple.
  5. Hullop
    Waiting on that Neon bundle
  6. wtfisgoinon69
  7. LASAP
    I have returned...
  8. luciamercedez
    Just wanna play breath of the wild but can't afford the switch
  9. Wduff
    deciding whether to save for a switch or buy wind waker now then save for a switch
    1. Fiscus
      Fiscus Apr 24, 2017
    2. wtfisgoinon69
      wtfisgoinon69 Apr 25, 2017 at 8:21 AM
      What Fiscus said. Besides you can emulate WW. ples dont kill me for suggesting emulating.
  10. Jo_272
    Hello :)
  11. Awkward_Fantasy
    I own a 3ds, wiiu, all the older Nintendo consoles. And a ps4. Will be getting the NS when Mario comes out.
  12. simonh2000
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  13. wtfisgoinon69
    You, me, and 805 other people XD.
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  14. strenta0521
    Desperately trying to win a Nintendo Switch
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    2. Wduff
      Wduff Apr 24, 2017
      love your profile picture
  15. JPrivady
  16. wtfisgoinon69
  17. fuzzygdog
    I'm enjoying what's left of my summer vacation. The fact still remains that I just stayed home as usual helping about. I'm a boring person
  18. wtfisgoinon69
    Oh wait. This is post.
  19. wtfisgoinon69
    What do I write here?
  20. BiggerRex6
    I play Minecraft some say its corny but I like it and my Username is the same I use here. I am 13 my IRL name is Joe and I am christian...
  21. Lonz9804
    Lonz9804's Official Nintendo Radar Account.
    1. Zarkex01
      Zarkex01 Apr 10, 2017
      Wait, No? This cant be the official one. OMG
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    2. Fiscus
      Fiscus Apr 11, 2017
      THE Lonz? NO wAY
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  22. TheDiamondGamer
    Sorry I was away so long I was in spain
    1. Zarkex01
      Zarkex01 Apr 10, 2017
      Inacceptable (jk)
  23. Seravilo
    Honestly, I've always preferred Luigi over Mario. Luigi is bae!! <3 <3
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  24. Fiscus
    Will help you get one
  25. Fiscus
    Check my new post. It's on the "Nintendo switch" forum section
  26. TFW04
    Waiting to get a nintendo console...
  27. Agni07
  28. avarf
    Watching How I met Your Mother. 24/7. Really wanting to play The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild.
  29. avarf
    Less bored
  30. simonh2000
  31. avarf
    Really bored
  32. EstusEnthusiast
    FINALLY GOT MY SWITCH!!!111!!!!one!!!11!!!!!
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  33. CarrotMotherGod
    XENOBLADE is my life
  34. Wduff
    Is your profile photo Infernape?
  35. Fiscus
    I post Nintendo Switch news and Rumors.
  36. FatChickenCat
    Cant wait to get a Nintendo Switch! So exited to play Breath of the Wild! One of my friends already has it! He said that is was great!
  37. zoraoink99
  38. Fiscus
    I am a regular person who likes Nintendo. And honestly, Can you blame me?
  39. TanoshiJikan
  40. Cannoncool234
  41. skeletals
    *insert sick battle cry while swinging sword almost the length of one's own body*
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  42. Wduff
    Trying to decide a game to sped run, leaning towards Sonic Generations, I'm within 30 minutes of the world record
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  43. dreamAbstraction
    Happy birthday Colbro!!!!
    (of course, unless you have used a fake birthday XP)
  44. Wduff
    Playing: Pokemon Black
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  45. Zarkex01
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    2. JPrivady