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New Profile Posts

  1. Diego7000
    HEY!!!! I just realized your profile pic is Bill sitting on his "throne"
  2. TheNameIsZac
    Cant wait for Mario Odyssey. Gonna be great. A 32 year old plumber traveling the world trying to save a 26 year old princess from a reptile.
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    2. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Sep 12, 2017
      Ah poop.... wait... oh no... what...
    3. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Sep 12, 2017
      That's... gross
  3. snowpuffs
  4. Diego7000
    @JNASTY will continue to change his profile pic at least once a month!

    Sorry I had to troll
    1. JNASTY
      JNASTY Sep 5, 2017
      This isn't even my final form!
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    2. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Sep 6, 2017
      I thought as much
  5. TheNameIsZac
    Rest in pepperonis, Miiverse.
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    2. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Sep 5, 2017
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  6. TheNameIsZac
    Yeah, and call me Zac plz.
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    2. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Sep 4, 2017
      Hey The name is Jak. Sorry I had to be a troll but anyhow welcome Zac
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  7. Bluetoad2003
  8. TheNameIsZac
  9. TheNameIsZac
    Hey! My name is Zac, a huge fan of Nintendo! I don't know how much I'll post, but come here to see what's happening. K, gotta go. Enjoy!
  10. Jamesinho
  11. Diego7000
  12. Linkk
    1. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Aug 1, 2017
      Ruff!!!! What goes on @Linkk? You okay?
  13. Kristinco
    got not enough sleep... watched too many let's plays Q _ Q
    1. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Jul 29, 2017
      Welcome to another let's play on Nintendo Radar! HALLLLLLLLLLOSH!!!!! Welcome to the Radar!
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  14. Spritz
    1. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Jul 23, 2017
      Huh? What is life?
  15. JoeTitan25
    Just having fun on this new site
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    2. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Jul 18, 2017
      It's the BEST!!!!
    3. Potatogun
      Potatogun Jul 26, 2017
      Or is the site having fun on you?
    4. Potatogun
      Potatogun Jul 26, 2017
      Or perhaps both? A little symbiotic relationship never hurt anybody.
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  16. EliteSmash
  17. Diego7000
    I am following thee
  18. Diego7000
    Thank you for changing thee name too EliteSmash
  19. Diego7000
    Hello BetaDiego7000
  20. IbisJacob
    Just found this crazy site called NintendoRadar... Let's see what this is all about!
    1. Fiscus
      Fiscus Jul 6, 2017
      its the best in the world
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    2. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Jul 7, 2017
      Agreed with Fiscus and here is my buddy Potatogun's intro "Welcome to Nintendo Radar home of the Good Radar, may I take your order?" XD
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  21. Hydman84
    New to site have loved Nintendo since I was 3 and we got a NES
    1. Fiscus
      Fiscus Jul 6, 2017
      nice! Welcome to the site
  22. Diego7000
    Woah the default avatar Mario has a W not a M
  23. Diego7000
    I know all about Nintendo and the Zelda Series and Origins
  24. Diego7000
  25. Diego7000
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    2. Potatogun
      Potatogun Jul 6, 2017
      Happy belated birthday!
  26. Diego7000
    If you want help with Breath of the Wild check out my threads (: !
  27. Diego7000
    She only spent 12 days here....
    May she be back one day...
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  28. BiggerRex6
    I'm new I don't have the SWITCH, I would like 1 but I like to post here so... yeah. PLAY ON!
  29. John Adams
    I am so new to this site I can wait who gets the switch. Nintendo is my favourite
    1. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Jun 30, 2017
  30. techniquality
    Hey guys! I just got the Nintendo switch!!!!!!!! You can type my Freind code and I will accept u!
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    2. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Jul 5, 2017
  31. Diego7000
    Idea from Potatogun Welcome to Nintendo Radar home of the Good Radar may I take your order
  32. Potatogun
    Welcome to NintendoRadar, home of many threads about Nintendo stuff. And you know, people. Or robots. I might be one of those. People, that is. BEEP BOOP BEEP I AM A PERSON.
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  33. Diego7000
  34. BudgerBoy
    I am new to this site! But still excited to chat!
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    2. Potatogun
      Potatogun Jun 28, 2017
      Welcome forsooth and indeed! Although those things essentially mean the same thing. So...welcome!
    3. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Jun 29, 2017
  35. Diego7000
  36. fuzzygdog
    I'm so tired xD i've been packing every single day prepared to move... for like the 11th time in my 17 years xD
    1. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Jun 21, 2017
      LOL good luck and best wishes for you
  37. Diego7000
    Diego7000 was here (silently)
  38. Diego7000
  39. SKATZES17
    I am newer (back at it) retro collector. I am more interested in game from my childhood, but anything that plays Metriod I need.
    1. Jonny B. Goode
      Jonny B. Goode Jun 15, 2017
      I assume you saw the two new Metroid titles announced at E3? So excited. One for the Switch and one for the DS
  40. Stoner8602
    Loving this new community!
    1. Jonny B. Goode
      Jonny B. Goode Jun 15, 2017
      It is pretty great, but be careful about green talk. I got quite an uneducated lecture when I mentioned I was pro-medical marijuana. Welcome!
    2. Richie
      Richie Jun 16, 2017
      Yes i like to this nintendo community , Nice talking and enjoy from Gaming life ,
    3. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Jun 19, 2017
      WELCOME this is another version of Miiverse
  41. Jonny B. Goode
    BotW update: 120/120 Shrines, 12/12 memories, 4/4 Divine Beasts, 0/1 Calamity Ganon.
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  42. Fiscus
    I don't know how, but according to this site, I am the number two chatter of all time.
    1. Fiscus
      Fiscus Jun 8, 2017
      pretty sweet, if you ask me.
    2. Diego7000
      Diego7000 Jun 26, 2017
  43. bee4545
  44. 12jamier
    Hi I'm a newcomer head over to my YouTube channel at "James ESR "
  45. Jonny B. Goode
    Name your cat Banjo. Or Kazooie. Samus is kind of cool as well!
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    2. Fiscus
      Fiscus Jun 2, 2017
      Samus is the best one out of those three.