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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Discuss the Nintendo Switch here!
    1. Frontpage News

      Post here for instant frontpage articles
  2. Switch News From Around The web

    Users post article submissions here, it's the moderators job to finetune/edit them, approve them and feature them as an article!
    1. Discussions

  3. Nintendo Chat

    Discuss Nintendo
  4. Nintendo Mobile Games

    With Pokemon Go, Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes - Nintendo is now on mobile! Discuss your favorite Nintendo mobile games and what you'd like to see come to mobile!
  5. Wii U

    Discuss the Wii U here
  6. 3DS

    Discuss the 3DS here!
  7. Radar Group

    Want to join other NintendoRadar users on the Switch online? Here's the place to find other fellow members and arrange play sessions!
  8. Retro Nintendo

    Discuss all of Nintendos old consoles (pre 3DS)
  9. NintendoRadar Site Related

    Do you have suggestions, feedback or want to discuss anything related to the site? This is the place.
  10. General Gaming

    Want to discuss games or gaming subjects that aren't related to nintendo? Do so here!
  11. TV, Film & Music

    Want to discuss your favorite tv show, films or music? You can do so here!
  12. The Internet of Things

    Found something interesting on the web? Share here!
  13. Nintendo Store

    Find all the best products for the Nintendo Switch!
  14. General Discussion

    Want to discuss anything that wont fit into other categories? Discuss here!
  15. Introductions

    Say hi and introduce yourself :) we wont bite, promise!