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    • Proud to announce that as of today NintendoRadar is now available in app-form on all your favorite mobile devices! We had a feeling you might like one *cough, ahem, a'choo* 
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    • I finally got around to finishing Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn and I have to say I had a lot of fun with it. I don't mind the crude, verging on racist, humor and the play style is reminiscent of early 90s beat 'em ups. There's even a move where you hit A to land a size 22 kick that launches the enemy straight into the screen just like TMNT IV: Turtles in Time. Shaq Fu never takes itself seriously, poking fun at crowd funding and the game itself. All of the old beat 'em up tropes are present and accounted for; endless enemies, random things in the background and foreground to smash, the odd object you can use as a weapon until it breaks, etc. At $20 USD in the eshop I think that the price is a bit steep for the amount of game time you'll get from it, if you play it on easy you can walk through this game in one sitting and I don't see much replay value in it. Harder difficulties does make it a longer process though. There is a DLC pack called "Barack Fu"  that opens up a new story line where you play as President Obama, the humor continues as one of "Dirty Barry's" moves lets you call in a "Peace Prize" drone strike. Nintendo's eShop says it released on June 5, but I can't seem to find it. The game's website says that physical copies come with a code to download a "bonus game" later this month. I haven't seen what that game is yet but I would suspect that it is the DLC so if you really want to fight as Barack Obama the physical version might save you a bit of money. Overall I give Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn a solid 5 out of 7 Size 22 Reebok Pumps. Pick it up if you find it on sale, and you enjoy old school beat 'em ups (think TMNT IV style with some off color humor and a stupid plot).
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    •  Watch the Nintendo Direct E3 Event all over again!
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    •  Get it right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop!
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I’m Matt Bitner, sole developer of A Robot Named Fight! It recently launched on Nintendo Switch. AMA!

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Hi r/NintendoSwitch! For the past two years, I’ve been hard at work creating my passion project, A Robot Named Fight!, a roguelite metroidvania where you jump and explode meat beasts with your blaster arm. There was a post on this sub about the game a few weeks ago that I hopped into and got a lot of positive traction. The mods were gracious enough to help me set up an AMA, so here I am!

I left my old job in mobile game development to make the game I had been thinking about for the past decade: a procedurally-generated metroidvania inspired by my favorite retro games, like Super Metroid, Mega Man, and Contra as well as modern classics, such as The Binding of Isaac. While I did get a little help with promotional art, I am responsible for the game's code, design, music, and art.

After a lot of work and many late nights, I self-published on Steam last September and had enough success to continue releasing updates since that time. Eventually, I had the opportunity to bring my game to Nintendo Switch, and it’s been amazing so far.

Check out the trailer!

Nintendo eShop

I’m here with my friend u/jordanosaurusrex, who helped me publish on Switch, and my wife u/Kiki_Orb, who helps with the game’s marketing and community management.

We’re here answering your questions all day long! Ask us anything about game design, indie game development and marketing, pixel art, music, harrowing clinical depression, future plans, slapping the bass, D&D, MTG, tabletop gaming, or my two troublesome and disappointing dogs.

Also… we’ve got a Switch promo code to give away! At the end of the day, I’ll randomly choose from all the top-level and follow-up questions and, after announcing here, send a message to the winner.

Twitter: @RobotNamedFight

Discord: https://discord.gg/S5hZAKx

submitted by /u/ARobotNamedFights
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