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Dear 2K, let's talk about WWE 2K19 on Switch.

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I think we all appreciate your desire for ultra realism with graphics and presentation, even if some of us would rather just have a fun wrestling game like No Mercy or HCTP. I know your goal has always been to replicate what we see on TV. By all means keep doing your thing on PS4/XBO/PC. But this 15fps business is no good. So if you're unable to give us that level of graphic fidelity on Switch, that's ok! Just... don't.

Why not work out a new, simple rendering mode that focuses less on texture detail (I don't think we need to see stitches on pants), less on fully 3D rendered crowds (their animations are terrible anyway and the crowd itself serves no purpose in these games-- but that's an issue for another day) and instead focuses more on a clean aesthetic with framerate in mind. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say we don't need hyper realistic graphics in our wrestling games. Hell, a lot of us are hoping Fire Pro makes it's way to switch.

Get this notion out of your heads that the only good graphics are realistic graphics. BOTW shows how simpler graphics can at times be more pleasing to look at that hyper realistic graphics. Games with a strong art style are often better looking and age far slower than games that are trying to look real. My hope for 2K19 is that you still put in on Switch, for starters, and secondly that you'll consider broadening your visual scope a bit to make a great looking, albeit not necessarily super realistic, wrestling game that plays well.


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