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Buying a controller for Blazblue

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I've been hooked on the Blazblue demo and I'll probably get it on launch, but the joycons (and the analog stick in particular) are absolutely terrible to use so I'm considering getting a new controller. I'm debating between the Hori Pokken pad, a pro controller or an arcade stick.

Hori Pokken gamepad

Pros: cheapest option, has all the required buttons

Cons: need to learn how to use d-pad, limited amount of games it will work with.

Pro Controller

Pros: Versatile and can be used for most switch games

Cons: More expensive, might still have to use D-pad to play Blazblue

Arcade stick

Pros: is used for fighting games, works on PC, could be used for other games

Cons: priciest option and not too many retailers ship to Canada, most arcade sticks don't have native switch support.

Any thoughts on which is the best move?

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