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The Octopath Traveler Demo was Amazing! But, I have questions...

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Hey guys! So I just finished the Octopath Traveler demo (played as Olberic) and I LOVED IT! The dialogue is great (sometimes though, it got a little cheesey for me), the world design is beautiful, and the goddarn music is AMAZING! I really think the music is what sold me LOL. Anyway, this game is definitely right up my alley, and I am definitely going to pick it up once it comes out because if the demo is this good, I can only imagine what the rest of the game has to offer. I have a few questions though:

1) Is there a way to see the opponent's health? So, when you're walking around and fighting enemies, I noticed that there's no health indicator anywhere to show the remaining health. Don't know for sure, but maybe I just missed it somewhere in the UI? This was a problem for me because for example, I was fighting the bandit boss, I didn't know up to how much longer the battle would last. This isn't really too big of a problem for me, and I guess there's some kind of reason as to why there's no health bar, but for me I wish they'd add the health indicators in the final game

2) Do you think there will be some kind of item that will allow us to avoid random battles while exploring? Some item like 'Repel' from Pokemon would be nice. While I loved the "thrill" of the battles, the randomness reminded me of Pokemon, and honestly it felt like a hassle at some point. Yes I understand that this is a mechanic of the game, but really sometimes I just want to get where I need to be without having to deal with insignificant battles along the way.

So I guess those are my only questions :) I know a lot of people here already love the game and are waiting as patiently as I am. Hopefully, we'll be able to get through the next few months because all this waiting is killing me... For those who haven't tried the demo yet, I highly recommend it! Just try it out, and see for yourself if you'll like the game :) Anyway, thank you all!

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