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Mario Kart 8 is coming to Disney XD HD

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You see the picture and now you know!

Through looking at messages you can fing out A LOT! Like how a bunch of gaming stuff are going onto Disney xD.

If you like gaming you should watch Disney xD from July 15 to the I don't even know! (:


All I know is that IGN, Some guy, Some other guy, and Nintendo are all coming to Disney xD! (:


And to see Mario Kart 8 on DisneyXD and DisneyXDHD is AMAZING! (:


Make sure you check it out on July 16, 2017! Disney xD


Reply! (:

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I have previously never heard of Disney xD HD. I will certainly look into it now.

@timmertje It also is viewable on DisneyXD I believe but I prefer HD. (:

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