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A Slightly Delayed Review of SplaTWOon (Splatoon 2) and Why it's AMAZING!

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FOREWORD: In this article, I talk about things that you might already know. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PLAYED SPLATOON 1 and know a decent amount of information, please read the introduction and skip until past the dotted line. Thank you!!



So you may have noticed how hyped the Nintendo community was about Splatoon 2. I was among one of those people. Now that the game has actually released, I'm happy to say that it's well worth buying. In this piece of writing, I'll explain why.




To get something off my chest and out of the way, I'm going to call this game SplaTWOon. Why? Because, dear reader, the pun is RIGHT THERE! Also, it's easier to type.


Splatwoon is the game I've been waiting for. From playing online with your friends to the single player story mode, salmon run, and of course, splatfests.


Starting with the most basic of all the game modes, you can't go wrong with turf war. For those of you living under a rock, turf war is a game mode where, unlike other shooters, your objective is to shoot the ground and paint as much of the battle arena your team's color as possible. The team that inks the most turf in their color wins. This format works really well, and I find myself having TONS of fun here. This time around, they've added a bunch of new weapons, stages, sub - weapons, features, and mechanics to spice up your average turf war and make it just that extra bit more fun. Some might even go far as to say that turf war is the best game mode and the most fun.


Now moving on to ranked mode. Unlocked at level 10, ranked mode includes game modes such as Tower defense, Splat zones and my personal favorite, Rainmaker. Starting with Tower defense here is a very quick run down of all the modes. In tower defense, both teams compete over a tower. once on the tower, it will begin to move towards checkpoint one, two and eventually the enemy base, where you win the game. In splat zones, both teams fight over one zone. If the zone is primarily your color, it will become "your" zone. while it is "your" zone, your team's timer will begin to count down. once the timer reaches zero, your team wins. In Rainmaker, both teams fight over a weapon called the rainmaker. If your team has the rainmaker, the person carrying it has to get it safely across to the other team's base. If the person carrying the Rainmaker dies, the rainmaker is reset once again. This mode adds quite a bit of strategy and the different modes cycle every two hours. Depending on the modes, you might want to change your weapons and clothes accordingly. Each ranked mode has its own ranking, hence the name. This helps Nintendo place you into battles of adequate skill. Which leads me to league battles.


-----------------------------------------------SPLATOON 1 PLAYERS READ ON FROM HERE------------------------------------------------------------------------------


League battles are only available once you are at least B- rank on the available mode. This mode is for more serious players, who gain or lose more exp than in ranked mode. You can also play doubles with your friends, which is the best for online if you don't have at least four friends who are all online and willing to play.


Now to talk about single player. To be honest, I've heard a lot of people saying that the plot isn't all that good and almost exactly the same as the first game. I won't give any spoilers, but at least for me, It's a fun pastime if I want to stop online mode for a bit, and lets me try out some weapons. I also don't really care that it's the same as splatoon 1 because not many people owned a Wii U anyways.


Next up, salmon run. Salmon run is really solid. The game mode consists of you and a team of three other people teleporting to an island. This island is the home to various ugly abominations, called salmonids. Your mission is to kill the special "boss" salmonids and harvest their golden eggs to fulfill your quota. These salmonids come and try to attack you all throughout wave one two and three. If you survive the waves, you win and get some cool rewards that may help you in battle.


To round up, I would like to talk about the new features. There aren't many, but one noteworthy one is the new addition of the dual wielding weapons, A.K.A. dualies. I like the fire rate that these new weapons have, and some have tons of power. The sub weapons are good enough, and the rocket launcher special is great when paired with the dualie squelcher's echolocator bombs.


The new stages are also really good, and the variety is sure to spice up otherwise boring matches of Splatwoon. My personal favorites are Musselforge Fitness and Humpback Pump Track.


All in all, Splatwoon is a fun, great game that you should definitely add to your roster of Nintendo Switch titles. Some might argue that it doesn't have enough differences from Splatoon 1, but hey, all shooter games are like that. Plus, the fact that it's SPLATOON FOR THE SWITCH makes it a great game all on its own. If you have the money and a switch, I would definitely get Splatwoon.


But I'm curious. What do you guys think about Splatwoon? Do you think it's a good game? Feel welcome to leave your thoughts and discussions in the thread. I haven't tried a splatfest yet, but Mayo vs. Ketchup starts tomorrow, and maybe I'll make a post on my opinions.


Until next time, Stay Fresh!!


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Nice review man! Seems like you really like this game.


I have never played splatoon before. I'm not much of a shooter kind of gamer. But how you explained it, it sounds kinda fun. I might give it a shot one day.

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I have never played splatoon before. I'm not much of a shooter kind of gamer. But how you explained it, it sounds kinda fun. I might give it a shot one day.

I'm not much of a shooter person either! That's the beauty of this game.

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This game is so bad but has such a good rep."(

It's actually a good game. Have you ever played it, or are you just trying to be hipster?

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