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Brawlout (Smash clone) Comes to Switch Late 2017

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Brawlout is a party fighting game that debuted on Steam earlier this year. It’s “designed for couch play, online ranked matches and competitive tournaments.”


Brawlout does away with shields and blocking, focusing heavily on the aggressive, fast-paced combat which has made platform fighters so fun to both play and watch.


Each character in Brawlout has their own unique playstyle, catering to specific character archetypes seen in other fighters. Whether you’re a die-hard grappler or a rushdown fiend, there is a fighter for you in Brawlout.


Combined with familiar movement techniques like wavedashing and airdodging, Brawlout adds some extra mechanics seen in other fighting games. The Rage Meter builds up as you both deal and take damage, allowing you either break combos with the Rage Burst or unleash hell with the Rage Mode. The Rage Burst pushes opponents back, breaking their combos and allowing players to create some breathing room at the cost of half their Rage Meter. If the meter fills, you can activate the Rage Mode, increasing the knockback you deal while reducing the amount you take.


As for modes, Brawlout has all you’d expect from a normal platform fighter and then some. Up to four players can compete in local multiplayer in either timed, stock or team battles. AI opponents are also available if you want to practice your team combos with a friend, or if you need to fill out a free for all.


Brawlout’s online suite is suitably robust, with all of the following features:


– Free-For-All casual matches for low-stress competition

– A robust Ranked match system, complete with regional leaderboards

– 2-4 player private lobbies where players can practice or mess about to their heart’s content

– The Brawlout Network where players can check their fight stats, match history and replays

– Brawlout TV which allows for live spectating and watching of specific player replays



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I won't but it, but it's nice to see indie support continually comes out on switch.

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This game is so much fun! I know a lot of people really see it as a smash clone, which it is obviously, and don't give it a fair chance.


Brawlout is also published on steam and tried it and I really like it. I think it's a bit more fast then smash is, and that makes it more fun for me. So if you like smash you should really give this game a chance!

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An interesting alternative to Smash, but the lack of the know characters kill it for me. I wonder if Nintendo is planning to remaster the last version or release a new version.

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I think they made this as a smash replicate since I do not believe that they will post a Smash Bros. For switch

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