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    • A gamer called Luis Fernando Mendoza Arias has apparently got his hands on a copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate two weeks before its official release date.

      To back up his claims, Luis took photos of the game running on Nintendo Switch, as well as his physical copy, and uploaded it all to social media. The photos seem legit but you will probably want to take a look at it yourself to verify its authenticity:

      We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind all users to be very careful for spoilers since the game has leaked.

      What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

      Source: Link, Via 1, Via 2
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    • I know, I know, It's really popular right now to shit all over Nintendo's new online program. But that's not what I'm here for. In fact, I think it's pretty good. I'm here to set the record straight.

      Nintendo Switch Online is only $20 USD for an individual membership, and way less if you split the cost of a family membership. For a third of the price of its competitors (at the most), I don't really care what else NS Online has to offer. I can play my games online, and I can do it for cheaper than PS4 or XB1 users can.

      It gave us designated servers for MK Deluxe and, later on, Smash Bros, and while, for some reason, Splatoon 2 didn't, I never really noticed connection issues while playing. Peer-to-peer isn't really bad at all, unless your friends have really bad connections. And most of the third party games we play don't have designated servers anyways.

      You also get a pretty cool ever - expanding library of NES games, which is an added bonus. Now, I get that this is a shitty replacement for virtual console, and that many people have bought these games many times and might not want to buy them again, the library comes at no additional cost with an online service that is already affordable.

      Some people seem to think that charging customers for online is a crummy thing to do, but these companies want to make money. It sucks, but when you have an additional service for a product, it's a bad business strategy not to charge.

      The only legitimate problem I have with NS Online is the voice chat. Only Fortnite supports it without the use of your phone, and even then you need a wired mic. For me, this is a big let-down because I think it's something that can easily be fixed. All Nintendo have to do is release a wired-to-Bluetooth audio port adapter, which I've found on Amazon for $16, and release a software update. If you're someone who really wants voice chat to communicate with teammates, the price is more than justifiable. Using your phone is really clunky and definitely not an option.

      That being said, as the title of this topic indicates, I really do believe you get what you pay for. When you're paying $2-20 a year for online, I can move past these things. I think the real reason we're all complaining is the Osborne effect. I think Nintendo advertised the fact that we would have to pay for online service way too early. I was ready to pay for this a year ago. I was ready to pay for this in January. But the truth is, we all got comfortable with playing online for free and how well it worked. We all took it for granted as something that shouldn't be monetized and when the time came to pony up, it took us by surprise. 

      I'm really interested in knowing what the general consensus is with this, who bought it and who won't. Feel free to leave us your opinions, and who knows? Maybe this'll help some people that are on the fence to go either way. 
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    • Sony announced its Playstation Classic today and somewhat surprisingly I have been reading some threads of people who are not at all excited by this. Now, I am a Playstation man, through and through, so my opinion may be somewhat biased, but overall I really like the idea of the retro mini console and having it stocked with games. Older consoles, controllers, and especially game carts and discs become worn and useless as time goes on. Experiencing older games on a crisp new screen with responsive brand new controllers sounds great to most of us, but to many it will never live up to the original experience of untangling the controller cords, blowing the dust from your cartridge and switching the TV input over to RGB. I totally see both sides of the argument and I think that these retro consoles are not for everyone. I had serious plans to purchase the SNES Classic but never got around to it and now it seems as though many of those games I would've bought it for will end up on the Switch at some point anyways. Even the PS Classic is kind of lost on me now considering Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, and 12 will all be out on the Switch soon. So what do you all think?
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    • Hello fellow Radarians! It has been a while since I have posted anything new so I figured.... I would do exactly that! This post concerns my newest obsession: Hollow Knight. Man, oh man. What a game this is! I am a major metroidvania fan, so games like Axiom Verge and Owlboy already appeal to me, and Hollow Knight is no different. There isn't a ton to mention as far as what makes this game special to me or stand out in a major way, but it is special and it does stand out. I like everything about this game. The art style is simple and unique. The gameplay is very simple and easy to handle, however, the enemies and bosses are anything but. This game challenges me in the same way I am challenged by a Dark Souls title. You fight, you die. You fight again, you die again. You try and level up, return to fight, die again. It's really a smashing good time. Something about the lore of the story has me drawn in as well. This underground kingdom of bugs, that has this tragic and mysterious past, is tons of fun to explore and master, searching every nook and cranny for new things. The other bugs you meet all have distinct and engaging personalities and voice acting, although they are speaking "bugish" and we cannot understand them without reading the text on screen, that somehow just fits perfectly and sounds right 100% of the time. My favorite bug voice is of the cartographers wife, Iselda, and her bored sounding sigh of "bafanada..." This game is hard as hell and super engaging. I highly recommend it for its playability and the way it translates from big screen to handheld. Some metroidvania games are best viewed on a smaller screen(Axiom Verge is a great example of this; on my 66" screen the game looks silly), but that does not apply to Hollow Knight. I love the way it looks on my TV and it is perfect and cozy in handheld mode. I bought this game while it was on sale for around $8 and I had a few hundred points, too. It cost me maybe $5 in the end and I have enjoyed it far more than Octopath Traveler(which I was SUPER excited for) that I paid $59.99 for. 
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    • So now that Smash Ultimate has been announced and EVERY SINGLE Smash fighter ever (and some extras) are a part of the roster, I'm curious to find out who everyone's main might be.

      Personally, I'm excited to try out Little Mac now that air dodges improve recovery. I hope that might help to balance out his attacks without occasionally falling off the map with no control whatsoever. I also want to try out the Ice Climbers and how their two-in-one combo fares against some of the newer fighters. 

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Guest /u/fanestreetproduction

(Spoilers) Ranking the Kingdoms in Mario Odyssey

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On 08/06/2018 at 10:26 PM, Charwee said:

My rankings

13 Lake kingdom

Just plain and simple. Awful. No story, no fun, nothing positive at all about this. Except maybe the music.

12 Bowser's Kingdom

I like this kingdom, a lot. However, all kingdoms from here to number 1 are also really good. This is just how it went. 

11 Moon Kingdom

See above, only difference is it is much better.

10 Cascade Kingdom

Also see above, only difference here is it is slightly better.

9 Snow Kingdom

A wild card that is indeed a wild card. I have the unpopular option that this kingdom is really good, however there is a lot of things holding it back. Like the large unused and/or untapped space found everywhere, and also the amount of moons.

 8 Metro Kingdom

7.5/10, I really like it, but it has a lot of flaws like the snow kingdom. Except they are worse. But seriously why does no one notice them? It is clearly not the best kingdom.

7 Cap Kingdom

From this point on, every kingdom here are incredible. However, 1-6 are just simply better. Cap kingdom easily has the 3'rd best aesthetic and/or art style. (1 being Luncheon and 2 being Lost).  It reminds me a lot of Nightmare before Christmas, but better. However, it is kind of small and also very, very short on power moons. Only one other kingdom can get away with this.

 6 Mushroom Kingdom

First off, I have no nostalgia for 64. That shows how good this level is, however, It has it's flaws. In addition to this, like the cap kingdom 1-5 are just better than it. That will apply with the next 2 kingdoms as well.

5 Luncheon Kingdom

Amazing, 9.5/10. However, as stated earlier, 1-4 are just better, but I can't think of any flaws except maybe traversing through lava. However, I really did not mind it a lot.

4 Seaside Kingdom

Even better than Luncheon kingdom, and Just amazing. 9.8/10. No flaws here, except for 2, one minor and one large. The first being moon count, for it's size and etc, it has way too many moons and it is just absurd. 2nd, they don't use much land, however this is just kind of a nitpick.

3 Wooded Kingdom

1-3 are easily among the best levels in any Mario game period. It was very hard to pick, but wooded ended out as number 3. 10/10, just like 1 and 2 a little more.

2 Sand Kingdom 

1 and 2 were very close, and some may get very angry at my number one choice. (That is, if anyone even sees this.) Again, 10/10, amazing music, amazing world, which by the way is so contrasting to my number one and very fun to explore. However, number one is subjectively better, but it was very, very close.

1 Lost Kingdom

Remember how lake kingdom was pretty small? Well this stage is too, but it does it right. This kingdom is looks like if yoshis island and Mario 64 had a baby.(Which is a good thing) This stage may seem small on the surface, but it larger than it looks. The stage looks like a diorama of sorts, and also is home to the 2 best captures in the game, the tropical wiggler & Glydon. Flying over the Lost isle is breath taking (IN MY OPTION) and the music is just amazing, despite only having 2 or 3 tracks. Combine with the return of Klepto from 64, and you have a amazing stage. 10/10, however, there is only one flaw, which is the moon count, which shares numbers with Lake and Cap, at around 30-39. That does not hold it down though, as i believe it is the best kingsdom in the game.

what an excellent summary of the kingdoms, I can't believe I missed your post! Believe it or not I've yet to properly play the game, I've only watched others play it despite owning it! I actually ended up buying Super Mario 3D World for the 3DS and playing that instead because I felt it was more true to what the Mario Universe SHOULD look like. Mario Odyssey just seemed too gritty and real for me, but having seen gameplay and read posts like yours I've found there's a lot to love about it. 

I have such a big backlog of games to play it's not funny. But thanks for sharing! Luncheon Kingdom looks like it will  be my favorite!

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