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Jonny B. Goode

The GPD Win Takes a Page From Ninendo- Makes Portable Gaming Laptop

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Upon my typical gaming research of the day I stumbled upon something interesting enough to share with all of my Nintendo homies. I present to you the GPD Win.



This little guy is crazy. Feel free to bypass my ramblings and head straight to the excellent article I found on The Verge(link below). No more bulky and heavy gaming laptops! This thing runs windows 10 on a 5.5" 720p screen with an Xbox controller built into it! Now, in my opinion, PC gamers do it for the graphics and the speed(I may be wrong since I haven't gamed on a PC since the original Starcraft came out). I do feel the only reason that this thing was even developed is due the the existence of the Nintendo Switch. Portability is huge in today's market and this little guy makes it possible to game on an actual PC while riding the bus!



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I did not expect it to be as well reviewed as it was. It looked cheaply built, with buttons that are akin to controller knockoffs. But I see these 7.0s and up from professional reviewers and I have reconsidered my hasty judgments. I might even want one of these in the future.

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