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Coming Soon: Redeem My Nintendo Gold Coins for Switch Games

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My Nintendo members will soon be able to use the gold points they earn when buying a digital game to get a free Nintendo Switch game or DLC, Nintendo announced this morning. The expansion of the My Nintendo program kicks off in "early March."


Starting in early March, you’ll be able to spend any Gold Points you’ve accumulated in My Nintendo when purchasing Nintendo Switch software from Nintendo eShop on your device. You can pay for the remaining balance with Nintendo eShop funds, or any other payment method available in Nintendo eShop.


Once earned, Gold Points remain valid until the last day of the month in the following calendar year. For example, any Gold Points you earned in March 2017 will remain valid until the end of March 2018.


The original rumor was saying that it would be one gold points would equal $1. With a current balance of 260 gold points, I'm hoping this is true but I feel as though that is unlikely.


How many gold coins do you have, and what game do you hope to get for them?

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Finally! I’ve been waiting for so long to use my gold coins on something for switch. Now we just need themes and I’m hoping for a Wii theme with the background music and all that

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