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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Official Soundtrack to be released on Wednesday 23rd May 2018

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Thanks to a tweet from the Xenoblade Japan twitter feed, we know when the XBC2 soundtrack will be released! Will you be picking it up?

"I updated the "Production Note" on the official site too! This time, Mr. Yasunori Mitsuda, "Determined to release" Original · Soundtrack "!"



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Hmmm... I think that there are lots of games with an incredible soundtrack and I think that game soundtracks are indeed a topic worth discussing, however, I could never see myself wanting to own any game's soundtrack. To me the game and the music are inseparable and can really only be enjoyed when paired together. From what I can tell, this soundtrack is indeed full of beautiful and relaxing ambient music, but I just am not the type who would ever listen to this. I am a music lover and listen to a little bit of everything, but for whatever reason I have no interest in listening to game tracks while not playing the game. I cannot separate the one from the other for whatever reason. 

That being said, I could totally use this music as background for my classroom during study sessions or quiet work time! so, Thanks @Buzz!

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