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Opinions on ports and limitations?

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Posted (edited)

Okay so many of you know that Ubisoft have been releasing some titles on Switch as of late and I've recently gone back to Rainbow Six Siege after a hiatus and  realising they added many new updates and more content. So that begs the question would it be at home on switch?

Obviously ensuring good internet connection for online play is a focus and its single player is next to none but still the games very addictive and has some pve which could benefit from being accessible in a portable format. Plus if you know about monopoly on switch and other platforms you'll know that ubisoft make terrible ports and lack luster quality and support so do we really want to encourage this?


Regardless of all this regarding the ports on the whole whilst it's great to get a wide and varied library for switch with more Japanese developers than ever who prior were Playstation exclusive it begs the question how many ports is enough? Will Nintendo start clamping down quality control and does that mean anything anymore?

If you know of Jim sterling regardless of your opinions of him he pointed out that yes whilst originaly the switch had a small library it had a good , clear and easy to browse library of games with quality titles unlike steams current junkyard of a mess that is steams quality control allowing any none effort cash grab asset flip onto the front page meaning finding the diamond in the rough gems harder to do.


So what do people think, should Nintendo be harsher on ports later on before the markets flooded with questionable quality games?

I cannot recall and apologise but I know some indie story games made it on which were nothing more than mobile game ported with no effort and asking for near full price with micro transactions aka a cash grab which shouldn't exist on the system but who knows maybe it was removed, I'll do some more research and digging and come back on that.

Still the question remains, I for one embrace the ports but want Nintendo to tread carefully its a fine line before quality and quantity and all hell breaks loose.

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Posted (edited)

This is an excellent point you make here. Hopefully Nintendo has the same intuition you do, my friend. Because the store is already getting a little cluttered and hard to manage. They need to implement better organization if they plan on letting indie developers flood the market with sub-par ports. Possibly a separate tab for indie titles or maybe for "third party content" just so consumers have the ability to ignore or indulge in these titles. The eShop currently has a new release tab, games on sale tab, and best selling tab. Which is ineffective because there are usually a few games that fall into all three categories. They have become a best seller that week BECAUSE they are on sale. I really like PSN's store UI and think that the eShop should consider similar organization. 

Oh, and I have yet to play R6:Siege. But I wouldn't mind trying it out on my Switch. 


Nice post @MrSandMan17!

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All I can say having learnt from steam is that whilst letting individuals filter to their preferences is a good thing , that it cannot substitute for proper quality control.

The fact is companies should and have to bite the bullet and pay a real human being ideally a team to manage, test and check the quality of the games going on the store and where they belong in said store front.

Steam has tried with letting it's users manage it themselves, groups to manage it and of course implemented an algorith but it never worked and the spam always found a way.

I hope Nintendo does not fall to the same short comings because I for one love the switch as a platform of high quality games over quantity.

Alas only time will tell.

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40 minutes ago, Jonny B. Goode said:

the store is already getting a little cluttered and hard to manage.

I'm expecting an update for the switch here sometime real soon, and at the same time I'd expect a redesign of the eshop. The eshop on the Wii U is well laid out, I prefer it over the PS4 shop, so Nintendo knows how to do it right. I'm thinking they were just waiting until there was enough content that they didn't have empty areas of the shop. 


The reason I'm expecting an update soon is we're supposed to get my.nintendo rewards for the Switch this month. I'm holding out hope for themes.

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Apparently when paid online is added we'll be getting a large library of classic games. So maybe they're saving some of their older ports for when that time comes? Including this the games will have a leaderboard and an added multiplayer feature to these titles so this seems interesting. I'm assuming the interface will go through a large change after that too and maybe reduce their clutter.

As for newer games such as R6: Siege it'd be interesting on how they will make the controls for a JoyCon or if they will just opt to make it Pro Controller only. I honestly don't really mind ports as long as their optimized well and the controls feel good in your hand. If it doesn't accomplish this imo its a bit of a fail.

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