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Capcom Sale Now On! Switch, 3DS and Wii U games discounted!

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You can pick up some great Capcom titles on Switch, 3DS and the Wii U for a bargain RIGHT NOW! 

Mega Man Legacy Collection - 3DS - $5.99   (was $14.99)
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney - 3DS - $14.99   (was $19.99)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies - 3DS - $10.19   (was $29.99)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice - 3DS - $14.99   (was $29.99)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy - 3DS - $14.99   (was $29.99)
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Wii U - $7.99   (was $39.99)
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - 3DS - $5.99   (was $19.99)
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - 3DS - $8.99   (was $29.99)
Monster Hunter Generations - 3DS - $15.99   (was $39.99)
Resident Evil Revelations - 3DS - $7.99   (was $19.99)
Resident Evil Revelations - Wii U - $9.99   (was $39.99)
Resident Evil Revelations - Switch - $14.99   (was $19.99)
Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Switch - $14.99   (was $19.99)
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition - 3DS - $7.99   (was $19.99)
DuckTales: Remastered - Wii U - $3.74    (was $14.99)
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara - Wii U - $3.74    (was $14.99)

>> Check it out on Nintendo.com here <<


Shoutout to @MrMischief for giving me the heads up!

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Wow! That price on Ducktales... That game is a platforming legend. If that was on the Switch I'd definately buy it, but I don't feel like adding more to my Wii U's digital library 

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Just a heads up to anyone wanting to buy Spirit of Justice, that game has what many argue is the best case in the series (the last one), but the game is just so dark and doesn't strike the balance that Dual Destinies did.  I still had a bitter taste in my mouth at the end of Spirit of Justice; the end of Dual Destinies left me hopeful.  I'm sometimes very worried about the future of Ace Attorney.

As for its past; well, that's still high quality.  But if you have to choose between Dual Destinies and the Trilogy, I might recommend Dual Destinies.  It's my favorite of the series by far, and it has my favorite case (the second, or 5-2).  Athena is a great character and fantastic addition to the cast.  And the primary prosecutor, Blackquill, is fantastic, as well, and he and Athena have the best story arc of the entire series.  I admit I cried a few times, and laughed a lot. 

Apollo Justice is argued by many to be the weakest in the series.  Considering my experience with Spirit of Justice, I'd put SoJ on the bottom and that right above it.  The trilogy are on top in order: 3, 1, 2 (with possible AJ above that), but 2 has great standalone cases (although its overarching plot leaves much to be desired).  And Dual Destinies is above them all.

The DLC is also great, but it's extra.  The Android version doesn't charge extra, so it might be cheaper on there in a sale or even on iOS (although if you have the latest iOS, the game will not work properly or perhaps even run).

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