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Nostalgia Is Real (Also SwitchWare)

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So the wii it did it all right?

Besides the near end of overwhelming spam it had the best first and some thirdparty titles, lightgun games.

Virtual console done right and of course WiiWare, Nintendo's take of downloadable only games for the platform often retro revivals such as control rebirth, castlevania rebirth.

And you know what? They were pretty good!

Yet through out my time on switch and the realisation of how easy it is (With enough of the expensive joy cons mind you) 

to play multiplayer with people it got me thinking of a game I love to go back to and play coop.


Zombies ate my freaking neighbours, without the freaking of course.

That game was such fun and would be right at home if it was redone to resolve a few of the originals timely shortcomings which isnt to say they were bad, just that games have come along way and the style but the core foundation of the game is to die for.

Imagine the classic arcade mode, a redone modern style mode.

Implementation of online vs such as people can play as the monsters to try and fight back ect.


What do you think, yay , neigh, and any chance Nintendo will embrace the Wiiware Virtual console style/ approach once the paid online rolls out.

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