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Kirby Star Allies Discussion

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So, Kirby Star Allies is soon to appear on the Switch.  I had a feeling the reviews wouldn't be the best...I was right.  It has a 74 right now on Metacritic.  Why is it rated so low?  I can think of a few reasons.  Lack of control of the allies, ease of the game, shortness of it (which Kirby has always had, but still), and lack of originality in the puzzles and level design.  As I've watched numerous videos on it, I couldn't help but feel these criticisms are fair.  But still!  There's a lot to like.  The multiplayer co-op looks like a blast, and there are several modes that make the main game all the sweeter.  Mini-games, are, of course, present.  A speedrun mode is present.  There's a lot to keep players coming back.  But there's just not a lot to the game itself.  I probably wouldn't buy this game full price (if I had a disposable budget...and a Switch...).  But nevertheless, I have no doubt I'd have a blast with whomever wanted to join in anytime I booted up the game.  Which, in my case, would pretty much be limited to my brother.  Thankfully, he LOVED Return to Dream Land.  And with the variety of enemies to recruit, I think he'd have a blast, too.

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This is true. I played the demo and liked it a ton but the reviews held me back from shelling out $80 on a new game. Especially considering that there are amazing 3rd party games for only $30 or so.

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