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Where Do You See the Switch in Ten Years?

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The Nintendo DS, the Wii and the PlayStation 2 have all had extremely long lifespans. This is because they had insane install bases, owing to a casual market.

Nintendo has continually had a monopoly on the handheld gaming market, and the DS in particular was extremely attractive as an all-encompassing and cheap, yet not overwhelming gaming device, even in comparison to the more recent 3DS.

The Wii was owned by pretty much everyone, coasting on the motion control craze. It was extremely popular with the casual crowd, which is actually part of the reason why the Wii U did mediocrely. On top of the other marketing problems it possessed, casual gamers just didn’t feel the need to buy a new device. The Wii is actually still popular... at my old High School, there was a Just Dance competition at a pep rally just last year. It’s just that as new gaming devices hog the attention with the mainstream media, not as many people seem to notice.

The PlayStation 2 owes a lot of it’s success to the fact that it could play DVDs. It was cheaper than most DVD players, so a lot of people bought it to fulfill that purpose. Some more casual users ended up getting a few games while they were at it, with sports games being notably popular.

So we have three systems that, to this day, have large and, most importantly, active install bases. As a result, while support for these systems was largely dropped years ago, some companies have chosen to make cheap ports of titles that would appeal to this install base when they can.

The final DS game was only released 4 years ago. It was Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay, a low quality port of the 3DS game.

The Wii (and even the Wii U) is still getting Just Dance ports, even after all this time, with the most recent one coming out just a few months ago.

The PS2 was only discontinued in 2013, with the final game being Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

There are other systems that had similar shelf lives, such as the Game Boy Advance, which managed to coexist with the DS got a while, the Xbox 360 and PS3, which got some support after the PS4 and Xbox One, and even the 3DS with the support it’s getting now, concurrently with the Switch. But these are the ones that stood out he most to me.

The Switch is currently on track to do about as well as the Wii, which makes me wonder: years from now, after the Switch is a faded memory, will the Switch be in a similar state as these other consoles?

While the Switch isn’t as casual minded at the Wii was, I do think it will have a similar install base. So I think it’s at least possible, especially with the already heavy emphasis on ports.

What do you think? Let me know below.

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