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Searching for Switch purchase history details?

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So, failing any sort of organisation of the Switch library I've decided to start tracking all my games, completion etc in a big searchable Excel spreadhsheet and thought it would be cool to add prices and see how much I've spent, when games are bought etc.

For Physical games I have receipts but I assumed I'd be able to get something similar for digital but I just checked the emails Nintendo sends and they just list the purchase prices and the date but nothing about the games, and the Gold Points sections is similarly vague.

Is there any place that records this info that I'm missing? I pretty much only buy games on sale so would really prefer to not have to match and guess receipts with eShop prices etc.

Edit: Also, smaller question, but does anyone know if there's a good database of homescreen icon art? Surprisingly hard to find just the icon as an image for many ganes.

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