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Is the Switch for me?

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So, I bought a Switch about a week ago and I am already questioning it. I bought a few games such as Doom, Mario Odyssey, and Bayonetta 2. I beat Mario Odyssey this week and only got 160 moons but I could care less about continuing it for now. (I did have fun while it lasted though and I know there is a lot of end game, but I am just over it right now). Bayonetta was fun too but ehh, I'll play every once in a while. Doom was just not fun for me as someone who plays shooters on PC, I just did not enjoy it on a console/Switch. Of course I have been and will be playing BotW as my friend is letting me borrow it. However besides BotW and occasionally Bayonetta, what am I going to do on the Switch? I really wish there was the virtual console and I wish we had more info on Pokemon and Smash, but there is none right now and I want to be convinced.

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