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I absolutely love everything about the Steamworld game series!

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I've been lurking here for a while and like to see people post about games they genuinely enjoyed playing. It always forces me to check out these titles and I figured I would post this just in case some of you haven't considered the Steamworld games yet.

I started with Dig, then Dig 2, and I'm currently finishing off Heist.

Without getting too chatty here, I will say that one amazing thing that the Switch has done for me is get me back into enjoying single player titles. I come from a background of online competitive games and had a hard time falling out of that pocket.

These games are a great example of brilliantly made games that had me hanging onto my switch until my eyes wouldn't stay open any longer. The gameplay is fluid and feels great. The game mechanics are very well thought out and immersive (Dig 2 multiplies in features compared to the first one). I really like the art style and how the games exist in the same universe and share characters/storylines. I honestly have nothing bad to say about any of the titles other than I never wanted any of them to end!

It is worth noting that Heist is very different from the dig games - it is a turn based tactical strategy game - which is quite a departure from the platforming, adventure style of Dig titles. But it is so perfectly executed that even as someone who generally avoids turn based games I can't put this one down.

So if you're looking for a really fun, challenging at times, highly addictive single player experience - definitely check these games out! I would recommend starting with Dig 1 and going from there as it sets a lot of the ground work in terms of story and game play. Also, it's the most "basic" of the three and might seem a little thin if you backtracked.

Hopefully, Image & Form have another handful of sequels in the works!

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