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Nintendo Switch has helped my anxiety and depression tremendously

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I recently got back into Nintendo after a long hiatus of oh about 16 years or so, back when I played GameCube in my closet-like bedroom in the 7th grade. I used to escape into games like Super Mario Sunshine and Sonic Adventure 2. Cut back to the year 2018 and I'm approaching my 30s, post College life, and stuck in a full-time job that is absolutely soul crushing.

I first treated myself to a Nintendo 3DS XL, and that ignited the fire. I felt like I was rekindling something lost. I played that for just a couple weeks until a good friend got a Nintendo Switch. I hadn't really ever put much thought into the Switch; my life has pretty much been ruled by my suffering at work and being trapped inside my own mind. However, as soon as I played Mario Kart 8, the darkness lifted for a bit and I felt great.

I decided to purchase one. I got Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8, Stardew Valley, and Rocket League. Let me just say that Mario Odyssey is an absolute joy. Every second of that game makes me so happy and giddy like a young boy again.

Nintendo Switch (and 3DS XL) has helped me so much while I've been in a dark place. It makes me excited again like a kid, and I'm so looking forward to Pokemon and the return of Spyro!

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