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Pokémon Switch shouldn't be drastically changed, but Redditors suggestions should be made in a spin-off

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Now there are a lot of Redditors who want to change Pokémon on the Switch. What I read so far ranged from minor to drastically changing the game. Now some ideas/suggestions were really impressive and some people were rather uninformed, because there were actually spin-offs of Pokémon that had those mechanics.

Problem with some of the ideas is that it will totally break the game. I don't want a Pokkén like game, because I love the turn based strategy game. But if there would be a spin-off I would play that. Because I actually do own Pokkén. It's fun it's great, but no, I don't want Pokémon to be like that. To me Pokémon, by this I mean the main game Pokémon, is a turn based rpg with monsters. That's it!

Now I'm not going to say that the suggestions made by Redditors is bad, some would actually be lovely for a spin-off, but let's not ruin the Pokémon franchise by wanting too much.

Let's face it Gamefreak was never really good at adding more features. I mean everytime they added something they would demolish in the later versions to come back to it in an even later version.

So what I'm trying here is to take all the good suggestions and turn them into a spin-off. Not only to protect the main game, but also to protect Gamefreak from adding too much useless features which will be ignored at a later version. I have a suggestion for this spin-off and would like to know how you guys feel towards it and maybe add some more things to it?

So let's begin, shall we? I should credit and thank everyone on Reddit, but these are the persons of whom I just copy-pasted because it was simpler to do. /u/Spectre_II , /u/butthead, /u/DrakonLitshed , /u/aim_for_the_top2 and of course everyone on this sub!

1. Pokémon spin-off should be a game where it doesn't really matter what Pokémon you pick but rather how you raise it.

2. Pokémon spin-off should be a game where exploration should be encouraged, like BOTW with caves obviously.

3. Like BOTW riding or gliding with Pokémons instead of riding horses and gliding with paragliders. And the pokemon's stats can determine how effective it is at carrying you / how fast / how high it can go / stamina / etc. For example try jumping off a roof with a pidgey and you fall almost freefall speed. Do it with a pidgeotto and you can glide like with a cucco in Zelda. Do it with a Pidgeot and you can glide like with the parasail. Do it with a Zapdos and RIDE THE FUCKING LIGHTNING.

4. More like the mario and luigi RPG's on the gameboy advance/DS/3DS where you can do additional button presses for attacks and defense, when well timed allow you to do more damage, avoid or block an attack for reduced damage. This would require a few ability revamps so some defense skills become a pokemons passive skills used for the timed blocks/evades or some set as passives for their combos.

For Example take a Charmander, one of it's starting moves is Ember, under what i'm proposing Ember on it's own would be a single use attack no comboing. But as Charmander levels up and learns Flame Burst, Flamethrower, Fire Spin and Inferno instead of just replacing the old fire special attack with the new one this moves would stack as part of Charmanders Combo that starts with Ember so you do ember then by timing the attack button right you then combo straight into fire burst, then flamethrower, ect, ect. Now as long as you nail your own timed attacks you'll keep comboing to the next move regardless of weather your opponent just takes the hit or manages time their own defense to block or dodge each attack so you have more chances to do damage. This will of course involve rebalancing the damage/PP cost for moves. And maybe some pokemon can have counters that interrupt the combo's regardless of timing your attacks as long as they time their defense right.

5. Attacks being affected by the environment and vice versa. If I'm in a volcano and I use a water attack, I want it to automatically create a smoke screen (or at least, the effect of one). If underwater, electric attacks should affect everyone, and so on.

6. Since Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Shinnon are based in Japan... what if they just combine them all into one region and we just begin the game in “Kanto”.

7. Get rid of the 4 move limit

8. Revamp PP into something like Manamana/overload system like you see in Hearthstone or the brave/default system in Bravely Default. Each Pokemon could have a maximum of 5 mana and each skill would cost a certain amount of mana. Each turn, you get 3 mana back. You could choose one turn to use a 1-2 mana skill to save up for a 5 mana skill on your next turn. Would add a lot to strategy. You could even combine this with the top bullet of more than 4 skills to choose from.

So do you guys have anything else to add or give constructive criticism towards my suggestions?

submitted by /u/Simyager
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