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    I recently purchased the Sliq Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller Play N Charge Grip Kit from Amazon. This is a small review of that product. There are loads of JoyCon grips that are used to make an individual JoyCon more comfortable and to increase playtime for multiplayer sessions. Choosing the right one for you can be a drag. Take this review with a grain of salt, because I have only tried this one product. I have nothing to compare it to, but I have no need to! This product has given me exactly what I was looking for. I have large hands, as do most of my buddies that I game with. After just a few races on MarioKart or matches on Streetfighter, we would all be setting down the controller and stretching our hands and fingers to prevent them from cramping. My one pal actually suffered a pretty debilitating hand cramp during a particularly heated match between Ryu and Chun-Li, and lost the match because of it. So, I made the decision to try out one of these products intended to remedy this problem. After some searching, I decided to not buy the cheapest option, but to instead purchase a relatively newer product that contained features that attracted my attention. The Sliq Kit has flipper-style 'SL' & 'SR' buttons and charges your JoyCon while playing. These respond incredibly well and alleviate the loose feel of the original buttons found on the JoyCon Slide piece. It also has a hole in the back to allow access to the 'Z' button. The controller is 'locked' into place by a hinged joint on the top that secures your JoyCon into place to prevent mid-game slippage, which is an issue with similar products based on user reviews. The hand-feel is very nice, with a smooth plastic and a matte style finish. Your JoyCons will begin charging as soon as they are locked in, and since the grips have an LED charging display, you can tell they are in fact receiving an electrical charge. I have had these grips for a couple weeks now, and have used them a total of around 10 hours. Everyone who experiences them agrees; the difference is significant. The hand fatigue is no longer an issue, whatsoever. We can now game until the sun comes up! I bought them on sale for $16.99, and although the actual retail price is now $24.99, I still think they are worth every penny. If you game with friends more than once in a while, go ahead and pick these up. Score: 10/10 Perfect product. No complaints at all! Pros: All the things Cons: They only come in black? EDIT- After further using these grips, concerns are growing based on their durability. The hinged top part seems a little fragile. Nothing has broken yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if the hinge itself broke over time, or if the flimsy wire connection for the charging feature were to short out or come loose.
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    Hey guys and girls! Hope you like the new site as much as I do! As always I love you guys 'n' girls and I'm super fortunate to have such an awesome small community! I haven't been around as much as I could have this past year and I'm sorry A 'rare Buzz has appeared' will no longer be the running joke I hope! I want to express how grateful I am to those of you who've stuck by our community (even when things were slow) - posting news, reviews, replying to messages and threads. Believe it or not I do come on every day and see the things you guys post! and I am blessed you choose to come on and and hang out and share your love of Nintendo, gaming and other things. So again, a HUGE thanks to all our members and especially some of our Radar family who have and continue to help other users out with kindness and patience - @MrMischief @JNASTY @Jonny B. Goode @Potatogun @Linkk @Fiscusand @Diego7000 (just to name a few). So yes, you'll notice a lot has changed. We'll be missing some features but gaining new ones. The new software has more useful community-minded features baked into the core software which will mean we wont be reliant on a bunch of 3rd party plugins that would cripple our site if we ever updated (that's why things didn't change too often on the first site). So I'll be trying to keep the website as close to vanilla as I can to ensure the site stays up-to-date as often as possible. A have a lot planned in the roadmap for NintendoRadar 2.0 and big ambitions! I'm talking merchandise, giveaways, developer AMA's, Youtube and Social Channels, paid freelance writers?, events and lots more! A big part of this will be tied to Patreon - which will allow users on the site to pledge money towards our patreon campaign which will grant them LOADS of exclusive perks around the site, increased odds in giveaways and in -turn fund the site, fund all the stuff I mentioned above and help us grow! More information on Patreon coming soon so stay tuned! As for new features, there's quite a few! We're not enabling everything 'just yet' because I want to make sure everything rolls out smoothly! But here's just some of what's working and some of what's in the pipleline! *New* Dynamic Topics List Homepage - Our homepage now has an endless feed of all the recent topics from across all the different forums on the site (differentiated by their little colored tags) you can even filter out what forums you want to see topics from (or you can leave them all unchecked and see everything at once). You can also switch back to a more traditional 'forum-view' if that's what you prefer by clicking one of the little buttons at the top right : The idea here is that it'll be easier than ever to find new posts and threads! Calendar - This will be a really fun new addition to the site and we plan on adding events, game release dates and more! Users will be able to signal their interest in new games, discuss and review games/events! There's a lot packed into the calendar (feature wise) just take a look at a game release date event I added! Just pasting a link to the event page in the post editor adds a widget like this: We've also got a sidebar widget showcasing upcoming game releases! There's so many neat tricks I can't possibly cover it all. 'Our Picks' Page - This page will showcase staff curated content from across the site - from news, to videos, threads, images, .... and more! This will help us get your best content put up there in the spotlight and this will eventually become our homepage! Check out the 'Our Picks' page either by clicking the link on the menu or by clicking here: https://nintendoradar.com/ourpicks/ Activity - The activity dropdown in the main menu includes the 'All Activity' Discover page and more that allows you to see a complete feed of what's been going on in the forum! From profile ...., new members, likes, .... and more! A New Chatbox - Yup we've kept the chatbox, it's simple and clean! We'll also be adding really cool GIPHY support soon but we do also plan on embracing Discord at some point in the near future! Stay tuned! Leaderboard - Can you top the leaderboards by being an active member of the community and posting content? A fun thing to check now and then: https://nintendoradar.com/leaderboard/ A flashy new profile page - You can really customise your profile and make it your own by adding a 'cover photo'! Here's mine: Lot's more around the site, I'll let you fine people look around and see what you think! If you have any questions always feel free to hit me up! Features Coming Soon: Patreon Integration & VIP Usergroup - You'll be able to connect your Patreon account to your NintendoRadar account and when you pledge - you'll automatically be upgraded to a special premium user tier unlocking new features on the site (like signatures, create clubs, use the image gallery, photo gallery, advertisements, username decoration, create your own blog here on the site etc!) You'll also fund the site and pave the way towards more giveaways, features and expansion! Clubs - Think of this as a bit like Facebook Groups/Reddit Subreddits. Patreon supporters, staff and some 'special' members will be able to create, manage, decorate and moderate their own 'Club Group' which will essentially be a little exclusive forum/news outlet/section of the site. People will be able to join your club, interact and post topics etc... We foresee many game, hobby, sport and tv related clubs being made! Blogs - Patreon supporters, staff and more will be able to create their own REAL blog within NintendoRadar! Whether it's to get stuff off your mind, to share news or get feedback - blogs will be a great addition to the site! Gallery - Patreon supporters will be able to create their own image galleries to host images, load memes and anything you want! Emoji Support - Yep, emojis will come to the site at some point. REAL EMOJIS! More features will be announced over time, we're really excited about all the possibilities! If you made it to the end, I take my hat off to you! Nintendo Radar will be changing and getting better! It wont happen overnight, but things and times are changing! Thank you for being a member and being part of the community. YOU make this place great! Stay tuned.
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    I’m nobody special, and I have no amazing reason to have a Switch besides my love for Nintendo. I’ve almost saved up enough for one, so if by some miracle I actually win, I want to give this switch to my best friend so we can play Splatoon 2 and complete Zelda together :3 Through thick and thin, Nintendo brings people together, I think we could all do with a little more togetherness in our lives.
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    I am going to begin by acknowledging that the only reason I ended up purchasing this game was due to it being on sale for around $8 on the Nintendo Store. When I first heard about The Flame in the Flood I was intrigued, but not quite sold, especially after reading mixed reviews across the internet. After seeing this reduced price I decided now was the time to take a break from my many Skyrim adventures and try and survive in indie studio The Molasses Flood's The Flame in the Flood. Fast forward a couple hours and my heart is racing as my raft careens through the rapids of this never ending river full of hazardous remains of a society that once was. My four survival elements are all dangerously low: Hunger, Thirst, Warmth, and Energy. I also have a wicked case of poison ivy. My only food source has spoiled and will poison me if I eat it, and the only water I have needs to be filtered before I can drink. I have been playing the game for about an hour, and I must say, things went poorly pretty quickly. While the game does a pretty good job of explaining the mechanics of the game, I was still a little slow to learn how to maneuver my raft to ensure I got the best supplies possible. Navigating your raft through the river is a integral part of your survival because at times there are choices to be made. Do I go left to the two smaller resource caches, or do I paddle hard to the right and stop at the one larger cache? Once you arrive at these small ports and islands along this mysterious and unforgiving river, you must scavenge supplies and make the most effective use of them in order to increase your survival gauges as much as possible before heading back out onto the water. This is the entire dynamic of the gameplay so far as I can tell. It consists of rafting down the river and then scrounging up supplies, and then back to the river again. It is an unforgiving environment with hazards from things like rain and insect bites, to wolves and bears. There are also lots of things to craft that are surprisingly satisfying to use, like the first time you snare one of those cute bunnies that appear at most of your stops along the way, but not all. My favorite element of the game is the storyline, which is Dark Souls-ish in the way that makes the gamer piece together some sort of answer to the many questions that they have, with little to no answers actually being explicitly laid out by the game. The world has been flooded and everywhere we look we see indication that it has been this way for quite some time. Rusted out cars floating down the river, along with entire homes and shantys of the former denizens of this mysterious place that has been so devastated by this post-flood of apocalyptic proportions. Through my travels I met an old goggle-wearing, shotgun-toting granny, a pair of feral children, and a mysterious grave-digging recluse. Alongside my trusty canine companion, I traversed the wilderness, stayed alive, escaped the tusks of a wild boar, died of starvation, and did it all again. This unforgiving and unique take on the survival genre makes you sweat and keeps up interest by always keeping alive the chance that at the next stop, just a little further along, you will find a nice warm place to rest and to eat. And then, it gives you dandelions. Johnny's score: 8/10 - Buy it! Especially if it is still on sale! Pros: Entertaining to boot. Easy to learn, hard to master. Always a new game due to item randomization. Exciting. Fun. Cons: Quite difficult. Frustrating. Unforgiving. Raft steering controls can be sloppy(but then again rivers are unpredictable!)
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDNmLPATW0s What are you Ghandi from Clone high As for the games they are essentially high quality indie titles for horror that came at a time when the horror genre was lacking and in dire need or a revival and it just did that. Now whilst the 1st game has some obvious flaws such as jump scare moments that come off as funny when the animation loops and some of the "events" Seeming a bit underwhelming at times. Overall the game is filled with a great atmosphere and sound accompanied by a nice albeit gimmicky aspect of the cam-recorder both for capturing footage and used to see in the dark at the cost of battery life. Overall I guess I would say its a flawed but fun time and a worthy entry to any horror fans library. Especially considering its an indie devs attempt it looks amazing and sounds it too. _______________________________________________________________ Now as for Outlast 2 they polished the graphics and sound even more so thanks to a higher budget and it really shows! The environments are more varied so less repetitive and more open ended making for some new game play elements which again are flawed, alot of people find this a black sheep since it has some issues where you'll find yourself getting stuck very early on and unsure of what to do. If you manage to get past the start of Outlast 2 and the early flaws the game develops and gets alot better from there. So as long as your good at stealth and play very patiently you'll have no problems there. All in all though a great franchise and a great staple to what horror games should be and they serve as a great well to show how we dont need Triple AAA developers to make great games. So with all that done and said are the games worth your time? Absolutely without a doubt, no games perfect but this is certainly on the spectrum of great than bad 8/10 overall around that area. That is if your a fan of horror, stealth and story atmosphere over pure game play and action of course Based on your opinions towards Stephen kings work Im sure you will feel at home here! As for the switch port, I cant say it would benefit from the switch I mean dont get me wrong survival horror can work portable sure, revelations 3ds worked wonderfully but Id always recommend a dark room late at night with a quiet ambience. Still the switch gives the best of both and as long as its optimised well I see no reasons to persuade you other wise than to give it a shot.
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    I LOOOVE the idea as adding ARMS characters as unlockable or DLC characters in a Punch Out remake. And I know what you mean about dead posts. I post quite a bit and maybe 1 in 4 will generate a conversation worth a damn. Some stick and some don't. That's life!
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    I’m going to Paris later this year; I’ll be sure to let you all know if I see many Switches out in the wild.
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    @MrSandMan17 @Jonny B. Goode @Linkk congrats on winning a $10 amazon or eshop voucher! Reply back with your preference of either an eshop or amazon voucher and PM me the email you want it sent to (if different to your forum email)
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    Good news @Diego7000 and @Fiscus votes can be changed again. Try now I assumed they could by default but guess not.
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    Welcome to the NintendoRadar.com Raceway!!! With so many requests for Mario Kart Tournaments, I've opened a room for weekly races! Every Saturday join the room to race the night away with all your fellow Radarians! Every Saturday, beginning at 6 PM Mountain (5pm Pacific) the Tournament will open and will run for 3 hours! 150cc, any cart, any level!! All you gotta do is... Launch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch, choose online play, choose tournaments, choose Search by Code, and then enter the super secret code! ROOM CODE 5122-4733-2395 Share the room code with any of your friends to let them join in! And be sure to tell them to join NintendoRadar.com for more fun tournaments!
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    No way could the Switch completely replace the 3DS. I've got a number of 3DS games that just wouldn't work well on a Switch. Kid Icarus: Uprising, for one. I have adored that game so much, spending probably over 100 hours in it. Now, I don't have a Switch, but if I did, it simply couldn't replace my 3DS. I wouldn't stop playing 3DS because I got a Switch.
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    Sweet! The more the merrier!
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    Cool, Might Join. I got the message from Reddit.
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    A very brief demo of a very easy game. I always liked Kirby's Dreamland titles for Gameboy, but this just seemed like it was trying too hard. I could see it being fun with three friends on a big screen, but even then I think I would get bored quickly. Maybe the full game has more interesting level design with some better game mechanics at work, but I was not impressed with this one. Sorry, Kirby.
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    I should add that there are also numerous places where you might find a great deal. I've seen Switches with Zelda and Mario for $300 on Facebook. I saw one with numerous high-quality eShop games for $400. I've seen great deals on other sites, too, like Craiglist, Letgo, Offerup, and shopgoodwill (although this one might be the most disappointing).
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    Another Nintendo direct is on the way. It seems, however, that they are tempering expectations by highlighting Mario Tennis. What are your expectations/thoughts? https://mobile.twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/971385073898532865?s=19
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    Rumors this morning.... I see no path to a BINGO on the card above. DIRECT will be 30 minutes long short info on kirby showing world map 5 minutes of mario aces, shows off the campaign, local coop and online multiplayer, release date for june hyrule warriors gets a NA/EU release for late april yoshi will get a release date for july and a new gameplay trailer project octopath traveler gets a release date for august, will be called octopath traveler fire emblem trailer, game is called Elegy for the Brave and will release for the holidays splatoon 2 update with new maps, weapons and one new mode short gameplay trailer of dark souls no new info on vc, cloud saves or online service couple of indies, release date for hollow knight amiibo: new mario kart amiibo will be announced at the end there will be a trailer announcing zelda HD collection (windwaker, skyward sword, twilight princess) for $60, releasing autumn 2018
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    So, multiple sources have confirmed that Blizzard will be releasing a Switch port of Diablo III. There was a lot of commotion after Blizzard tweeted a gif of someone 'switching' a Diablo nightlight on and off. The internet was quick to react and picked up on the subtle hint, afterwards Blizzard played dumb about the situation. Now there is a source quoted by Eurogamer saying that the Diablo III title is in fact in development for the Nintendo Switch. I think that this is another great call for Nintendo. Perfect game for the Switch.
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    Well, I think it's about time y'all! I missed the last tourny we had, and I think it's time to have another! Make it happen, Admin!
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    Special shout-out to @Buzz for making the sick banner for my thread! Seriously, those are a nice touch and I'm always excited to what you're gonna do with it. I just wish that once you click on the thread that it would show up at the top of the discussion page too. Thanks, buddy!
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    SAY WHA????!?!?!?! That's right, folks! Outlast: Bundle of Terror is coming to the Switch and surprising the blood and guts out of everyone. It first popped up unannounced on the European eShop, and is set to release in the US shortly after. This bundle version of the game comes with the DLC Whistleblower, which serves as a prequel to the original game. Outlast 2 is also on its way to the Switch later in the year. I am a huge horror nerd, but never got around to picking up this game. Resident Evil, Dead Space, The Evil Within, & Silent Hill are some of my all time favorites, not to mention my deep and everlasting Stephen King obsession, so it is pretty fair to say that I will probably be buying this game. Unless, of course, someone here can persuade me not to! I would love to hear from anyone who has played it and whether or not it is A) a game worth playing, and B) a good candidate for a Switch port.
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    Just a heads up to anyone wanting to buy Spirit of Justice, that game has what many argue is the best case in the series (the last one), but the game is just so dark and doesn't strike the balance that Dual Destinies did. I still had a bitter taste in my mouth at the end of Spirit of Justice; the end of Dual Destinies left me hopeful. I'm sometimes very worried about the future of Ace Attorney. As for its past; well, that's still high quality. But if you have to choose between Dual Destinies and the Trilogy, I might recommend Dual Destinies. It's my favorite of the series by far, and it has my favorite case (the second, or 5-2). Athena is a great character and fantastic addition to the cast. And the primary prosecutor, Blackquill, is fantastic, as well, and he and Athena have the best story arc of the entire series. I admit I cried a few times, and laughed a lot. Apollo Justice is argued by many to be the weakest in the series. Considering my experience with Spirit of Justice, I'd put SoJ on the bottom and that right above it. The trilogy are on top in order: 3, 1, 2 (with possible AJ above that), but 2 has great standalone cases (although its overarching plot leaves much to be desired). And Dual Destinies is above them all. The DLC is also great, but it's extra. The Android version doesn't charge extra, so it might be cheaper on there in a sale or even on iOS (although if you have the latest iOS, the game will not work properly or perhaps even run).
  27. 2 points
    Wow! That price on Ducktales... That game is a platforming legend. If that was on the Switch I'd definately buy it, but I don't feel like adding more to my Wii U's digital library
  28. 2 points
    Are you trying to make me feel old? lol I remember buying my SNES like it was yesterday.
  29. 2 points
    This is an excellent point you make here. Hopefully Nintendo has the same intuition you do, my friend. Because the store is already getting a little cluttered and hard to manage. They need to implement better organization if they plan on letting indie developers flood the market with sub-par ports. Possibly a separate tab for indie titles or maybe for "third party content" just so consumers have the ability to ignore or indulge in these titles. The eShop currently has a new release tab, games on sale tab, and best selling tab. Which is ineffective because there are usually a few games that fall into all three categories. They have become a best seller that week BECAUSE they are on sale. I really like PSN's store UI and think that the eShop should consider similar organization. Oh, and I have yet to play R6:Siege. But I wouldn't mind trying it out on my Switch. Nice post @MrSandMan17!
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    Looks heckin sweet. I will be pickin this up for sure. Looks like a super fun couch co-op opportunity.
  31. 2 points
    I believe it comes with as many as 4 CD's with the entire collection of 136 tracks including "Jump Up, Super Star!" and "Break Free (Lead The Way)" and other special versions of the songs. It comes with a deluxe booklet with comments from the artists/developers and stickers! (who doesn't love stickers!?) You can pick it up here on CDJapan: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/JBCZ-9075 or you can pick it up from PlayAsia for a pretty penny: https://www.play-asia.com/super-mario-odyssey-game-original-soundtrack/13/70bt25 All we need now is just a vinyl version and I may just pick it up!
  32. 2 points
    Also Omg chats down! Panic ! How will I post my useless and poor in taste messages and gif's now
  33. 2 points
    I really enjoy Bomberman, and the updates have only improved it. If you look for a review try to find one that is running on version 1.4 because I feel they addressed many of the complaints people initially had. Here is just a walk through of the features I found. I feel that the game is best as a couch party game, it's just what Bomberman is made for. But to be honest I've only tried online multiplayer a couple of times at work and I never found a match. Now that might be the fault of the game, or it might be my work's firewall, so I'm not sure. But there were a few multiplayer games on the switch at work and it was a lot of fun hampered only by the small screen. I paid $43 for Bomberman (at launch, was actually the first game I got) and I'm happy with the purchase. I believe I've seen it for $40 at Target. On a scale of Buy It, Rent It or Forget It I think it depends on if you have people to play with. If you have several friends who will sit on your couch for some classic Bomberman fun this is a "Buy It." However; if you're most likely going to play primarily by yourself or online I'd give it a "Rent It."
  34. 2 points
    I do quite like the naturo games, they flow well in combat and seem very seemless between the show and the games. As for the resolution it's better than the ps3 on the tv and for handheld 540p as with Doom seems bad in theory but in practice on the portable smaller screen you barely notice. Even if you did lets be realistic would you rather it was a higher resolution but ran at a choppy frame rate or lower and smoother? Also lets say it could handle 720p handheld all the time, this will only drain the battery faster and honestly I like Nintendo's age old strategy of lower spec, longer battery life for the handhelds. I like that the switch is getting alot of varied support even attracting developers who only approached ps before but thanks to the switch taking off and Nintendo being Japan based we will be getting alot more developers and varied games to come to the platform in the future.
  35. 2 points
    Puyo Puyo Tetris Dragon Quest Builders Snipperclips Pokkén Tournament DX Just Dance® 2018 Rayman® Legends Just Dance 2017 project OCTOPATH TRAVELER Blaster Master Zero Disgaea 5 Complete Oceanhorn Spelunker Party! Heroes of the Monkey Tavern VOEZ
  36. 2 points
    I had a GPD WIn, it was good if you don't mind navigating through Windows 10 on a small screen with the thumbsticks... and it didn't play PSP games all that well which really irked me. So I ended up returning it as it was quite expensive. But hey @MrSandMan17 look what I splashed out on and purchased the other day https://www.instagram.com/p/BboqB12n1Rb/?taken-by=sb.retromods
  37. 2 points
    Shield K1 was awesome but ironic downside to the switch was that Nvidia are out of the tablet game so no new Shield tablet or successors as all their resources go to Nintendo now. Shame since I really wanted a shield portable 2 but I guess gpd win covers that market now.
  38. 2 points
    Some games me and my family would love to play are Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart 8. I know everyone wants to play these games but I'd just love to be able to play these with my little brothers. My ideal game night would definitely be playing with my two little brothers and friends causing some havoc in Mario Kart 8. Just imagining us all playing the Switch together would be a blast especially since none of my friends have the Switch so I've never played it let alone have even seen the console. Thank you so much with what you're considering on doing it really makes me so happy when people even consider doing giveaways. I will definitely be active in this community from now on. Happy gaming everyone!
  39. 2 points
    Hmmm... I think that there are lots of games with an incredible soundtrack and I think that game soundtracks are indeed a topic worth discussing, however, I could never see myself wanting to own any game's soundtrack. To me the game and the music are inseparable and can really only be enjoyed when paired together. From what I can tell, this soundtrack is indeed full of beautiful and relaxing ambient music, but I just am not the type who would ever listen to this. I am a music lover and listen to a little bit of everything, but for whatever reason I have no interest in listening to game tracks while not playing the game. I cannot separate the one from the other for whatever reason. That being said, I could totally use this music as background for my classroom during study sessions or quiet work time! so, Thanks @Buzz!
  40. 2 points
    Resident Evil Revelations as a whole was this weird, back to roots Resi that was great but it mixed together those out of place and unwelcome action elements which just ruined the theme and flow. Still it was a path in the right direction for Resident Evil and Capcom and afterwards we eventually got Resident Evil VII so if it was an experiment by Capcom to see if people would want the old formula back then it was well worth it imo. I really liked the first revelations on Pc and on my 3ds personally and gave off that nostalgic Claustrophobic corridor vibe the franchise thrives on, whilst your on the boat that is. Sorry to hear you weren't as impressed with the switch port though I cant say I've tried it but I understand your feelings on enjoying it and regretting it I picked it up for only $5 so It wasnt much of a gamble for me. I'm guessing the title costs a tad more on switch?
  41. 2 points
    I need a switch in my life to stop me from falling asleep on my long and tedious daily commute on the train to work. It's actually quite depressing 😔
  42. 2 points
    I think i ave the perfect name for a new WarioWare game if it happens: WarioWare Switched
  43. 2 points
    If you are painting then always prime. The primer gives the paint something to adhere to so it is always best to prime. I tend to use grey sandable automotive primer. This is what I use. https://duplicolor.com/product/sandable-primer
  44. 2 points
    Definitely an open-world Pokemon Snap with on-rail sections. Although I guess I'd prefer a follow-up than a "remake".
  45. 2 points
  46. 2 points
    Hi guys, remember me? Schools been crazy, but I plan on coming back more often and writing more articles, looks like I came back just in time too. Great job on the update @Buzz
  47. 2 points
    I was recently diagnosed with a brain cloud, and I am taking one final trip to Waponi Woo, a small volcanic island in the South Pacific. A Switch will be very helpful in killing time during the long voyage by yacht. The Switch's worth will truly be evident should tragedy befall the yacht, and I find myself floating on nothing but my luggage. In the event that this is a false diagnosis, I would like to win a second Switch for my daughter, so we can play co-op games that require a second system.
  48. 2 points
    also did you hear? if you have a Mega Man Amiibo you can unlock 6 fanmade stages that are exclusive to this edition
  49. 2 points
    Default theme is normal now! Thx a lot @Buzz
  50. 2 points
    Sure there are some you tubers out there with a big enough community and interest in Nintendo that might be willing to lend out a shout out for the site... On the top of my head Jwittz - "Link to channel home page" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUIJFJJLhxIrZVdAVdwL3bQ seems like a genuinely nice guy and is a fan of most all things Nintendo so it couldn't hurt to ask. Plus his content is really good and entertaining at least for me it is, love the creepy pokedex entries series always a laugh.