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Admin Luigi

    1. Admin Luigi
      Good night peeps, time for me to hit the hay!
    2. Meap
      I like your profile picture. Where did you find it? :P
      1. Admin Luigi
        Admin Luigi Jan 17, 2017 at 10:08 PM
        some awesome member shared a link to this cool DA page with all this cool zelda artwork.... forgot his name, started with M, that's all I know ;) :P xD
        Meap likes this.
    3. Admin Luigi
      Super excited for the Switch! :)
    4. Switcheroo
      I replied to the automatic email a week ago. Can I please just have a response as to why I'm permanently banned? yrajyte and ycihoja are still here, so...? You'll have my email address, yes?
      1. Admin Luigi
        Admin Luigi Jan 12, 2017
        Hey Switcheroo, sorry... I was told by someone you were linking to a different nintendo switch site. I don't want spammers on here!
      2. Switcheroo
        Switcheroo Jan 21, 2017 at 4:04 PM
        Sorry for the late reply, but yours was late too so I guess it all balances out. :P

        In future, you could just edit profiles to remove links you don't approve of and/or give a small lecture on why it's not acceptable.

        Anyway, congratulations on the site's progress. Just don't be so quick to ban people who actually made a couple posts in the future.
    5. Admin Luigi
      The will be changing this coming few days and weeks. I am back! :) First off, some new forums me thinks?
    6. BoTalksGames
      Are you still working on this? I'd love to help out if so.
      1. Admin Luigi
        Admin Luigi Nov 7, 2016
        Absolutely, been busy the past few weeks but it's game on time! I'd love your help! We'll sort something out!
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