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Video Killer Switch Joy-Con Grip: WATCH IT!

This thing is crazy cool. While I do not think that I would ever attach my phone to it, who knows? Maybe I would if I had Splatoon2. But, the other features are pretty dope if you ask me. AND the $24.99 price is nice. At least a lot nicer than the Pro Controller...
Article PS Vita 2 anyone? Sony says no.
Sad days indeed for those of you holding out for a PS Vita 2 as Sony remains adamant they have no plans to jump back into the handheld market.

When asked about a potential Switch competitor, that line of discussion was swiftly shut down by Sony CEO Andrew House. House said

It's odd that Sony have adopted such a stance as it was recently revealed they had already filed patents for a Vita successor:

nintendo-switch-sony-patent-1200x826.gif sony-patent-nintendo-switch-1200x826.gif

Sony launched the Vita in 2012 off the back of its older more successful brother the PSP which over its lifetime sold 84 million units, but sadly the Vita just couldn't compete selling a poor 10 million units down to Sonys lack of support, poor third party and multiplayer offerings and funky weird control scheme all of which contributed to its demise whereas it’s competitor the 3DS went on to sell 69million units.

Some would argue that the Vita laid the groundwork for the Switch by wetting the appetite of gamers who wanted to experience home-console like games on the go. And while the Vita may not have been a success, that’s not to say they couldn’t be successful in the future.

Just look at the Switch; it’s off to a great start selling over 7 million units thus far and had there not been any availability issues that number may have been even higher and going into the holiday season the Switch is looking to be a hot ticket item with an impressive games lineup and a sweet price tag so we can see it being under many a Christmas tree this year!

Would you like to see a PS Vita 2? Let us know your thoughts in the...
Hulu Comes to Switch Today! (11/9)
Television streaming service Hulu will be the first video streaming service to come to Nintendo's hot new console, and will allow users to watch their favorite shows and movies either from the comfort of their own home or on the go! I don't know about the rest of you NintendoRadarians, but I am especially excited for this update. I love Hulu and watch it all the time, streaming everything from Bob's Burgers to Gravity Falls, from The X-Files to A Handmaid's Tale(super cool Margaret Atwood adaptation. Hulu Original). Tons of great programming with a few decent movies peppered in here and there combined with the portability and playability of my Switch, make for an amazing combination. Some of us may have been hoping for Netflix, but Hulu is just fine for me! Read more here: https://www.polygon.com/2017/11/9/16628108/nintendo-switch-hulu-app-release-date
GTA Publisher Take Two is optimistic about Switch!
Take Two the publisher of GTA and the NBA 2K series made a point of commenting on how well NBA 2K18 has done on the Switch! During their quarterly earnings the company made it clear they are 'very pleased with the title's performance on this new platform".

Their CEO Strauss Zelnick also commented about how optimistic he is saying "The installed base for Switch has grown rapidly and it’s potentially an exciting platform,” “We’ve already put out a title for basketball. So, we are supportive of the platform corporately."

In addition to NBA 2K18, Take Two will be releasing Rockstars LA Noire later this month on November 14th and with any luck we may see more from Take Two in the near future!

What games from Take Two and Rockstar would you like to see make it to the Switch? Let us know in the comments!
Sonic Forces Can't Quite Keep Up (5/10 says Polygon.com)
The new Sonic the Hedgehog title Sonic Forces has many of the series' fans very excited, while others are a little wary of the brand new, fast-paced, game. The game releases tomorrow (11/7) and Polygon has just published their review of the game. The score given is an embarrassing 5/10... While the game appears to have many flaws, I wonder how well it will sell, considering that the game is focused on one of video games' most iconic characters, our favorite little blue dude. The Polygon review brings up several good points on where the game is lacking. However, the article refers to the appeal the game has to those who are MEGA-FANS of the series in general, noting the ability to create your own character from the Sonic universe. If that is all this game has to offer, then, will people still play it? Is this game doomed due to its many limitations? Read the article here and leave a comment as to how you feel about it.

Light-up Switch Docks
So, I was browsing Switch Accessories on Amazon and came across these little beauties. There isn't a whole lot of information to go off of, except that they will be released on November 10th, 2017 and that there are two designs to choose from: the Mario: Odyssey and Zelda: BotW. It would appear that regardless of the design you choose, that the LEDs will be able to change into a variety of 17 different colors and patterns. The price tag is $19.99 which I think is reasonable considering a lot of other accessories for our beloved console are on the higher end. The only thing that concerns me is how large is the LED device and does it make the small and inconspicuous dock a lot larger? I love how the dock looks nestled next to my PS4 with, or without the Switch docked, and I worry that while this device makes the dock more aesthetically pleasing, it will also take up a lot more space. The only phots of this device are from a straight on angle.

I think that this is a very cool product and I hope to learn more about it soon. Let me know what you all think and if you could see yourself purchasing one. 716TaEUus-L._AC_.jpg
New SNES Themed 3DS-XL Looks Great
In my humble opinion, the 3DS XL is not a ver desireable system now that I have a Switch. However, this new SNES special edition and the Samus Aran special edition make the system not only a powerful handheld gaming platform uniquely it's own, but it is also now a collectors item. Check out the link below for the story about the new SNES themed 3DS-XL.

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