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Paris Hilton: "Where is Nintendogs?"

Paris Hilton got something right on twitter over the weekend asking Nintendo "Where is Nintendogs for iOS?"

Nintendogs was launched on the DS in 2005, enabling players to pet, pamper, and play with their pups vai the touchscreen. Paris is right, this would translate very well to today's smartphones.

Paris has a history of supporting Nintendo...

Here she is rocking her gamecube...

And her DS...

And with what I'm assuming is another DS....

When (if?) Nintendogs is released as a mobile game, will you let your dog visit Paris?
Nintendo Switch 5.0 Firmware Update Leaked!?

Possible Switch Version 5.0
Is it real?
What do you think?
Article Saber Release NBA Playgrounds - Enhanced Edition
NBA Playgrounds has relaunched on Nintendo Switch as a $9.99 Enhanced Edition (on sale for 50% off until until January 18th, then the price returns to normal).

This new version replaces the original May release and it finally brings Challenge Mode, the game's online mode which has been available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC all this time, to Switch.

Developer Saber Interactive promised to patch in online play but has opted to release a new version of the arcade basketball game instead. You can download it now via the Switch eShop, and is free for those who purchased the original game. Not only does Enhanced Edition include online play, it also features all of the game's post-launch content as well some new additions, like a revamped rebounding system and a hundred new players.

This new edition of NBA Playgrounds is a standalone title separate from the original version of the game and must be downloaded independently through the Nintendo eShop (the upgraded edition can be identified by a golden frame around the game’s icon in the eShop). Players can safely delete the old version of NBA Playgrounds after downloading this upgraded edition but should be careful not to delete their existing game saves, which will be automatically converted and playable in the upgraded version of the title after installing.

Back in June, Saber also promised to offer Switch owners who had already purchased the original NBA Playgrounds a free copy of Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn. The developer has reassured fans they will still receive their free copies.
Article Switch becomes America's fastest selling console?
I don't have much to say that the source doesn't, so here's an interesting story brought to you by polygon. Keep in mind this is NOT MY article.

Nintendo has announced that its portable/console hybrid is now the fastest-selling console in U.S. history, according to its own internal sales estimates. The Nintendo Switch is even beating the sales of the original Wii in the United States.

“The home console that players can take wherever they go launched March 3, 2017, and in 10 months has sold more than 4.8 million units in the United States, according to Nintendo’s internal sales figures,” Nintendo stated. “That’s the highest total for the first 10 months of any home video game system in U.S. history, surpassing Nintendo’s own Wii system, which was the previous record holder with more than four million units sold during the same timeframe.”

It’s going to be hard for Nintendo to top 2017 for hardware or software sales, as both Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild helped to move the hardware. Nintendo released a system that everyone seemed to want while also providing it with its most popular games.

“In the U.S., more than 60 percent of Nintendo Switch owners have Super Mario Odyssey, and over 55 percent own The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” Nintendo announced. “Not only are these games system-sellers, but they’re also two of the highest-rated games in history.”

That’s great news, Nintendo ... but when are we going to be able to buy the NES Classic again?

The GPD Win Takes a Page From Ninendo- Makes Portable Gaming Laptop
Upon my typical gaming research of the day I stumbled upon something interesting enough to share with all of my Nintendo homies. I present to you the GPD Win.

This little guy is crazy. Feel free to bypass my ramblings and head straight to the excellent article I found on The Verge(link below). No more bulky and heavy gaming laptops! This thing runs windows 10 on a 5.5" 720p screen with an Xbox controller built into it! Now, in my opinion, PC gamers do it for the graphics and the speed(I may be wrong since I haven't gamed on a PC since the original Starcraft came out). I do feel the only reason that this thing was even developed is due the the existence of the Nintendo Switch. Portability is huge in today's market and this little guy makes it possible to game on an actual PC while riding the bus!

Nintendo Power Revived As Podcast

Nintendo has revived Nintendo Power, the classic magazine for all things Nintendo including news and strategy, as a podcast. The host of the podcast, Chris Slate, was the editor-in-chief at the magazine for a brief stint.

In this debut episode of Nintendo Power Podcast, host Chris Slate looks back at the Nintendo Switch system in 2017 with Kit Ellis, co-host of Nintendo Minute, and Damon Baker from Publisher and Developer Relations at Nintendo of America.

Chris then discusses the development of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the game’s producer, Mr. Eiji Aonuma, and director, Mr. Hidemaro Fujibayashi. They discuss game decisions such as why weapons break and why they added a motorcycle.

Here is the link to the podcast on soundcloud, but it is available most everywhere podcasts are found. I'm just hoping they send me some pogs for subscribing.
Should We Board The Atari Hype Train?

Oh the Ataribox. Atari's first run at a home console since the failure that was the Jaguar. I liked the Jaguar, I've even played a few games on it. I also have a few minutes of Dragon's Lair on Jag CD under my belt from when I was a kid. I remember thinking it was a powerful system but there were hardly any games for it and the controller was just enormous feeling in my hands. Of course now I play the Wii U and the Switch, so maybe that controller wasn't so big. Ultimately though, only 60 some odd games were released for the Jaguar (something like 11 for Jag CD) before it was completely abandoned and Atari left the home console market. Ultimately Atari was bought by Hasbro and that seemed to be the end of a once powerful gaming giant. That is, until Thursday the 14th!

Atari has finally announced the preorder date for the long awaited Ataribox! Most people don't know that the Ataribox is coming and even those who do know that it exists don't know what it really is. A pretty poor start for Atari, but really if you look through their history you can write a college level marketing course in things not to do. It should come as no surprise that Atari hasn't figured out how to fire up a hype train yet, but that doesn't mean the Ataribox is going to be a bad product. Perhaps the Ataribox will be the next big thing everyone needs, because really I don't know anyone who doesn't want Atari to be successful again.

The Ataribox has a planned price tag of between $249 - $299 and you can start preordering it on Dec. 14. Now don't go rushing to your local Toys R Us or anything to submit your preorder, you're going to need to preoder it from indiegogo. Yes, the once powerhouse of the gaming world is crowd funding their resurgence.

So what is Ataribox: As you can see from the image above it is a thin box with a vintage wood trim. You can...
New BotW DLC!
Yes, yes. That is Link driving an ancient motorcycle. And no, this is not some user created mod. This is the new DLC for Breath of the Wild! Looks pretty friggin awesome if you ask me. Check out the article for some more info.

MEGA MAN 11 Coming 2018!
(unrelated, but super-bad image of MegaMan.)

Oh, joy! One of the most frustrating game series of all time is releasing a new title sometime in 2018 and it will be on the Nintendo Switch! Anyone who has any experience with the MegaMan series, knows the pain and suffering it can cause, but also the joys of beating a level and its accompanying boss. I bought the MegaMan collection for my PS4 last year and was instantly reminded just how hard these dang games can be. I have always preferred Metroid, but MegaMan does hold a special place in my heart simply because I remember these games being some of the first real challenges I encountered as a gamer. The first time I thought to myself "I don't think I can do this... I don't think anyone can do this!" Like most games, however, I figured out the timing and learned the level like the back of my hand and came out victorious at the end. MegaMan is another game that I think will be a beautiful addition to the Switch's ever-growing library.
Will my fellow NintendoRadarians feel the same? Watch announcement trailer below.

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