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Sonic Forces Can't Quite Keep Up (5/10 says Polygon.com)
The new Sonic the Hedgehog title Sonic Forces has many of the series' fans very excited, while others are a little wary of the brand new, fast-paced, game. The game releases tomorrow (11/7) and Polygon has just published their review of the game. The score given is an embarrassing 5/10... While the game appears to have many flaws, I wonder how well it will sell, considering that the game is focused on one of video games' most iconic characters, our favorite little blue dude. The Polygon review brings up several good points on where the game is lacking. However, the article refers to the appeal the game has to those who are MEGA-FANS of the series in general, noting the ability to create your own character from the Sonic universe. If that is all this game has to offer, then, will people still play it? Is this game doomed due to its many limitations? Read the article here and leave a comment as to how you feel about it.

Light-up Switch Docks
So, I was browsing Switch Accessories on Amazon and came across these little beauties. There isn't a whole lot of information to go off of, except that they will be released on November 10th, 2017 and that there are two designs to choose from: the Mario: Odyssey and Zelda: BotW. It would appear that regardless of the design you choose, that the LEDs will be able to change into a variety of 17 different colors and patterns. The price tag is $19.99 which I think is reasonable considering a lot of other accessories for our beloved console are on the higher end. The only thing that concerns me is how large is the LED device and does it make the small and inconspicuous dock a lot larger? I love how the dock looks nestled next to my PS4 with, or without the Switch docked, and I worry that while this device makes the dock more aesthetically pleasing, it will also take up a lot more space. The only phots of this device are from a straight on angle.

I think that this is a very cool product and I hope to learn more about it soon. Let me know what you all think and if you could see yourself purchasing one. 716TaEUus-L._AC_.jpg
New SNES Themed 3DS-XL Looks Great
In my humble opinion, the 3DS XL is not a ver desireable system now that I have a Switch. However, this new SNES special edition and the Samus Aran special edition make the system not only a powerful handheld gaming platform uniquely it's own, but it is also now a collectors item. Check out the link below for the story about the new SNES themed 3DS-XL.

Article Switch updated to OS 4.0.0

Nintendo released Switch OS 4.0 yesterday and aside from the standard bug fixes and stability improvements, it includes some features users were asking for. New features include:
  • Video capture for select games
  • New profile icons featuring characters from the Super Mario Odyssey™ game and The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild game
  • Transfer user profiles and save data to another system
  • Pre-purchase option is available for certain games on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch
Also included is an update for the Joy-con controllers. If your joycons are connected (wirelessly, do not need to be physically connected) to your Switch when you update the Switch itself, they too will be updated. If they did not update for some reason you can go to system settings then controllers and sensors, then update controllers. Nintendo hasn't said what was changed with the joycon firmware update but educated guesses include stability improvements and reduction in power consumption. Further information about the Switch OS update can be found below.

Capture video on select games:
To capture video, hold down the Capture Button during gameplay
Up to a maximum of the previous 30 seconds will be saved in the Album. You can trim the beginning and end of each clip, and post to Facebook and Twitter.
As of October 18th, 2017, this feature is compatible with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, and Splatoon 2
Select from 12 new Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild icons for your user
To edit your user icon, head to your My Page on the top left of the Home Menu > Profile

Transfer user and save data to another system
To transfer, head to System Settings > Users > Transfer Your User and Save Data

Pre-purchase option on...
Super Mario Run Update Synopsis + Light Review
Hi you guys! Super Mario Run's update is out! With it comes the Remix 10 mode (in which you play ten "bite-sized" levels in a row), new items (largely through the Remix 10 mode), new "Star" levels and the ability to play your own music in Remix 10.

Remix 10 has Mario running through ten bite sized levels in a row (at the cost of a rally ticket) to collect "rainbow coins". These coins come in three in a level or 5 in a "remix level", or a remixed version of a bite-sized level. The goal is, generally, to collect them all without dying. There is a catch, though: You have no bubbles, and if you die, you simply move onto the next level with any rainbow coins you had gathered gone.

This mode is lots of fun...but I question its replay value. There's a limited selection of these levels (no RNG, although the levels are selected randomly along a run). The coins are always in the same places. And in addition, there is one annoyance: Star power. These levels are bite-sized, and you keep the star power you had in a previous run on the next one. In addition, you might receive a star via "bubble" that you'll unavoidably touch as you jump. The problem with this is that a mode focused so much upon "perfect runs" of rainbow coins can put you in a level with no way to bounce off enemies, possibly making certain rainbow coin challenges impossible, should you be stuck with it. Yes, the game is very forgiving, but when a mode focuses on a certain thing, coming from Nintendo, you'd generally expect it to not have any major hiccups and do what it does quite well. While the latter is largely true, the former is not, in this case.

Another problem is that this mode is the only way to earn many items (through the rainbow coins and finished courses and runs). It seems to me that many, many items have been packed into Super Mario Run...and there's no other way to get many of them than to play this mode. Disappointing, but at least we get to use...
Super Mario Run Update
OK, when I saw Gamexplain post that there was a new Super Mario Run update I was apprehensive. Would it just be "fluff"? A few items to pacify players? Nope. On Sept. 29, we'll be getting 9 new levels, a new mode, our own MP3s usable in-game, Daisy as a character, and for those who don't have the game, it will be 50% off for a limited time. Wahoo!

Article How much are you willing to pay?

Reviews for NBA 2K18 are saying that game plays brilliantly and that it is a great simulation of the sport. However the game seems to go off the rails for me with its micro transactions. If you want a new pair of shoes, that'll run you 1,500 VC and you gain on average 600 VC per game. There is of course constant poking and prodding to get you to spend your hard earned VC on various things, and don't forget to drink your gatorade (It's got what NBA players crave! It's got electrolytes) or wear your new JBL headphones.

You start the game with 6,000 VC, which can easily all be spent on your character development raising your overall rating from 60 to 62. If you want to raise your rating another point to 63 that will cost you about 4,000 VC. If you want to change hairstyles you can do that over at the barbershop, but just like in real life you'll need to spend your VC before you can see it on your character and those cuts cost upwards of 1,500 VC. If you want a tattoo, you can do that once your character reaches an overall rating of 70, and each tattoo costs an additional 1,000 VC. This routine continues for shoes, clothes, animations..... You can play for hours to earn your VC, remember you get around 600 VC per game, to get to an overall rating of 86 will require about 200 games. Or you can buy your VC at a rate of 75,000 VC for $20 USD.

The digital edition shown above is called "Legend Edition Gold" for $150, that is a $90 premium over the standard $60 game. For that you will get 250,000 VC to start the game, saving you about $6 compared to if you bought the standard edition and 250,000 VC in game.

In game advertising of real life products like gatorade is not something I'm adamantly opposed to, however I feel that it should help reduce the cost of the game. I have similar thoughts about micro transactions, they're fine if the game is low cost to begin with...
Article Nintendo Has Added Two-Factor Authentication

Nintendo is adding a new layer of security to its online accounts: users can now enable two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

To enable the authentication method, users are prompted to download Google Authenticator, which will provide them with a code when logging in.

The move is long overdue. Sony implemented two-factor authentication last year after a number of hacks that compromised user details, while other companies such as Steam and Microsoft have utilized the system for years.

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for online accounts, which verifies a login attempt with a phone or an e-mail.
Switch Tribute Easter Egg
Before this thread starts, may Satoru Iwata rest in peace...
Now your expected thread...
Oh this is from Mashable btw.

"First off, Golf can only be played when the console's date is set to July 11, the date of Iwata's death in 2015. Changing your console's date to July 11 will only work if it's never been connected to the internet, otherwise the console will defer to the date and time pulled from the internet regardless if you're connected."

*A note from @Diego7000**Please note you can still access the tribute if your console has been connected to internet, however you will need to wait for time to pass naturally as for changing the date MANUALLY will NOT work.*

"If your console's date is July 11, you have to perform a specific action while on the home menu with the detached Joy Con controllers, mimicking one of Iwata's signature hand gestures:

"Justin Epperson, senior associate producer at game localization company 8-4 (which recently worked on Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia for the Nintendo 3DS), said on Twitter that Japanese internet users are referring to the hidden copy ofGolf as an omamori -- Japanese charms that can be bought at shrines and religious sites that give owners luck and protection."