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Article UnDungeon - pixelart Action/RPG coming to the Switch!
UnDungeon is a beautiful and complex Action/RPG pixelart game with a rich background and rogue-like elements, immersive story and seven unique characters!

The developers Laughing Machine have listed the Switch as a stretch goal, but let's be honest here. They'll be going where the money is. But if you'd like to really ensure they hit that goal, pledge to support them on Kickstarter!

Article How excited are you for the Switch? This man got a Switch Tattoo!
We're all clamouring for Switch news or information, and sharing in the excitement. Most of us get our excitement from outlets like this site, youtube or even social media. Hell, I made this site out of the excitement I had for the Switch.

Some people however, have more unconventional means of expressing there excitement. Like one Nintendo fan Scwinsett who decided they'd get the Switch logo tattooed onto their leg!
Article Just how close were the NX/Switch Prediction Concepts?
Turns out the concepts were pretty spot-on! These concepts were put out before the Switch trailer was released:

androgyne-970x647-c.jpg christo-970x647-c.jpg eurogamer-970x647-c.jpg 2-pittree-970x647-c.jpg a1ajpg-fe148e_765w.jpg
Article Switch Demo Displays being set up at retail locations!
If you're stateside, next time you are in your local BestBuy Gamestop or Walmart be on the look-out for Nintendo Switch demo displays or areas set aside for Switch games and accessories!

A BestBuy employee jennyfc92 shared this image:

They are already making space for the Switch in Walmart.

Article New Nintendo Switch Games leaked by intertoys?
Intertoys just came up with this Listing
it confirms Assasin Creed Egypt, Super Smash Bros, Pikmin World (With release Date) The Prices are Placeholders
Article Rocket League Dev Hopeful For Nintendo Switch Version
Psyonix, Rocket League's esteemed developers,
have reportedly made the following statement first posted on nintendoeverything.com, reading:

If this statement is in fact truth, not switchbait, then Nintendo may get another great game under the banner of the Nintendo Switch - that is, if the devs are pleased with the Switch's launch. In this humble reporter's opinion, many third-party developers have not yet received dev kits, and so are waiting for them to become available, and of course to see if the Switch sells well. If you wish to make your voice heard in encouraging Psyonix to port their magnificent car-soccer game over to the Switch, you may reach them through these channels:

Orignial article here: http://nintendoeverything.com/rocke...ure-if-the-game-will-be-on-nintendos-console/

Article Pr-order copies of PuyoPuyo Tetris come with 2 free Keychains
The official english Puyopuyo Twitter Account announced that if you preorder a physical copy of PuyoPuyo Tetris for the Switch, you will recive 2 free keychains.

Article New Switch Launch Titles - World of Goo, Little Inferno & Human Resource Machine
The Switch will be getting three new launch games!

Source: tomorrowcorporation