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Article Third Party JoyCon Charger

PowerA is selling a beautiful Little USB Charger that can be plugged directly in to the Dock to charge additional JoyCons. Btw. it looks like a First Party item allthough it isn`t one.


• Charges up to 4 Joy-Con Controllers simultaneously
• Individual LEDs indicate charge level for each Joy-Con
• Easy slide-in design connects each Joy-Con to charger
• Weighted base for stability
• Powered via USB

Price: 29.99 $

Gallery :
Joy-Con-Charging-Dock_hero.jpg Switch_charger.4726-1 (1).jpg

JoyCon Charger from PowerA...
Article Pachter says the Switch lineup is 'underwhelming' and $300 is "problematic"
Michael Pachter - controversial video game, social media and electronics analyst gives his verdict on the Nintendo Switch and it's not great.

He predicts that the Switch will have an uphill battle but reach one million sales by March 31st and in the following financial year (April 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018) Nintendo will sell around five million units.​

He also told investors:

A lot of what Pachter said is felt throughout the community. Beyond 2017 the Switch will heavily rely on 3rd party support!

But the question remains, will third parties bite?

Via: Videogamer
Article Bomberman celebrates it's 33rd anniversary on launch!
Since the game was originally released in 1983, Bomberman has continued to make it's presence known on a variety of platforms.

On March 3rd, Nintendo will be including "Super Bomberman R" in their launch-day lineup. Be prepared for a brand new Bomberman game with 50 stages in 3D, including a single-player, co-op and up to 8-player battle mode.

This game is going to be a favorite for any retro gamer who's familiar with Bomberman and anyone who's been waiting for another installment in the series for almost 7 years.
Article Nintendo Switch Size comparison to Wii U

As you see the Screen of the Wii U Gamepad looks smaller but its the same screen size just a different Screen Format, also the 3DS Takes up the whole front of the Tablet Portion from the Switch. The Switch also has a better Resolution compared to the 480p of the Gamepad.

A comparison between the N3DS and the Gamepad screen size....
Achievements/Trophies on Switch?
So, I briefly mentioned in a previous post how I'm really hoping for an achievement system on The Switch and some people seemed to agree so as Luigi said, I think it would be a good idea to have a thread on this idea. Anyone have any thoughts on how this could be implemented or ways it could differentiate itself from Playstation's trophies or Xbox's achievements. Any rewards that you guys might like for gaining one of these achievements? How about a tier system to differentiate how difficult it was to get an achievement?

As you may be able to tell I am all aboard this idea. I don't think it's something that every gamer necessarily needs but I think it adds a lot to the system and if I truly love a game I would love to be able to display that I went above and beyond in completing it. I do understand that some people don't like them and if any of you have that opinion, care to explain? Interested to hear the cons in adding this to switch.

While we're at it what are some achievements you guys can make up for Nintendo classics?
Article Switch vs Wii U game case size compared!
One of the advantages of using cartridges over discs is not only that they are less fiddly and less prone to damage, but they are smaller and easier to store! This would also seem to be true with the new game cases, sporting a slimmer body!

Are you happy with the new game case design?
Article The 'Best New Feature' of the Switch that nobodies talking about.

The Switch has a lot of neat tricks and features up it's sleeve, some well known and some not so much. One of said features is it's modest battery life. You can expect 2.5 - 6 hours of gaming according to Nintendo which for some has been a source of controversy considering the 3DS's stellar battery life.

But one feature I've not seen enough buzz around is the fact that the Switch doesn't use a proprietary charging port - the Switch uses USB Type-C which ultimately means... wait for it....

The ability to use battery packs of all shapes and sizes to charge your Switch on the go!

If like me, you own several battery packs for your smartphone to give you some much needed juice on the go but now we'll be able to charge up our Switch whilst we're at it alleviating any battery life concerns. Just think, you can pack yourself a battery pack or two and a usb-c cable and you'll be good to go for hours upon hours of Switch gaming whilst out and about!

There are some great battery pack offerings these days, ranging from as little as $10 up to $60! So if you are planning on some long gaming sessions whilst away from the outlet, check out these puppies on Amazon:

Anker PowerCore Slim 5000 Portable Charger, Ultra Slim 5000mAh - $22.99 - Amazon

Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger, 26800mAh - $58.99 - Amazon

KMASHI 10000mAh Portable Power Bank - $13.99 - Amazon

Anker PowerCore+ 20100, USB-C/Type-C Ultra-High Capacity, Premium Portable Charger, 20100mAh External Battery - $50.99 - Amazon

Remember you'll need to pick up a USB-C to USB-A cable unless your battery pack comes with a USB-C cable!

Do you plan on buying a battery pack or using a battery pack with your Switch? Let us know in the polls below:

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Article Nintendo Switch SoC
Nintendo Switch will most likely use a Tegra SoC with the Pascal Architecture as mentioned in the Huge Foxconn leak. Since anything except the 4g of the Info from that Leak has confirmed to be true i would not understand why the other GPU leak would not be true. As mentionend by EuroGamer they said that the Clockspeeds from their Post where Outdated.
Article Does the Switch Need a popular FPS like Call of Duty or Battlefield? [POLL]
Activision and Electronic Arts are definitely working on titles for the Switch but as to what we don't know (aside from Fifa). But part of me can't help but feel like the Switch is lacking a good FPS game!

It's predecessor the Wii U launched with Call of Duty Black Ops which in my opinion was a roaring success. Come on, who doesn't want a multiplayer game with almost endless online multiplayer replayability in a handheld form?

Call of Duty graced Sony's Vita handheld with it's presence back in 2012 with Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified which by all accounts was a failure (thanks to it's lack luster 4v4 multiplayer and strange control scheme). So can it succeed on Switch?

I will argue that if Nintendo don't woo publishers like Activision or EA into bringing a big hitter like CoD or Battlefield to the Switch, they'll be missing a huge opportunity.

Do you think the Switch needs an FPS game like Call of Duty or Battlefield to garner mass-market appeal?

Let us know in the guest & members polls below, and if you have more to say let us know in the disqus/member comments.

I'll be featuring top comments in the article from reddit and the comment section below!

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