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Article Nintendo Switch - March 3rd 2017 Release Date - Launch price - $299.99 & 2 Variants
Nintendo have at long last announced the price of the Nintendo Switch! It'll be hitting store on March 3rd 2017 with 2 variants and at $299!
Nintendo Switch Presentation - January 12th Predictions
Nintendo announced two weeks ago that it would be hosting an event in Tokyo dedicated to revealing the Nintendo Switch properly (and letting investors and media get some hands-on time). This includes pricing, release games, system specs, and more. Although they haven't confirmed if a Direct will be streamed, they have said that there will be SOME sort of stream on the 12th, but whether or not it'll be a live press conference ala E3 or a Nintendo Direct remains to be seen.

Obviously there's a lot of stuff to talk about and certain things deserve their own threads, let's keep it simple. Share 3 predictions for the event. Pricing, games, release date, you name it. Try to make them a little bold instead of something along the lines of "Breath of the Wild will be shown" because that's pretty obvious.

Here are my three:

1: Splatoon 2 will be confirmed as a summer release. Not a port.
2: Luigi's Mansion 3 will be announced as a launch title, being developed by NLG.
3: Nintendo Switch will launch on March 4th, 2017 worldwide.