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Nintendo Switch 5.0 Firmware Update Leaked!?

Possible Switch Version 5.0
Is it real?
What do you think?
Should We Board The Atari Hype Train?

Oh the Ataribox. Atari's first run at a home console since the failure that was the Jaguar. I liked the Jaguar, I've even played a few games on it. I also have a few minutes of Dragon's Lair on Jag CD under my belt from when I was a kid. I remember thinking it was a powerful system but there were hardly any games for it and the controller was just enormous feeling in my hands. Of course now I play the Wii U and the Switch, so maybe that controller wasn't so big. Ultimately though, only 60 some odd games were released for the Jaguar (something like 11 for Jag CD) before it was completely abandoned and Atari left the home console market. Ultimately Atari was bought by Hasbro and that seemed to be the end of a once powerful gaming giant. That is, until Thursday the 14th!

Atari has finally announced the preorder date for the long awaited Ataribox! Most people don't know that the Ataribox is coming and even those who do know that it exists don't know what it really is. A pretty poor start for Atari, but really if you look through their history you can write a college level marketing course in things not to do. It should come as no surprise that Atari hasn't figured out how to fire up a hype train yet, but that doesn't mean the Ataribox is going to be a bad product. Perhaps the Ataribox will be the next big thing everyone needs, because really I don't know anyone who doesn't want Atari to be successful again.

The Ataribox has a planned price tag of between $249 - $299 and you can start preordering it on Dec. 14. Now don't go rushing to your local Toys R Us or anything to submit your preorder, you're going to need to preoder it from indiegogo. Yes, the once powerhouse of the gaming world is crowd funding their resurgence.

So what is Ataribox: As you can see from the image above it is a thin box with a vintage wood trim. You can...
Article PS Vita 2 anyone? Sony says no.
Sad days indeed for those of you holding out for a PS Vita 2 as Sony remains adamant they have no plans to jump back into the handheld market.

When asked about a potential Switch competitor, that line of discussion was swiftly shut down by Sony CEO Andrew House. House said

It's odd that Sony have adopted such a stance as it was recently revealed they had already filed patents for a Vita successor:

nintendo-switch-sony-patent-1200x826.gif sony-patent-nintendo-switch-1200x826.gif

Sony launched the Vita in 2012 off the back of its older more successful brother the PSP which over its lifetime sold 84 million units, but sadly the Vita just couldn't compete selling a poor 10 million units down to Sonys lack of support, poor third party and multiplayer offerings and funky weird control scheme all of which contributed to its demise whereas it’s competitor the 3DS went on to sell 69million units.

Some would argue that the Vita laid the groundwork for the Switch by wetting the appetite of gamers who wanted to experience home-console like games on the go. And while the Vita may not have been a success, that’s not to say they couldn’t be successful in the future.

Just look at the Switch; it’s off to a great start selling over 7 million units thus far and had there not been any availability issues that number may have been even higher and going into the holiday season the Switch is looking to be a hot ticket item with an impressive games lineup and a sweet price tag so we can see it being under many a Christmas tree this year!

Would you like to see a PS Vita 2? Let us know your thoughts in the...
SNES Classic Announced

The SNES Classic will include Star Fox 2 and 18 other games. Star Fox 2 was intended to be released in 1995 as the true sequel of Star Fox, however it was never released because of the concern it would interfere with the scheduled N64 launch (which ended up not releasing for about a year and a half later). There are ROMs for this game out there but this will be the first official release of Star Fox 2. That alone will make this system a must buy for collectors. Release price is $80 and launches on 9/29.

Monster Hunter on the Nintendo Switch

Is it just me or is anyone else frothing at the mouth at the possibility of Monster Hunter coming to the Nintendo Switch?

Let us know in the comments!
Article The Head of Xbox - Phil Spencer LOVES the hardware design of the Nintendo Switch
Xbox Head Honcho Phil Spencer has recently spoken to IGN about his thoughts on the Nintendo Switch and explained why Microsoft has yet to release a portable Xbox. In his interview he had nothing but positive words to say about the new Nintendo console and had this to say:

Earlier in the week both the Xbox and Playstation official Twitter pages gave Nintendo their best wishes!

Are you surprised to see the other two big juggernauts in the gaming hardware industry give Nintendo the thumbs up? Let us know in the comments!
Article Get cheap Storage for your Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switches storage can be upgraded with a Micro SD Card but what if they cost to much and you have normal SD TF or SDXHC Cards laying around? Well here is the solution a Micro SD to SD Adapter with a long cable. Available on Amazon for 19 USD. This converts your standard SD Card to an Micro SD Card. As SD Cards are much cheaper than Micro SD Cards this is a perfect solution.

Article I will be going to the Nintendo Switch Event in Switzerland Questions?
I will be going to the Nintendo Switch Hands on Event in Switzerland. Do you have any questions for Pictures? Do you have any questions?
Article Mario reveal more views and double the likes just in two weeks compared to Uncharted 4 in 2,5 Years
The Super Mario Odyssey Reveal Trailer has more views than the Uncharted 4 Trailer + Uncharted 4 got that amount of views in 2 Years Nintendo in 2 Weeks
Article Nintendo, please don't make the same mistakes Sony made with the Vita.
Back in January of 2011 my eyes were opened to the possibility of having a console-like experience that I could take with me anywhere. That was the dream, and as the successor to the highly popular Playstation Portable I had big hopes and dreams. But those dreams were crushed into tiny little pieces, here's where things went wrong and how Nintendo can avoid a repeat.

Sony boasted that the PS Vita was 'almost' as powerful as it's big brother the PS3 and teased home console-like graphics with the added functionality of a touch screen with the potential of being used for so much more than gaming. This sent my mind racing with ideas as I considered all the possibilities and potential this device had. I dreamed of playing AAA console ports, with strong multiplayer portions bringing back the glory days of playing the PSP's Socom Fireteam Bravo online; long into the night under the covers with friends, clans and with voice chat. I mean if the PSP could achieve that, surely the Vita would achieve so much more!
In February of 2012 the Vita was released. It was as slick as an iPhone (albeit a plastic iPhone.) But immediately I began to struggle with ergonomics and functionality. The controls were cramped, the system lacked secondary shoulder buttons/triggers, the thumbsticks didn't click down and although I was grateful for having 'real thumbsticks' in a handheld; they were tiny and ultimately impractical. It turns out touch input doesn't make an adequate substitute for missing inputs.

From a hardware perspective, it doesn't seem the Switch will have these issues. The device is larger for a start, the JoyCons and it's inputs are small but far from impractical or uncomfortable looking. And one of the best features of the Switch is the ability to effortlessly slot it into a dock allowing it to run at higher clock...​
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