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Nintendo Switch 5.0 Firmware Update Leaked!?

Possible Switch Version 5.0
Is it real?
What do you think?
Video Youtuber FIXES and IMPROVES left Joycon issues!
Some people as you know have been having issues with the connectivity of the left JoyCon at certain distances and depending on how you grip it. Antenna-gate anyone? Sadly however, it looks like it's a hardware issue.

But fear not, Spawn Wave - a very handy youtuber set out to fix the left joycon antenna issue and not only did he fix it, he made it remarkably better! And with little more than a piece of wire and a blob of solder, the connectivity issue seems to be gone completely regardless of how far away you are or how you grip the JoyCon (within reason of course.) We don't recommend doing this yourself unless you have experience with this sort of thing, but let's take a look!

So people have been complaining about the disconnect issue with the left JoyCon (personally, I've never run into this issue), but SpawnWave has done a tear down of the JoyCons and has now documented via youtube his experimentation with fixing the left JoyCon issue (he does have success, but emphasizes not trying it at home).

Unless you have a pretty in depth electronics knowledge/skills with soldering this isn't exactly viable for most people, but it is interesting and points to the culprit of the disconnect issues (the antenna placement).

Anyway, watch for yourself!
Video Boogie2988 and AngryJoe Review the Nintendo Switch
Boogie2988 is one of the Youtube's biggest gaming icons and he's known for his brutal honesty especially when it comes to Nintendo. His thought's have been controversial at times but overall he has a very positive outlook for the Switch.

AngryJoes Review/First Impressions:

Video Nintendo Switch Launch Issues - Does your Switch have problems?
Each console launch seems to bring it's own problems, such is the life of an early adopter. But Youtuber CrowbCat who's become known for compiling videos of issues users have experienced during new game and console launches just uploaded their latest video, surprise surprise it's about the Nintendo Switch! Take a look:

Some of the issues shown off in the video include:

  • JoyCons losing connection
  • Switches getting scratched up on the dock
  • Graphical glitches
  • Software crashes/errors
  • High pitched noises
  • JoyCon straps getting stuck on the Joycon Rails
  • People cutting their fingers/breaking their nails on the metal rails.
  • Nintendo Switch Dead Pixels
  • Loose or Wobbly Joycons
Are you having issues with your Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments!
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