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  1. Pokemon Let’ Go!

    Super excited! Got the Pikachu switch pre-ordered! Not sure if I'll keep it but tempted! Not long to go now Sent from my SM-N950F using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  2. Mario Party (Looking for Group)

    I know right [emoji23] ageist! Sent from my iPhone using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  3. Mario Party (Looking for Group)

    Thanks, think I'm going to pick it up! It's the perfect time for me and the wifey as we just moved into a new apartment and have our new sofa and tv to play it on! Sent from my iPhone using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  4. Mario Party (Looking for Group)

    Is Mario party any good? Sent from my iPhone using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  5. Couldn't agree more with this statement and I agree - I think this is the main reason most people are salty. Why pay for something we've been enjoying for free this past year. NES games are neat but it's no substitute for virtual console! Game (and indeed media) ownership is a very special thing! and that is lost on a lot of kids these days with services like Netflix and Spotify. They're good value but not as satisfying as 'owning' something. (I'm rebelling against this digital age in my own way - buying vinyl records ) The implementation is a bit clunky as you said, especially with having to manage parties and do voice chat via a phone - but I think all this will pay off in the long term and hopefully it signals the push by Nintendo to take online gaming seriously. Here's hoping the mobile app is a stop-gap solution until the infrastructure is ready to bring that functionality to the Switch OS! One of my biggest gripes with Nintendo is their emphasis on couch co-op. Which don't get me wrong is great when you have a group of friends or family to play with! but more often than not it's a solo affair which means online with strangers is very appealing! I still remember the friends I made playing Halo online and how fun it was playing Gears of War online-co op when I didn't have anyone else to play with. The Xbox 360 was the pinnacle of online gaming for me and if Nintendo is finally taking notice and asking the community to chip in to help make it a reality on Nintendo consoles them I'm all in with them!
  6. snes and n64 games for nintendo online

    First of all, welcome to the community I hope that's where they are heading. I'm not sure they'll jump straight to N64 straight anytime soon but I know and hope SNES, Gameboy and GBA will be next. I'm not too fussy about all of that though on the Switch as I have my 3DS XL which is way more fun to play games like that on... but then again you can't hook a 3DS up to the TV and play with friends!
  7. Forget NES, bring all the SNES games to Switch Sent from my SM-N950F using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  8. Add Me tho Yo! FC: SW - 2666-6058-8792

    Hey Torres, welcome to the community! I'll try get around to adding you, see you on Switch! Sent from my SM-N950F using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  9. My brother rabbit red door

    Wish I could help Bri hopefully someone can! Welcome to the community though Sent from my SM-N950F using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  10. Classic Final Fantasy Games Coming to Switch 2019

    I've still yet to play any FF game besides XIV and even then I didn't make much of a dent. Now the franchise is coming to Switch.... I may just be tempted!
  11. Ditto, what characters are you most looking forward to? I am looking forward to play with Ridley As for CoD I was hoping for an announcement at E3 but it never came... it's been years since I've played a CoD game! Also we need some RACING GAMES ON SWITCH! Codemasters I am looking at you
  12. Which game should I get?

    YES!!! THIS! I have been hardcore addicted to Enter the Gungeon the past week too. It's the first time I've played a game like this, and the first few times after dying I thought I was missing something when it sent me back to the start every time, I almost put the game down out of frustration! But it pulls you back in, and the more I played the more I enjoyed it as I learnt the enemies attacks and now I'm able to reach the 2nd level relatively easy. Each run is different thanks to the procedural levels like you mentioned, enemies and the huge amount of weapons/items you can potentially find each run! I highly recommend picking this game up @Joebailey58 I believe it's also on sale!
  13. Splatoon 2 vs Mario Tennis Aces

    They are both fantastic games, I know it seems like a cop-out to say so but it really comes down to your preference of game style... do you want to be running around splatting people with paint and competing in a funky 3rd person shooter or do you want to be running around hitting all sorts of epic shots back and forth as Mario and the gang? I honestly think you wont be disappointed with either one! They are both fantastic games. If you are a big online multiplayer person who wants to be coming back to your game regularly to play online then Splatoon will probably edge Mario Tennis Aces out.
  14. I agree, I think Pokemon Lets Go will encourage me to get back into Pokemon Go as I'll actually be working on my team whilst I am out and about and be able to bring that progress back to the main game!

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