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  1. I agree, I think Pokemon Lets Go will encourage me to get back into Pokemon Go as I'll actually be working on my team whilst I am out and about and be able to bring that progress back to the main game!
  2. Which game should I get?

    That's a tough one, I'm assuming you already have Zelda. I say Splatoon 2 if you want to have fun playing online all the time and having alot of replayability. But if you want a really rich single player experience go for Xenoblade. I also hear Hyrule warriors is great though! Id probs go with Splatoon or Hyrule warriors as I have the other 2. Sent from my SM-N950F using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  3. STARLINK: Battle for Atlas Thoughts?

    Hopefully the toy isn't required and it's more of an optional extra kind like how Amibos work. More toys is the last thing I need 🤣 but it is a cool concept don't get me wrong (flying via the gyroscopes in the joycons) and slapping a little custom ship on top. I did see that Starfox will be joining the game, so that'll be fun! But yeah, if the toy is required Itll be a no-go until I have space. I never paid much attention to the Starlink portion of the E3 presser, was anything new announced ? Sent from my SM-N950F using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  4. Is it weird that I like the 2ds more?

    Not gonna lie, I did have my eyes on them transparent red and blue original 2DS systems, but I've not had an opportunity to get my hands on one yet. I have no doubts about it being more comfortable, but how pocketable is it? Also welcome to the forum [emoji3][emoji112] Sent from my SM-N950F using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  5. Curious to find this out also. I sincerely doubt it though. I do hope Nintendo implements a system like on androids Google play store where you can just tap a button and get an instant refund on the app page if you don't like it after trying. Sent from my SM-N950F using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  6. BotW: Graphics Difference

    could even say it was a Switch system seller. I'm sure people have said the framerate was better on Switch but the lighting was slightly better on Wii U. Either way, it's a great game on both systems!
  7. Absolutely, just been playing it for a while... it's not so bad and I feel no need to buy DLC.
  8. Watch the Nintendo Direct E3 Event all over again!
  9. Get it right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop!
  10. New inhere

    Hey! Welcome to the community not sure what you mean, gambling for games? Never heard of such a thing hmm.
  11. Hi all!

    Hey welcome to the community missed your post! Blimey, what good games are there for the Switch? LOADS, far too many I did just pick up Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon today which is great if you love Castlevania. Here's some other great games out that I can think of at the top of my head: Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze Skyrim Doom Kirby Star Allies MarioKart Mario Odyssey Bayonetta 2 Celeste Golf Story Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Mr Shifty Rocket League Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Sonic Mania Steamworld Dig 2 Stardew Valley J
  12. what an excellent summary of the kingdoms, I can't believe I missed your post! Believe it or not I've yet to properly play the game, I've only watched others play it despite owning it! I actually ended up buying Super Mario 3D World for the 3DS and playing that instead because I felt it was more true to what the Mario Universe SHOULD look like. Mario Odyssey just seemed too gritty and real for me, but having seen gameplay and read posts like yours I've found there's a lot to love about it. I have such a big backlog of games to play it's not funny. But thanks for sharing! Luncheon Kingdom looks like it will be my favorite!
  13. Haven't been on the Switch this past few months whatsoever; although I'm really keen to give Mario Tennis a shot when I find the time. I've generally always dismissed Mario spin-off games (shame on me) until I tried Mario Kart on Switch which opened my eyes. I also have a strange history with tennis games - particularly Virtua Tennis on the PS Vita which I was damn near addicted to and quickly found myself learning and appreciating the intricacies and depth of the games and sport... beforehand I had no interest in Tennis but with VT I loved the learning curve and felt myself getting better and better! It's especially fun when playing against friends or family! I'm sure Mario Tennis is no different so I'll need to give it a try! and will revisit the thread with my opinions.
  14. Best controller for Switch:

    this latest generation of consoles controllers have abysmal build quality across the board. I've went through at least 4 XB1 Controllers, all with the same issue with the left stick breaking resulting in the stick getting stuck or snagging on a loose/broken bit of plastic inside. I've also been through about 4 or so Dualshock 4's with the rubber coating on the sticks peeling/tearing off and on my latest one the creaky plastic triggers. Have never broken a past generations controllers before; all the way back to Megadrive, PS1, PS2 etc... all whos controllers I still have and work just fine. As for the Switch, I see no need to buy a 'pro' controller or any external one purely because I never play my Switch in docked mode... I have my gaming PC/consoles for that sort of gaming but boy if I did those two controllers you shared would be the first I'd pounce at - would probably buy the both of them may very well still buy the pair even though I have no use for them.
  15. Chaucer

    Welcome to the site [emoji3] Sent from my SM-N950F using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app

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