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  1. A very brief demo of a very easy game. I always liked Kirby's Dreamland titles for Gameboy, but this just seemed like it was trying too hard. I could see it being fun with three friends on a big screen, but even then I think I would get bored quickly. Maybe the full game has more interesting level design with some better game mechanics at work, but I was not impressed with this one. Sorry, Kirby.
  2. Win a Nintendo Switch - Giveaway Competition

    I say he wins based on his profile name alone.
  3. Win a Nintendo Switch - Giveaway Competition

    Hello fellow Radarians. I signed up for this comp long ago, before I had my own Switch. If I were to win another Switch console I would gift it to my nephew and win Uncle of The Year. Good luck eveyone!
  4. Octopath Traveler release date happens to be on my birthday. Coincidence? I think not. 

  5. USE THIS THREAD TO DISCUSS THE 3/8 NINTENDO DIRECT AND THE FUTURE OF NINTENDO. I don't know about the rest of you Radarians, but that Direct last night was SICK. Some of those headlines got me real jacked. Crash Bandicoot? Are you friggin kidding me? I am a Playstation man through and through, so I got all giddy upon hearing this. I am also jacked about Little Nightmares because I never got around to playing it on my PS. So, what got you all giddy this time around? Or maybe the giddy never came for you because this direct left you unsatisfied and wanting. I want to hear all about it!
  6. I also will sometimes fall back into 2nd place and let the blue-boy take out whoever is now in first and then skate by as they struggle to gain speed again. Be careful to put some distance between you and them because that blue shell has a large radius!
  7. NintendoRadar Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament!!

    Well, I think it's about time y'all! I missed the last tourny we had, and I think it's time to have another! Make it happen, Admin!
  8. Remember When "The Switch Has No Games" was a thing?

    MK8, Odyssey, BotW, Skyrim, Yooka-Laylee, Fast RMX, Streetfighter2, Snipperclips, Kamiko, Flame in the Flood, Sonic Mania, I feel like I am forgetting some...
  9. Nintendo Direct 3/8

    Honestly, I think/hope Mario Tennis will be dope. Mario Golf was super fun when I had it on my Gameboy Color, so this should be similar, right? At least in the way that a sports related Mario tile can be similar. I also think they will officially announce the Diablo III port, for which I am very excited!
  10. Diablo III is Coming to Switch

    Special shout-out to @Buzz for making the sick banner for my thread! Seriously, those are a nice touch and I'm always excited to what you're gonna do with it. I just wish that once you click on the thread that it would show up at the top of the discussion page too. Thanks, buddy!
  11. Diablo III is Coming to Switch

    So, multiple sources have confirmed that Blizzard will be releasing a Switch port of Diablo III. There was a lot of commotion after Blizzard tweeted a gif of someone 'switching' a Diablo nightlight on and off. The internet was quick to react and picked up on the subtle hint, afterwards Blizzard played dumb about the situation. Now there is a source quoted by Eurogamer saying that the Diablo III title is in fact in development for the Nintendo Switch. I think that this is another great call for Nintendo. Perfect game for the Switch.
  12. Opinions on ports and limitations?

    This is an excellent point you make here. Hopefully Nintendo has the same intuition you do, my friend. Because the store is already getting a little cluttered and hard to manage. They need to implement better organization if they plan on letting indie developers flood the market with sub-par ports. Possibly a separate tab for indie titles or maybe for "third party content" just so consumers have the ability to ignore or indulge in these titles. The eShop currently has a new release tab, games on sale tab, and best selling tab. Which is ineffective because there are usually a few games that fall into all three categories. They have become a best seller that week BECAUSE they are on sale. I really like PSN's store UI and think that the eShop should consider similar organization. Oh, and I have yet to play R6:Siege. But I wouldn't mind trying it out on my Switch. Nice post @MrSandMan17!
  13. Wild Guns: Reloaded coming to Switch in April!

    Looks heckin sweet. I will be pickin this up for sure. Looks like a super fun couch co-op opportunity.
  14. What ports and remakes would you like to see on Switch?

    I LOOOVE the idea as adding ARMS characters as unlockable or DLC characters in a Punch Out remake. And I know what you mean about dead posts. I post quite a bit and maybe 1 in 4 will generate a conversation worth a damn. Some stick and some don't. That's life!
  15. SAY WHA????!?!?!?! That's right, folks! Outlast: Bundle of Terror is coming to the Switch and surprising the blood and guts out of everyone. It first popped up unannounced on the European eShop, and is set to release in the US shortly after. This bundle version of the game comes with the DLC Whistleblower, which serves as a prequel to the original game. Outlast 2 is also on its way to the Switch later in the year. I am a huge horror nerd, but never got around to picking up this game. Resident Evil, Dead Space, The Evil Within, & Silent Hill are some of my all time favorites, not to mention my deep and everlasting Stephen King obsession, so it is pretty fair to say that I will probably be buying this game. Unless, of course, someone here can persuade me not to! I would love to hear from anyone who has played it and whether or not it is A) a game worth playing, and B) a good candidate for a Switch port.