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  1. Mini Classic Consoles: Yay or nay?

    Whoops. Forgot about Atari! I think that the PS graphics will look even worse than N64 graphics. PS was always a lot darker and grittier as it is and I think that the low light and grainy texture was there to hide how bad their polygons were. The only reason I would want the PS one is for collector purposes and for Final Fantasy (coming to Switch) and Crash Bandicoot(also coming to Switch).
  2. Sony announced its Playstation Classic today and somewhat surprisingly I have been reading some threads of people who are not at all excited by this. Now, I am a Playstation man, through and through, so my opinion may be somewhat biased, but overall I really like the idea of the retro mini console and having it stocked with games. Older consoles, controllers, and especially game carts and discs become worn and useless as time goes on. Experiencing older games on a crisp new screen with responsive brand new controllers sounds great to most of us, but to many it will never live up to the original experience of untangling the controller cords, blowing the dust from your cartridge and switching the TV input over to RGB. I totally see both sides of the argument and I think that these retro consoles are not for everyone. I had serious plans to purchase the SNES Classic but never got around to it and now it seems as though many of those games I would've bought it for will end up on the Switch at some point anyways. Even the PS Classic is kind of lost on me now considering Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, and 12 will all be out on the Switch soon. So what do you all think?
  3. Welcome! I sincerely hope that the wonderful world of Nintendo can help, even in the smallest way, to ease the recovery process. It is great way to relax and have some quiet time to yourself, but don't forget it's also an amazing way to connect with others! There are lots of two player games that your husband could fit with you and you will have a blast. Specifically, the game Snipperclips is weird, wild, and fun. My friend code: SW-8353-4263-8230 Sent from my Pixel 2 using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  4. Classic Final Fantasy Games Coming to Switch 2019

    I know, right?! For whatever reason that one gets like no love. Which is a bummer because it's a great game. 9 is my favorite for sure. But then it goes 7 followed closely by 8. What's cooler than a gunblade? Exactly. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  5. Classic Final Fantasy Games Coming to Switch 2019

    That blows my mind Buzz! FF9 is one of my all time favorites and ff7 was groundbreaking at the time. Definitely grab the older ones when they drop. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  6. Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod! Basically folks, the Switch has truly become my favorite gaming machine of all time. I cant even tell you how stoked I am. I have been writing about how FF games would be a perfect Switch port on this forum since day one. Tears of joy, people! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  7. What is the worst film Disney ever made?

    Wait! I totally win.... THE COUNTRY BEARS. ***drops mic and exits stage left***
  8. What is the worst film Disney ever made?

    Atlantis is dope. Watch it again. For me it is those damned Pirates movies. They never seem to go away! The first one was good enough. Not great, but cool. After that everything has been a total suckfest.
  9. I AM the Hollow Knight.

    I totally would have agreed with you until earlier this year I bought Axiom Verge and had a ton of fun playing it. I think a lot of it for me is nostalgia since Metroid was one of my first ever Gameboy titles, but playing that style as a child and then literally ignoring the entire genre as soon as I upgraded to my first Playstation around age 12, has made getting back into that specific style a lot of fun. I only got AXIOM because it was on sale and I had heard the style was very much Ridley Scott's Alien inspired, which is right up my alley. But it definitely opened my eyes to what games today, even 2d pixelated ones, are capable of. They can be repetitive and tedious at times, but nothing beats the feeling of unlocking that new ability to access that one new area that has been eluding you. It's great fun.
  10. I AM the Hollow Knight.

    Hello fellow Radarians! It has been a while since I have posted anything new so I figured.... I would do exactly that! This post concerns my newest obsession: Hollow Knight. Man, oh man. What a game this is! I am a major metroidvania fan, so games like Axiom Verge and Owlboy already appeal to me, and Hollow Knight is no different. There isn't a ton to mention as far as what makes this game special to me or stand out in a major way, but it is special and it does stand out. I like everything about this game. The art style is simple and unique. The gameplay is very simple and easy to handle, however, the enemies and bosses are anything but. This game challenges me in the same way I am challenged by a Dark Souls title. You fight, you die. You fight again, you die again. You try and level up, return to fight, die again. It's really a smashing good time. Something about the lore of the story has me drawn in as well. This underground kingdom of bugs, that has this tragic and mysterious past, is tons of fun to explore and master, searching every nook and cranny for new things. The other bugs you meet all have distinct and engaging personalities and voice acting, although they are speaking "bugish" and we cannot understand them without reading the text on screen, that somehow just fits perfectly and sounds right 100% of the time. My favorite bug voice is of the cartographers wife, Iselda, and her bored sounding sigh of "bafanada..." This game is hard as hell and super engaging. I highly recommend it for its playability and the way it translates from big screen to handheld. Some metroidvania games are best viewed on a smaller screen(Axiom Verge is a great example of this; on my 66" screen the game looks silly), but that does not apply to Hollow Knight. I love the way it looks on my TV and it is perfect and cozy in handheld mode. I bought this game while it was on sale for around $8 and I had a few hundred points, too. It cost me maybe $5 in the end and I have enjoyed it far more than Octopath Traveler(which I was SUPER excited for) that I paid $59.99 for.
  11. Finally got Octopath Traveler today

    Here are my thoughts on the game: It looks and sounds amazing. Really unique and creative; fun to look at visuals. The music is amazing and the voice acting is decent. The story and characters is where it is lacking. I find that I'm not really invested in any of the 8 protagonists and I have no desire to finish their story arcs. I think it might be because they never unite as a team to achieve a common goal like in a FF game. This story is very much individualized and only effects the character whose story you are playing. They do have the "travel banter" that involves the characters engaging in conversation about what is happening in the game at that time, but that is the only collaboration we see between characters besides battles. They took the 8 separate path concept a little too far. I think that after each character's individual quests all 8 characters should unite and fight towards a common goal. Than I think I would be much more into the game that I was SOOO excited for.
  12. Thinking about getting Octopath Traveler.

    Yes, Shawn. Get it. The demo was cool and I really couldn't put it down. Now, I'm a fan of RPG titles such as this one, so I knew before playing the demo that I was gonna get it, but after seeing the beautiful art and hearing the amazing voice acting, my excitement rose considerably. The only complaint I've heard in a review is that while there are 8 different playable characters with their own adventure, the game does not change according to who's story you do first or who you have in your party at the time. Like, if I start with character A and then go grab character B in my party, the story will be exactly the same even if go get character C or any others. So the replay value based on making different decisions to change how the story plays out is not something the developers were worried about. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  13. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Reviewed

    I agree about the price. I'm hoping this one will go on sale this summer at some point. I really think it would be fun, but not $20 worth of fun! #cheapskate
  14. What are your hopes for E3?

    So no BB2, however, that new From Software title looks amazing, and it is called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The combination of feudal Japan and the Bushido way of life with the detail and difficulty applied in the Souls games appears to have been concocted specifically to suit my tastes. I love anything to do with Samurai/Shogun and Souls/Bloodborne are some of my favorites. It does seem odd that after the release of Nioh, which was a very Dark Souls-ish samurai game, that we are now waiting on the release of two more just like it: Ghosts of Tsushima AND Sekiro. Nioh was amazing and the aforementioned other two look just as cool. It's a good time to be a gamer.

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