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  1. I'm very much looking forward to Spyro! I played the games growing up and have missed them terribly. Not sure if I'll wait to see if they make a version for Switch, but I'm definitely getting the game for some system...
  2. Smash characters

  3. Lost Sphear Review

    I was looking into this game... I might still give it a try one day, but for now I'll hold back I suppose. Although I really love JRPG games..
  4. New Toys

    If you like RPGs, you should check out the Bravely Default series, that being Bravely Default and Bravely Second. Also PersonaQ if you like SMT! Also Fire Emblem. Always Fire Emblem.
  5. Radarians, perfect! Well, no Fire Emblem, but Smash for Switch has me hype enough. Undertale though, like I literally just got it on PC so I'm bseksjskcnsksjsk at the news but hopefully more people will now be able to enjoy that incredible game<3
  6. I haven't played a Kirby game in a while. Definitely will check this out
  7. These are discounted prices!? So, hopefully that is just for their yellowness...
  8. Omg omg that's so cool. Ah, the eshop one would be great! Thanks so much<3
  9. TMS#FE port would be cool. Too many people didn't get to play this amazing game because it was on the Wii U...
  10. Aaa this place looks so good! MUCH better on mobile than the old site. I'm happy it's finally here<3
  11. Hey Linkk... Buy Skyrim
    1. Linkk


      One day... I reallY want it
  12. Hey what does the background of your profile pic say?
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NintendoFanJosh7000


      (...urgh) Umm... ... .... who's Magvel.....
    3. Linkk


      Its the setting of a FE game lmao
    4. NintendoFanJosh7000
  13. Finally I have acquired a Switch
  14. is it Halloween yet
    1. NintendoFanJosh7000


      What's the point there are no Halloween Candies sponsoring Nintendo.... BRB
    2. NintendoFanJosh7000


      I stand corrected... http://www.8-bitcentral.com/images/miscellaneous/questionCandy/bottom.jpg http://68.media.tumblr.com/7282b930f5405f9176b77e2c19ae00df/tumblr_o7jbvqOLyQ1rilg5to2_1280.jpg
    3. Potatogun


      You seen the Wii Remotes and DS's with candy inside? I used to see a lot of Wii Remotes around with candy. Never bought one, but I think we got one once. Tried to get it to function. It didn't work...huh. Batteries, I guess. ;-)

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