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  1. Labo Review

    Now I’m doubtful
  2. I got some buddies and we use our switches to bring to work and play some local co-op. The kickstands snap off waaay too many times. On top of that, we're not too good on charging our switches overnight. This thing was built with us in mind.
  3. A discussion

    Guess our usernames are both hard to memorize now lol
  4. A discussion

    Whatcha studying Diego/josh? I’m gonna have to start calling you 7
  5. A discussion

    Maybe that’s why it’s the last remaining nation on earth idk
  6. A discussion

    Playing too much Death Road. Review coming tomorrow, I promise
  7. AXIOM VERGE Review

    How much? If it’s not 80 I’m in
  8. Wait... Did Someone Win The Switch?

    It’s still on I think...
  9. No virtual console for switch :(

    You gotta remember, Netflix started out as a one at a time renting buisiness. Fingers crossed everything works out though or they’re plain out lying.
  10. No virtual console for switch :(

    I believe that the online service will bring a sort of "Netflix" for virtual console games, and if so it's a win in my books.
  11. Pokémon on Switch?

    They confirmed a main series title though
  12. Pokémon on Switch?

    In last year’s E3 presentation, they confirmed it. Also, there’s pokken... now we just gotta hope for Gen 4 remakes
  13. If you've still got a wii, just buy it for the GC!
  14. until
    The launch of Death Road To Canada

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