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  1. Anyone who knows me knows my two favourite things. 1. I love retro games 2. I can't stop eating Altoids. Specifically the wintergreen ones. So when my friend texted me this random link, I was PUMPED. I still am. The MintyPi is a GameBoy emulator loaded with absolutely all the games you would ever possibly want... and it all fits in an Altoids can. It has a backlit screen, DS Lite buttons and a D-Pad, a pretty powerful speaker, a working hinge, the works. It hooks up to a micro USB cable if you need a charge, and it works off your standard Razzberry Pi. It's got pretty much everything you would need in a GameBoy, minus an audio jack. The link is up there if anyone wants to check it out. 'Twas all.
  2. Who's your Smash Main?

    Has BotW link's boomerang nerf affected Toon as well? I heard about the f-smash nerf, is that all it is?
  3. They say you can unlock all characters in 2 hours using a few methods and a lot of wash-rinse-repeat. I would take the flight to unlock all of ‘em
  4. Apparently a store in Mexico started selling them 2 weeks early
  5. Pick what I spend my gold coins on!

    If you wanna make it a little easier, make custom characters and give them strong abilities. Custom characters mode is always fun.
  6. Pick what I spend my gold coins on!

    You made the right choice
  7. Pick what I spend my gold coins on!

    Let’s go pikachu? It’s either that or Death Road to Canada
  8. Show me your best joy cons!

    I like the flashy ARMS ones, but I don’t know if that’s your style. I think they should all be the same price.
  9. Pokemon Let’ Go!

    If you’ve only ever played GO and enjoyed it, It would be a nice way to bridge into the main series
  10. Mario Party (Looking for Group)

    How many under 18s even are there here? You won’t have much luck looking for a party like that even if kids were down to join.
  11. Mario Party (Looking for Group)

    Why 18 or under tho? Sent from my iPhone using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  12. Mario Party (Looking for Group)

    It’s actually more fun than most of the newer ones. On the mario party scale it’s a solid 3.5 out of 5. Sent from my iPhone using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  13. Can't buy Dark Souls

    Try a different card if you have one? Maybe try purchasing on a different account on the same switch, other than the gold points there’s no real drawback from doing so.
  14. First Switch Game?

    Less if you split the cost with buddies
  15. First Switch Game?


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