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  1. I got some buddies and we use our switches to bring to work and play some local co-op. The kickstands snap off waaay too many times. On top of that, we're not too good on charging our switches overnight. This thing was built with us in mind.
  2. A discussion

    Guess our usernames are both hard to memorize now lol
  3. A discussion

    Whatcha studying Diego/josh? I’m gonna have to start calling you 7
  4. A discussion

    Maybe that’s why it’s the last remaining nation on earth idk
  5. A discussion

    Playing too much Death Road. Review coming tomorrow, I promise
  6. AXIOM VERGE Review

    How much? If it’s not 80 I’m in
  7. Wait... Did Someone Win The Switch?

    It’s still on I think...
  8. No virtual console for switch :(

    You gotta remember, Netflix started out as a one at a time renting buisiness. Fingers crossed everything works out though or they’re plain out lying.
  9. No virtual console for switch :(

    I believe that the online service will bring a sort of "Netflix" for virtual console games, and if so it's a win in my books.
  10. Pokémon on Switch?

    They confirmed a main series title though
  11. Pokémon on Switch?

    In last year’s E3 presentation, they confirmed it. Also, there’s pokken... now we just gotta hope for Gen 4 remakes
  12. If you've still got a wii, just buy it for the GC!
  13. until
    The launch of Death Road To Canada
  14. So there's this game I'm really looking forward to called "Death Road to Canada". The only problem? It was supposed to launch a week ago. If you haven't read the headlines, there was a terrorist attack in Toronto just two days before the game was scheduled for release. Many people were injured and some even passed away. In response to the attack, Death Road's publisher, UKIYO publishing, tweeted out this: "Hi Everyone, Due to the tragic events that happened in Toronto yesterday, we felt that now wouldn't be the right time to release Death Road to Canada, so we have put the release on hold for now. We apologise to all the fans and our condolences to those affected by the events." Now, I admit I was disappointed after reading this. I was getting ready to finally play this game after like two months of waiting, and I'd heard great things. But personally, I applaud their decision. Having lived in Canada for a long time, I understand that tragedies like these are devastating and the game's name could cause some... unfortunate misunderstandings. What I was surprised to find, however, was that not everyone felt the same way I did. Some people felt that the name wasn't that big of a deal. So that got me wondering, "Do most people feel this way?" I feel like this is a good place to post this kind of thing and ask for opinions from people who can understand both sides, as people who enjoy playing games. What do you all think? If anyone's interested, the new release date is next Tuesday. (Bonus poll: was that too soon?) I'll look forward to your opinions until then!
  15. Well, none of the buttons are covered by the skin so that helps