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  1. Pokemon Let’ Go!

    If you’ve only ever played GO and enjoyed it, It would be a nice way to bridge into the main series
  2. Mario Party (Looking for Group)

    How many under 18s even are there here? You won’t have much luck looking for a party like that even if kids were down to join.
  3. Mario Party (Looking for Group)

    Why 18 or under tho? Sent from my iPhone using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  4. Mario Party (Looking for Group)

    It’s actually more fun than most of the newer ones. On the mario party scale it’s a solid 3.5 out of 5. Sent from my iPhone using Nintendo Switch Forum - Nintendo Radar mobile app
  5. Can't buy Dark Souls

    Try a different card if you have one? Maybe try purchasing on a different account on the same switch, other than the gold points there’s no real drawback from doing so.
  6. First Switch Game?

    Less if you split the cost with buddies
  7. First Switch Game?

  8. True. Some people don’t play any games on switch that need NS Online.
  9. And that’s the thing! With all the indie and third party game support, it should be easy to connect with people who like the same games as you!
  10. snes and n64 games for nintendo online

    Nintendo has a trend of releasing classics in sequence; NES - SNES - N64 - GC. This definitely sounds plausible. Fingers crossed
  11. Maybe, I bought mine on launch and I have 2 pairs of joycons, so I've done a fair bit of slipping on/off and the issue isn't too bad for me. I think the culprit might be how much time you spend in portable, mine's docked most of the time.
  12. I know, I know, It's really popular right now to shit all over Nintendo's new online program. But that's not what I'm here for. In fact, I think it's pretty good. I'm here to set the record straight. Nintendo Switch Online is only $20 USD for an individual membership, and way less if you split the cost of a family membership. For a third of the price of its competitors (at the most), I don't really care what else NS Online has to offer. I can play my games online, and I can do it for cheaper than PS4 or XB1 users can. It gave us designated servers for MK Deluxe and, later on, Smash Bros, and while, for some reason, Splatoon 2 didn't, I never really noticed connection issues while playing. Peer-to-peer isn't really bad at all, unless your friends have really bad connections. And most of the third party games we play don't have designated servers anyways. You also get a pretty cool ever - expanding library of NES games, which is an added bonus. Now, I get that this is a shitty replacement for virtual console, and that many people have bought these games many times and might not want to buy them again, the library comes at no additional cost with an online service that is already affordable. Some people seem to think that charging customers for online is a crummy thing to do, but these companies want to make money. It sucks, but when you have an additional service for a product, it's a bad business strategy not to charge. The only legitimate problem I have with NS Online is the voice chat. Only Fortnite supports it without the use of your phone, and even then you need a wired mic. For me, this is a big let-down because I think it's something that can easily be fixed. All Nintendo have to do is release a wired-to-Bluetooth audio port adapter, which I've found on Amazon for $16, and release a software update. If you're someone who really wants voice chat to communicate with teammates, the price is more than justifiable. Using your phone is really clunky and definitely not an option. That being said, as the title of this topic indicates, I really do believe you get what you pay for. When you're paying $2-20 a year for online, I can move past these things. I think the real reason we're all complaining is the Osborne effect. I think Nintendo advertised the fact that we would have to pay for online service way too early. I was ready to pay for this a year ago. I was ready to pay for this in January. But the truth is, we all got comfortable with playing online for free and how well it worked. We all took it for granted as something that shouldn't be monetized and when the time came to pony up, it took us by surprise. I'm really interested in knowing what the general consensus is with this, who bought it and who won't. Feel free to leave us your opinions, and who knows? Maybe this'll help some people that are on the fence to go either way.
  13. happens to me sometimes on my third party comfort grip, but only when I'm pushing up real hard on the joysticks.
  14. Join Team Retro for this week's Splatfest!

    Modern is the way of the future babyyyy
  15. Discord for Switch Payday 2

    Pixelnintendo is a reddit bot

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