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  1. Switch Skins

    It appears that many of the problems people are reporting with skins thanks to the help of third-party company Dbrand might not actually be as dangerous as they seemed. While, yes, Dbrand and many other 3rd party skins do damage the switch and should be avoided until fixed, it appears that not all skins are currently bad for the switch. For example, skins by the company PDP (such as this one https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MZ9QJ0Y/?tag=iconixmedia2k-20) appear to work just fine. Reviews show that users of PDP products, at least those I've personally checked, are not experiencing any issues related to the adhesive damaging the switch, like Dbrand users were experiencing. This means that skins are NOT always going to be a no-go for the switch. You can all enjoy your beauty in just a little while.
  2. There's a new Ad that I started encountering today that is constantly reloading and causing problems on the forum. Any time that Ad is on the page and I start to type my computers (I've tested on two) will inevitably stop typing because it seems to unselect the message window. The only way to fix this currently is to reload the page repeatedly until none of your ads are that one. http://prntscr.com/egr92p
  3. Adblock

    Everyone has been sure to turn off programs such as Adblock, correct? After all, the admins are trying to start up the website and start earning money. It's a lot harder to do that without Ad revenue.
  4. I personally prefer the grey joy-con controllers but my girlfriend was trying to convince me that the red and blue were good because of how colorful they were. I just don't think they match the console as well though, and would just prefer if they were a single color, rather than both colors at once. Post your thoughts on the matter.
  5. Some Info About Me

    I'm a pretty simple guy. I'm a college student right now so money's a bit tight and I'm often very busy. Don't expect me to be too active but I'll probably use this site to keep up with up-and-coming titles (if I can find a way to get them) and maybe check opinions on titles as well. Recently, I've been very interested in Breath of the Wild so the giveaway definitely managed to reel me into the site.