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  1. I think his up smash has a lower range also
  2. I’m hype to try the modified Toon Link he’s my main but has been nerfed so im curious
  3. Smash characters

    I was looking at recent threads and was genuinely surprised that this one doesn’t exist. What characters do you guys want to see in Smash for the Switch. Get as vague or detailed as you want, from just the characters name to an entire move set, costumes, or even their stage!!! The characters I want are Decidueye (Pokémon Sun and Moon) and Sans (Undertale).
  4. Smash bros help

    Please help. My school is having a brawl tournament Wednesday and we only have the starting roster. I usually main Toon Link, but he is not available. I usually like to play sticking to the air. Who should I use?
  5. What was your first Zelda game (Yes Smash Bros. Counts)

    Yeah, about 7 years ago yesterday, for the 25th anniversary of the franchise
  6. What was your first Zelda game (Yes Smash Bros. Counts)

    My first Zelda was actually Four Sword. They gave it away on the DSi shop, so me and my brothers downloaded it, we love playing together.
  7. I could use my own, my brother technically owns ours so....
  8. I’ve been good, been playing a lot of Odyssey, Pokken, and Splatwon, I already have a topic for my next article, but they are going to be fewer a day as I’m got to start trying to write them my self to improve my style for school.
  9. MyNintendo Giveaway!

    Can I get the nes theme and the poke ball theme
  10. Hi guys, remember me? Schools been crazy, but I plan on coming back more often and writing more articles, looks like I came back just in time too. Great job on the update @Buzz
  11. use this link to sign up to win either a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or ps 4 all with $300 gift cards MOD EDIT: THIS IS A CLEAN LINK https://www.rezli.com/campaign/pickyourconsole
  12. Recently I acquired a copy of Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker and I hated it. I hated it in the fact that it ended so soon. I was so focused on beating the game I feel like I missed out on the true Zelda experience, the fact that there was a huge world to explore, and all I was focused on was the same 20 (give or take) islands in the world. I'm giving this game another play though and this time, hope that I get the full experience.
  13. Last night Nintendo revealed some new details on two of its big upcoming Switch games, Arms and Splatoon 2. But mixed amongst and was some bright, colorful new hardware. The Splatoon-themed, neon pink-and-green options include both a pair of Joy-Con controllers, and the sleek Pro Controller. There’s also a similarly-themed Switch carrying case, complete with lots of squid graphics. Japan and Europe — there’s no word on a release in North America. The accessories will be launching on July 21st, the same day Splatoon 2 releases on Switch, and in Japan you’ll be able to get the game and Joy-Con as part of a console bundle. For those in North America looking for a colorful new Joy-Con, there are other options. In June, Nintendo is releasing a bright yellow option to go along with the launch of Arms.
  14. Go to Channel

    We all have a channel we have that we turn on when there is nothing else to watch on TV. Which channel is this for you guys? Mine is Food Network.
  15. GameStop has announced that it’ll be distributing codes for a special Midnight Form Lycanroc for use with Pokemon Sun and Moon. This level 50, Rock-type Pokemon will be available at select GameStop stores across the US, from May 15 to June 5. The Midnight Form Lycanroc has a hidden ability that makes every move in battle hits, for both the trainer and their opponent. He also has a Life Orb that boosts its damage by using up some of his health every turn. As always, you can download this Pokemon by clicking through the Mystery Gift option from the menu and choosing to receive it via a code, which you will get from visiting the GameStop stores. Then, speak to the deliveryman in any Pokemon centre to add it to your team. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty9vdFyNE90

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