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  1. I loved the EA dig.
  2. Thinking about getting Octopath Traveler.

    I’ve been meaning to play the demo, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Have you downloaded it?
  3. Is the Wii U worth it in 2017?

    I couldn’t disagree more. While I do not deny that the Switch’s price point puts it in the category of a significant investment for most individuals and families, saying it is too expensive implies that it is overpriced. Having a system that doubles as a console and a portable is no small luxury - especially when the amount of tech Switch provides is factored in. Furthermore, when adjusted for inflation, the Switch is actually on of the cheapest systems. Even the titular Wii U was more expensive for the times.
  4. Now $8 for the original Donkey Kong. I like Donkey Kong. I find it at an arcade about once every three years. I pay one quarter, see how far I can get, and I am happy. This game will pay for itself in only 96 years! It’s a steal!
  5. Fortnite NOW AVAILABLE on Switch!

    Well, I downloaded it. However, I have to admit, it is unlikely I will ever play it. If I were to queue up my games, it would be behind Hyrule Warriors, BotW, Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion, Resident Evil Revelations, Skyrim, and FIFA.
  6. Fortnite NOW AVAILABLE on Switch!

    The fact that it is free has me considering shelving my hatred for this game and giving it a shot. Is it worth it for someone who has no plans to purchase DLC?
  7. What are your hopes for E3?

    ... well at least Taiko Drum Master is getting English language support... Excuse me while I go cry in this corner.
  8. What are your hopes for E3?

    N64 style? That’s cool. Do you not like the 2D style games,or do you just want more DK? I tried TF at the NYC store. It seems fun, but I have too big of a backlog at the moment to pick it up. My wife even told me to get it, and I said no.
  9. Hi all!

    Just be warned: if you are a completionist like me, BotW will take quite some time to finish. I bought it at launch, and I haven’t finished it yet. I’m getting every Korok seed, and I’m in no rush to beat it and have to wait years for the next Zelda. Hyrule Warriors isn’t for everyone, but I think I can safely say that if you like what you see in video reviews, you will like the game. I like MK8, but I’ve barely had time to play it. In fact, while I’m hoping for a big E3, I don’t see how I can make time for any new games.
  10. Best controller for Switch:

    Yes, that is the same issue I am facing. In BotW, it was a bit annoying, but pressing the wrong direction in Hyrule Warriors has a big impact on the gameplay.
  11. Hi all!

    Welcome to NintendoRadar @The Badger I’m playing a lot of Hyrule Warriors lately. I would certainly recommend picking that one up. Have you played Odyssey yet? That’s another must have.
  12. E3 Hype!

    1. Buzz


      Why does Nintendo always have to go last? I can't wait any longer!

    2. JNASTY


      I was hoping that the other presentations would hold me over, but I’m really not feeling anything I’ve seen yet. 

  13. Best controller for Switch:

    Normally, I would sing the praises of the Pro Controller. However, Hyrule Warriors truly exposes the flaws of the D-pad. It really is unacceptable. If i were to send it in for repairs, would they just send it back to me? I believe the newest Pro Controllers do not have this issue.
  14. What are your hopes for E3?

    I really want to take a shot a Contra with my Pro Controller. I think I might be able to finally master those angled shots. I would be down for a Pikmin mobile game. I have never played Pikmin, and this might be a great way to get started.

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