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  1. We Got a Weekly Race!

    I LOVE that gif. Props to whomever made it!
  2. Which handheld is better?

    No way could the Switch completely replace the 3DS. I've got a number of 3DS games that just wouldn't work well on a Switch. Kid Icarus: Uprising, for one. I have adored that game so much, spending probably over 100 hours in it. Now, I don't have a Switch, but if I did, it simply couldn't replace my 3DS. I wouldn't stop playing 3DS because I got a Switch.
  3. Nintendo Offers Refurbished Switches for $275

    I should add that there are also numerous places where you might find a great deal. I've seen Switches with Zelda and Mario for $300 on Facebook. I saw one with numerous high-quality eShop games for $400. I've seen great deals on other sites, too, like Craiglist, Letgo, Offerup, and shopgoodwill (although this one might be the most disappointing).
  4. So, Kirby Star Allies is soon to appear on the Switch. I had a feeling the reviews wouldn't be the best...I was right. It has a 74 right now on Metacritic. Why is it rated so low? I can think of a few reasons. Lack of control of the allies, ease of the game, shortness of it (which Kirby has always had, but still), and lack of originality in the puzzles and level design. As I've watched numerous videos on it, I couldn't help but feel these criticisms are fair. But still! There's a lot to like. The multiplayer co-op looks like a blast, and there are several modes that make the main game all the sweeter. Mini-games, are, of course, present. A speedrun mode is present. There's a lot to keep players coming back. But there's just not a lot to the game itself. I probably wouldn't buy this game full price (if I had a disposable budget...and a Switch...). But nevertheless, I have no doubt I'd have a blast with whomever wanted to join in anytime I booted up the game. Which, in my case, would pretty much be limited to my brother. Thankfully, he LOVED Return to Dream Land. And with the variety of enemies to recruit, I think he'd have a blast, too.
  5. That face...reminds me of Balloony from Phineas and Ferb (spoilers!): http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Balloony
  6. Best Buy Sale for Switch

    A variety of Switch games are on sale at Best Buy, including Super Mario Odyssey, TLoZ: Breath of the Wild, and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. You can save 20% more if you're a part of their "Gamer's Club Unlocked" (which costs $30 for 2 years). If this link works, you can check them out here: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?cp=1&searchType=search&_dyncharset=UTF-8&ks=960&sc=Global&list=y&usc=All Categories&type=page&id=pcat17071&iht=n&seeAll=&browsedCategory=pcmcat1487698928729&st=categoryid%24pcmcat1487698928729&qp=currentoffers_facet%3DCurrent Deals~On Sale^platform_facet%3DPlatform~Nintendo Switch&sp=-bestsellingsort skuidsaas
  7. Just a heads up to anyone wanting to buy Spirit of Justice, that game has what many argue is the best case in the series (the last one), but the game is just so dark and doesn't strike the balance that Dual Destinies did. I still had a bitter taste in my mouth at the end of Spirit of Justice; the end of Dual Destinies left me hopeful. I'm sometimes very worried about the future of Ace Attorney. As for its past; well, that's still high quality. But if you have to choose between Dual Destinies and the Trilogy, I might recommend Dual Destinies. It's my favorite of the series by far, and it has my favorite case (the second, or 5-2). Athena is a great character and fantastic addition to the cast. And the primary prosecutor, Blackquill, is fantastic, as well, and he and Athena have the best story arc of the entire series. I admit I cried a few times, and laughed a lot. Apollo Justice is argued by many to be the weakest in the series. Considering my experience with Spirit of Justice, I'd put SoJ on the bottom and that right above it. The trilogy are on top in order: 3, 1, 2 (with possible AJ above that), but 2 has great standalone cases (although its overarching plot leaves much to be desired). And Dual Destinies is above them all. The DLC is also great, but it's extra. The Android version doesn't charge extra, so it might be cheaper on there in a sale or even on iOS (although if you have the latest iOS, the game will not work properly or perhaps even run).
  8. Sliq Joy Con Grip Review

    Robin confirmed.
  9. WarioWare NEEDS to be on the Switch, I think. There's so much potential.
  10. I dunno. I'm OK with Paw Patrol. And Outright Games have developed some good games, including a pretty decent Smash Bros. "clone". Now, they don't have the best track record. But hey! I'm willing to check it out. And games aimed at Preschoolers didn't die off completely: They largely moved to mobile/tablet. There are so, so many games on there aimed at a younger audience. Many parents use tablets for schooling or as, well, a babysitter...
  11. What Switch games do you already have? I don't have a Switch, but I can weigh in on Switch games I have played on other platforms and games that I personally hope you would like.
  12. Definitely an open-world Pokemon Snap with on-rail sections. Although I guess I'd prefer a follow-up than a "remake".
  13. MyNintendo Giveaway!

    @Wduff I can't update the post for some reason. I'll leave what I have left here: My Nintendo Theme 1: Mario (taken!) My Nintendo Theme 2: Donkey Kong Theme - Bravely Second™: End Layer (New Faces) My Nintendo Theme 3: Link YO-KAI WATCH 2 Theme: Jibanyan My Nintendo Theme: Isabelle (taken!) The Legend of Zelda: 30th Anniversary Theme (taken!) My Nintendo Theme: Samus Count as 1: (Video) The Legend of Zelda Great Fairy's Fountain Theme (Video) The Legend of Zelda Ballad of the Goddess (Video) The Legend of Zelda Main Theme Medley Count as 1: (Video) Kid Icarus 3D Anime: Medusa’s Revenge (Video) Kid Icarus 3D Anime: Kid Icarus 3D Anime: Thanatos Rising (Video) Kid Icarus 3D Anime: Palutena’s Revolting Dinner (Video) : Kirby: Right Back At Ya! (Nintendo 3DS) Count as 1: Swapdoodle™ DLC - Stationary Set A Swapdoodle™ DLC - Stationary Set B Nintendo 3DS theme: Sonic series: Sonic Style (taken!) Nintendo 3DS theme: NES Jumping Mario (taken!) Nintendo 3DS theme: Pokémon: Pikachu & Poké Ball (taken!) Nintendo 3DS theme: Mario's Happy Holidays (taken!) Flipnote Studio 3D™ (taken!)
  14. MyNintendo Giveaway!

    @WduffI forgot to update the post. Those are gone. I'll update it now with what I have left. EDIT: Check post below for stuff
  15. Do you like computer games??

    @Fiscus : Have you played Tadpole Treble? Such a great game, and only $5! EDIT: Fail summon...