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  1. First Switch Game?

    @NintendoFanJosh7000 If you're getting a Switch for Christmas, I'd be down to split the cost of a family plan with you. In fact, I might just buy it outright and offer you access to my plan. I just need to get a job and a Switch first...which I'll hopefully have by Christmas as well.
  2. First Switch Game?

    If you don't have the money for either, what about Nintendo Switch Online? It's $20 for (currently) 23 games and a "hack" of The Legend of Zelda.
  3. snes and n64 games for nintendo online

    I'm hoping for great things. I wonder if Nintendo will up the price of the service if this happens. I mean, if they're gonna give out dozens upon dozens of games in the future (whether or not you have to stay online to play them), $20 is an amazing price.
  4. Mini Classic Consoles: Yay or nay?

    @MrMischief Looking at the pic, it does not have an analog controller. But that doesn't seem to mean it won't support one. Looking at the console, it definitely looks like it would support analog controllers...it just doesn't come with one.
  5. Why does Nintendo never listen to the fans?

    I have enjoyed every game on your list except Federation Force, which I have never played. And I didn't just enjoy them, I felt they were great games. I have experienced literally hundreds of Nintendo games and I still thought these games were great. Add that to the Smash direct...they brought in Ridley (who many said would never be in Smash because of his size) and flippin' King K. Rool, as well as Isabelle. Not only did they bring those characters in, but their trailers were almost universally well received. They frankly did an amazing job.
  6. When my friends insist I sing karaoke

    This is fantastic! I was expecting something funny...and it delivered in the best way possible. But to be honest, I expected the guy was going to use a deep voice...and the funny part would be a super deep voice coming from a scrawny man. Instead I got this.
  7. Mini Classic Consoles: Yay or nay?

    As someone who's not really a fan of Final Fantasy (and who has played but not thoroughly enjoyed Final Fantasy 7...not the biggest fan of the plot), I will probably skip the Playstation classic and simply buy the games I want for PS3 from time to time. I've played Wild Arms and loved it, but have never owned it. There are some games on there I'd enjoy a lot...but it's cheaper simply to buy them on PS3, even if I might enjoy playing on a retro PS1 controller more.
  8. @StormyHall1955 Do you know about the Pokemon game(s) coming out in October? They're called Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu edition and Eevee edition. They're sort of reimagined versions of Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (the original Pokemon games) with Pokemon GO support (you can transfer certain Pokemon from GO into the game). Considering that you're new to console video games and how much you love Pokemon GO, I imagine you'd have a blast with the game (whichever version you chose).
  9. I AM the Hollow Knight.

    Hollow Knight didn't end up being a game I loved much, actually. I've experienced lots of Metroidvanias, but...I'm terrible with directions. If the game stuffs me in a dark world with no directions and a punishing death system...I probably will leave after about 10 minutes...which is exactly what I did. Not to say I couldn't come to love it, but it would take some doing and probably a lot of time.
  10. What is the worst film Disney ever made?

    Infinity War. #shotsfired
  11. Post A Song!!

    This got me smiling.
  12. Why I've been gone

    Hey you guys! Glad to be back. I've been gone for a while, and I just wanted to explain why in one word: Ni No Kuni II. One, tw...OK, that's more than one word. I'm hooked on that game. I've spent over 130 hours on it since I got it, and I got it near the end of the Steam Summer Sale. In addition to that, there was Camp NaNoWriMo, which had me finishing the first draft of a book I've been working on (which I likely will be able to complete, even though I've split it into two parts). It's gone swimmingly well, even if a certain game has pulled me away from it. And a new DLC launched yesterday. Two new bosses and one refight, as well as other new content. It's pretty hype, and I haven't even leveled up my characters to the max yet. I'm getting clobbered by an enemy 10+ levels below my characters and that just doesn't happen in Ni No Kuni II. It's not that the game is super easy all of the time. It's just that even on Expert, there is a certain "level disparity". I pushed through a significant boss fight late-game with ease. The final boss was a cakewalk, even if it was somewhat long. The reason for this? The Kingdom Builder mode. It can make the game so, so much easier. Plus, it adds all sorts of options to combat. It's imbalanced, though. So I've often been overprepared for fights or underprepared if I don't spend much time in the mode. That's not to say it's not fun and that it doesn't add a lot to the game. But it can make the game feel a bit...odd. But still, I've had a lot of fun, and will probably replay the game sometime in the future. And I'm back.
  13. Got Sonic Mania Plus today!!!

    Tell us how it is!
  14. Finally got Octopath Traveler today

    Tell us more! How is it?
  15. Thinking about getting Octopath Traveler.

    What games do you have for your Switch now?

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