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  1. FIFA 19 coming to Switch

    But does it have vuvuzelas?
  2. Nintendo E3 Showroom Games Leaked

    @Shawn Marcy This might not be real, but...it was well made.
  3. What are your hopes for E3?

    I want to see more Sushi Striker gameplay. I want the theme song and intro to be prominently displayed at least once. I want a new IP for the 3DS besides that. Maybe a puzzle game? I want new news on Nintendo Mobile games. I'd like a new game, perhaps one based on Pikmin?
  4. I'm famous! That is to say, one of the featured pictures has my username. Shoulda put my real name...Nah! I'll try to live worthy of such recognition. Gotta say, I really like the app. Simple and easy.
  5. Mega Man 11 - Hope For Old I.P's

    A Chuck E. Cheese’s near me had this game. It was my fave, but I wasnt very good at it. I wonder how I’d play it today.
  6. I’ve heard it called by reviewers a “return to form” for the Mario Tennis series. You might have had an easy time with the game, but consider how pros will play. The game opens up for those who play it at a higher level.
  7. It seems to be super accessible. Newcomers to the series will eat this up, and will want more. Series vets will likely like the game, but criticize certain aspects of it (if not most). Some will call it trash. I mean, there are no battles with wild Pokemon. It's all catching (with various options available). I don't know how you feel about that, but I like the streamlined process. I just hope it's somewhat deeper than Pokemon GO's system. As much as I like the action of throwing the balls (and its responsiveness), I hope there's more to it than that.
  8. Mega Man 11 - Hope For Old I.P's

    I'll also say that that the most famous track in all of Mega Man history is perhaps most notable for its monotony and repetition, something that is often complained about. What makes the track appealing to some makes it absolutely unbearable to others (although I will say that a change of view can work wonders).
  9. Mega Man 11 - Hope For Old I.P's

    Mega Man 11 looks awesome. I love the graphics, I love the gameplay, I love the voice work, it looks like the real deal. The price point is odd, but considering the physical release, it makes sense. The game does look a good deal easier than others (notably the recent 9 and 10), especially through its new mechanics. That it has 4 difficulty levels is a plus. I'm worried that the challenge will be undermined, though. Still, I can't help but say that I feel it's going to be a great game and a solid addition to the Mega Man series.
  10. STARLINK: Battle for Atlas Thoughts?

    It does look gimmicky. But I'm definitely interested in hearing and seeing more. I can hardly make a judgment based on what has already been given. I can say that it looks crisp and fun. But to the point the gimmick enhances or undermines the experience I don't know.
  11. Fortnite Haters?

    I've never played it but I love seeing others play it. Frankly, I want to play it. I would like to play it especially with my brother. He has only played it a few times, and never at our house. It's not the game's fault those people behave that way. More likely it's that they're addicted and their choice to continue playing it at the cost of their relationships caused poor behavior. That was something they chose. You gotta give the game a fair shake. That said, I'm not gon' say it's the best game ever. It's not. But I'd argue it's fun for the right reasons when played at the right time and the right place.
  12. Want to be an editor?

    I'm down for that. Sounds cool!
  13. What game should be ported to the switch next?

    Tadpole Treble would be a great fit, but I'm not sure it sold well enough to warrant a port. Super Mario 3D World ought to make the jump, too. Imagine playing it with a bud on the go with the Joy-Cons.
  14. What are you playing this weekend?

    Yeah, and the aesthetics are part of the fun. I still haven't finished it, some of the puzzles I've found to be crazy difficult. Like more so than in perhaps any other adventure game I've ever played. I've turned to a guide on occasion and I still haven't finished it. I'm just that slow. But the game is amazing, really.
  15. What are you playing this weekend?

    I still haven't finished Botanicula for PC. I might finish it, then play another game when I'm done.

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