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  1. I'm curious to see if it's common to have played every game...or if some games get skipped over. Sadly, the max number of poll options was fewer than the games in the series. So this poll ONLY covers the console games, no Gameboy/DS.
  2. So, my comment in another thread mad me think. If you could become a part of any game world ever made, be it console, PC, tabletop, whatever, but the only way you could do it was to become one of the monster races in that game...would you do it? And if you did it, which game would it be and what would you do once there? Would you try to play the villain and kill the hero? Try to become the only 'good' member of your race? Run and hide? As for me...there are so many good settings to choose from. I know I'd do it, but I'm gonna have to think on the which one I would choose....
  3. We all know that there is one question all geeks will strap on their shiny cosplay armor and do foam-sword battle over at even the hint of! So which way you do you swing your halbred? Marvel? DC? The Literal Dark Horse? Cast your votes!
  4. Favorite Books

    Alright, so we have the "favorite" everything else threads going, but not this one. At least, not that I've seen, it might be that there is a thread from before I joined buried somewhere. Anyway, for those of you with enough remaining attention span for good old paper entertainment (or the modern e-version ), what are your favorite books or book series? Feel free to break it down by genre if you feel you can't pin it down to a single book! (Note: All Links are for Goodreads. In the case of older works they may not be the versions I read ) For me: Fantasy: Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. Science Fiction: "The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet" by Becky Chambers (This recently knocked greats like Ender's Game and the Foundation series off as my #1, give it a read!) The Other Stuff: Either Gulliver's Travels or Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ...or if I really MUST have entirely mundane elements, The Canterbury Tales....what that still has fantasy elements? Find...maybe the works of Charles Dickens.... Religious Works: The Bible (by God and featuring various others as guest authors), and C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity." Other Non-Fiction: Toss up between Sun Tsu's "The Art of War" and Machiavelli's "The Prince"
  5. Post A Song!!

    An incredibly powerful combination by the violinist Lindsey Stirling and Lzzy Hale (Singer from Halestorm).
  6. So, there's one of these that is Zelda specific, but I'm curious to see what people think on a broader scale. So, two questions: 1) Who is your favorite side character, in any game. A side character being a non-major and non-party character. 2) Who is your favorite Secondary Character. This being a party member character, or "major" NPC character. (In example Princess Zelda would be a secondary character. For that matter so would Princess Peach). Basically any major character that isn't either the protagonist or antagonist. Personally, I think I'll go with a pair of characters from my favorite game, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. I thought hard about the side character, but the mere fact that I remember this ones voice and lines so well that they instantly sprint to mind says something: Ribald Barterman - The proprietor of the Amn Adventurer's Mart. For a secondary character the choice was even harder, and I considered a number from other Bioware games (Let's face it, they are one of the best at character development). Ultimately, however, I decided on Imoen (All Baludr's Gate games). She experiences amazing and riveting character growth throughout the series, in a way few other video game characters ever get a chance to match. Not bad for a character that was originally introduced purely to keep low level player Wizard/Sorc characters alive through the first bits of the original game ;-).