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  1. not much to say here, the pinball game was a free download.
  2. I've read earlier today that a port of Go vacation is coming to the switch this summer. Here's the news article if you don't believe me: https://mynintendonews.com/2018/05/17/nintendo-and-bandai-namco-announce-go-vacation-for-nintendo-switch-coming-27th-july/.
  3. It's one of those games i'm hoping to get for my switch someday As for the switch exclusive characters i think someone like Mewtwo could work
  4. Downloaded Yooka-laylee

    I've just downloaded Yooka-Laylee now, what do you guys think of it?
  5. With the switch gaining more third party titles i needed to ask this question.
  6. Best peripherals?

    Hey so do i
  7. Labo Review

    Might give it a shot someday
  8. Guess they're trying to make up for no COD: WW2 for the switch
  9. Which game should i get next for the switch?

    here's mine so far: Physical Mario + rabbids has been heroes Lego city undercover Resident evil revelations collection rayman origins definitive edition poi: explorers edition rime Digital snake pass toki tori
  10. Just wondering on your opinions
  11. Roller coaster tycoon is coming to the switch!!!

    New info: it's gonna be a brand new RCT game for the switch
  12. Just signed up for discord, Usename 00aa friend code #5423
  13. The reason i asked this was due to the fact that I've played the hell out of the original Luigi's mansion, and while i haven't played Dark moon i have seen let's plays of it to get me to wish i had. What do you guys think?
  14. Have you ordered a Switch carrying case?

    just one in general, my father suggested i buy it online.
  15. Have you ordered a Switch carrying case?

    i already have one