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  1. Just downloaded Pre -Purchase of Undertale

    No, its an RPG
  2. After some debate with myself i have decided to Pre-purchase Undertale. Just a few more days then i can play this baby.
  3. Classic Final Fantasy Games Coming to Switch 2019

    I saw that on Nintendo's Twitter feed
  4. Nintendo announced on their twitter feed that Luigi's Mansion 3 is coming next year to the switch. IS ANYONE HERE HYPED UP AS I AM!?!
  5. Recently some Switch ports have been announced, They are Final Fantasy XV: pocket edition and Civilization 6. If none of you believe me here's a few links to prove i'm not kidding: http://www.gameslaught.com/2018/09/civilization-6-nintendo-switch-announced.html https://www.theverge.com/2018/9/6/17830378/final-fantasy-xv-switch-pocket-edition-ps4-xbox-one
  6. Post A Song!!

  7. What is the worst film Disney ever made?

    I also have a strong dislike for Frozen due to its childish approach, Obnoxious songs, and everything about Olaf.
  8. What is the worst film Disney ever made?

    I personally like Black cauldron and Big hero 6. Mulan and Brother bear were ok and i'm aware that some will defend Atlantis and Fantasia 2000. Home on the range was just weak, Chicken little really damaged their integrity and i absolutely HATED Pocahontas.
  9. I just wanted to hear your guys' opinions on the matter since even an experienced entertainment company like Disney is liable to make a mistake every now and again, this includes their animated films.
  10. About Red's kingdom

    While looking through the switches e-shop i noticed a game called Red's kingdom and i'd like to ask everyone, Is it any good?
  11. Got Sonic Mania Plus today!!!

    Its really good although i'm having a bit of trouble with Chemical plant zone.
  12. It's gonna be my last game purchase for a few months but i gained SMP along with an art booklet.
  13. Finally got Octopath Traveler today

    It' pretty good so far. Though sometime you need a bit of strategy to get past parts of it.
  14. Finally i've gotten my hands on this game, Hope Square Enix will make more games for the switch in the near future.
  15. Just downloaded it today, just something for practicing until i get Octopath Traveler. What do any of you think of Saturday morning RPG?

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