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  1. As many of us know Breath of the Wild is quite possibly the best game of 2017 so far. It has topped the best selling charts numerous times, and I think its doing very well to stay relevant with the DLC packs coming towards the end of June and the 2nd later this year. I want to know what you guys think personally that BOTW has done perfectly right, and what you feel really could use improvements. I am open for friendly debates!
  2. Loving this new community!
    1. Jonny B. Goode

      Jonny B. Goode

      It is pretty great, but be careful about green talk. I got quite an uneducated lecture when I mentioned I was pro-medical marijuana. Welcome!
    2. Richie


      Yes i like to this nintendo community , Nice talking and enjoy from Gaming life ,
    3. Diego7000


      WELCOME this is another version of Miiverse
  3. Opinions on Ultra Sun/Moon

    So I'm hearing a TON of backlash about the latest Pokemon games being on 3DS and not on Switch, even with the new one announced as "in development" for Switch. As someone who owns both consoles, I'd like to know what others think, especially those who do not own both.