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  1. Firewatch for Switch:

    Yeah, they're gonna need to nerf those god damn raccoons.
  2. Smash characters

    Also, it would be nice if Shovel Knight was in there too!
  3. If there was a Nintendo Switch "Pro", it would be a fail in my opinion. There are so many gaming consoles on the market right now, and they would easily overrun the Switch Pro. Sure there are some minor problems with the Switch, but most of them are easily fixed with third-party accessories. With so many people already owning the Switch, there's no point in getting a new and slightly improved version of the Switch when there is a huge selection of third-party accessories. It's a nice concept, but in reality, it just isn't justifiable enough to make a "Pro" version of the switch.
  4. Smash characters

    I would love to see the 4 champions from Breath of the Wild.
  5. Which handheld is better?

    The Switch has obviously been a success, selling 3,407,158 consoles at the end of 2017, while the Wii U has sold 3,301,555 in its lifetime. The Nintendo switch will cost you $300 dollars while the 3ds XL costs $200. Or, if you want a cheaper option, you can get the 2ds XL, which costs $150 While this hot console can be handheld, can you really say that it can replace the 3ds? Nintendo claims that the Nintendo Switch will be alongside the 3ds family, but will people stop buying from the 3ds family because the Switch has more processing power and better graphics? Only time can answer these questions, but which handheld console would YOU buy if you didn't have any of them? I'm eager to hear your opinions!
  6. What was your first Nintendo Console

    The Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP... Boy, I feel old now.
  7. Ok, Nintendo made this little cardboard array called the Nintendo Labo. You put your Nintendo Switch in one of the cardboard gadgets and then you get a piano/bloodthirsty robot/fishing pole thingamajig. What major titles would the Nintendo Labo effect, and does it make the gameplay entirely different? Also, what are your general thoughts on this thing? Here's a video of the Nintendo Labo.
  8. So, as you know, this game is pretty mediocre. This new update is probably Super Mario Run's only chance. It doesn't have a lot of levels and it lost popularity quick. They have a new mode called "Remix 10" which makes the courses unpredictable. They will also be adding 9 new levels, which was desperately needed. They will also be cutting the price from $10 to $5 for newcomers (definitely needed). They will also be adding Daisy as a character.
  9. What's next?

    As you know, Nintendo has come up with a new console, the Switch, which is a creative idea. However, I wonder what unimaginable thing they will come up with next! I would like to know what kind of gaming system you would come up with!
  10. Is the Wii U worth it in 2017?

    Personally, I like my wii u very much along with my nintendo switch but if you didn't have it, is it still worth it? I personally think that buying the wii u instead of the switch is questionable, but not crazy since the price has dropped down a little. What is your opinion?
  11. BotW: Wii u vs Switch

    Is it worth it to buy a nintendo switch JUST to get the "playable" version of BotW when you already have a wii u? I have both consoles but what's your opinion?
  12. I am following thee
  13. Thank you for changing thee name too EliteSmash
  14. Hello BetaDiego7000